The secret of the top Korean celebrities and US Hollywood Celebrities for having a Youthful Skin , and Flavor enhancement

Last Wednesday June 14, 2017 Mr. Youn Soo Kim, President and Inventor of MISSO SO2 seed extractor visit the Philippines with Breville Phils. while boasting that having the seed oils that can now be extracted at home, that can be directly applied in the skin, drinking 2 table spoon per day , and  can be directly used as spice for foods and as condiments for every kind of viands we may served.

YS Kim had a vision back in 1999, he noticed that most oils in the supermarket are chemically processed. “I came up with the idea of extracting your own oil at home.” Hence, he developed the 100% natural oil extractor which extracts the oil from tiny seeds of chia, flax, evening primrose and other superseeds available in the market. It took him 18 years to develop the s2o wonder extractor and finally last December, it was launched in Korea. 

During the modern-day era, beauties there were royalties like princess and queens. Nefertiti and Cleopatra, the ancient epitomes of beauty, have served as inspirations to women of all generations. While Nefertiti was adored for her religious revolution, Cleopatra used her charm and intellect to turn beauty into power. Their significant contributions to history kept their names retroactive until today but their timeless beauty included a secret.  They have reportedly used black seed oil to keep their skins glowing and their hairs shiny.

MISSO®, according to its president and inventor, Youn Soo Kim, means “beautiful and it makes you younger.” The Korean inventor had travelled all the way from South Korea to the Philippines to bring his invention and make it a good household appliance for every family to provide the natural oil extracted right inside your home. “When you use MISSO®, our products, you will become more beautiful and younger.”

Enter the technological era, producers of beauty products have gone head-to-head in a battle of the supreme. Among the best is South Korea, highly known for its competence when it comes to beauty and cosmetics. This is no surprise, as a lot of Koreans are notable personalities in the showbusiness and music industry. They are also very fond of using natural alternatives like the seed oil for skin care routine, despite South Korea being one of the leading distributors of chemical-based beauty products. Prominent Hollywood celebrities like Megan Fox, Miranda Kerr, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Emma Stone are some of the modern epitomes of beauty who are also known users of seed oil extracts.

The use of natural alternatives had become important and relevant today, especially to those who are very conscious of their health, as it opposes the negative effects of chemical-based products. 

Research has found that seed oils are more than just natural alternatives to beauty products. White sesame seeds, for example, are proven to be helpful in reducing wrinkles, whitening underarms, and relieving eczema and psoriasis. Aside from that, it also has the potential to lower blood cholesterol, cure sleeping disorders, and aid digestion. Flaxseeds can reduce cellulites and tighten the skin while also being able to help in menopausal symptoms and menstrual cramps. Black sesame seeds give a youthful glow and has the power to prevent cancer and relieve arthritis. Chia seeds are ideal natural moisturizers which helps oily skin and clogged pores. It is also high in omega-3, which can help improve brain function.

Seed oil extracts may also be used as a cooking element. and during the event with  Chef Chad Datu and Chef Louise Mabulo also did some  foods that we normally like to eat  with essential oils that they extracted from the new Misso s2oIt may be used as alternatives to the usual cooking oils, as extenders in baking, or as flavors in condiments and sauces. This makes the seed oil versatile and very useful an essential that strikes beauty, wellness, and flavor.

Pls click this link below for Youtube video presentation of the product,

Commercially produced seed oil extracts are far from affordable. This fact makes personal seed oil extractors a home essential. Some brands from countries around the globe have produced their own extractors the new MISSO® s2o Seed-to-Oil Wonder Extractor, a Korean electronic brand, promises an efficient oil extractor which can extract up to 50% of oil from any small seed. The brand also introduces the concept of “superseeds,” where consumers may experiment with their own mix of seeds to produce various mixtures of seed oil extracts not available in any market today. As the winner of the Korean Superb Brand Award for 2017, MISSO® s2o Seed-to-Oil Wonder Extractor guarantees an oil extractor that’s safe, durable, and easy to use.

The MISSO® s2o Seed-to-Oil Wonder Extractor will be launched and available for orders starting end of June this year. Visit or you may check MISSO® s2o Seed-to-Oil Wonder Extractor in selected appliance and specialty stores nationwide.

MISSO® s2o Seed-to-Oil Wonder Extractor is exclusively distributed by IAJ Wellness Corporation.  IAJ Wellness Corporation is also the distributor of premium brands like Australian appliance brand- Breville, Goodsphere, the air-revitalizer and a proud member of the WOW Group. To know more about Misso s2O, visit or find us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram @MissoPH.


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