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How to keep your home appliances clean

Cleanliness is vital to our lives and well-being. Since we spend most of our time at home, it’s important to keep our appliances clean and in tip-top shape. Keeping appliances clean also offers several advantages, such as higher efficiency, lower utility bills, and greater durability. In addition, an overall fresh atmosphere in the house will be beneficial to everyone in it!

Here are some tips from leading LPG provider Solane on how to maintain and clean your home appliances: 

Refrigerator. When was the last time you cleaned your fridge? If you rarely check it, your fridge may be the dirtiest appliance in your home right now. Get started by removing everything in the refrigerator to wipe down the inside easily. It’s also helpful to check for expired food periodically. Scrub the shelves clean with a mixture of baking soda and warm water. Don’t forget to sweep the dust under the fridge. Vacuum the refrigerator coils to reduce the stress applied on its motor and extend its life.

Microwave. The microwave is one of the appliances you use the most, especially if you save leftovers for meals later. We need to ensure that it stays clean in and out. Don’t waste soap and water scrubbing the crusted mess inside your microwave – steam them clean. Here’s how: Slice a lemon in half, squeeze the juice into a microwavable container, and add the lemon pieces, along with half a cup of water. Microwave the solution for three minutes or until the liquid starts to boil. Let the lemon water stand for five minutes before opening the microwave door. The steam will break down the dirt, making it easier for you to wipe the gunk inside.

Washing machine. Constant contact with dirty clothes and water can make the washing machine a breeding ground for germs and other harmful organisms. To keep the washing machine in the best condition, be sure to wash your clothes with warm water every now and then to get rid of the dirt. Run an empty load with hot water and a cup of distilled vinegar to sanitize the basin and remove any lingering grime.

Stove burners. Try different tactics for gas and electric burners. For gas burners, unclog the port with an unfolded paper clip or a pin, take out the removable parts, and soak in hot, soapy water. Then wipe the top with a damp cloth to prevent water from leaking into the burner. Electric burners, on the other hand, can never be submerged in water, making it harder to break down burnt spills, especially if the soap you’re using isn’t potent enough. Mix baking soda and water and stir until you get a pasty texture, then use it to scrub the mess away.

LPG tanks. As essential appliances in the kitchen, LPG tanks are usually stored in places where dirt can easily accumulate. It’s vital to ensure that the tanks are clean and well-cared for. Clean the tank’s valve outlets using plastic plugs and make sure that no dirt, grime, or insects get inside the valve outlet. Check for leaks from time to time by rubbing soapy water on the cylinder. If a soap bubble appears, there may be a leak. Be on the lookout for even the tiniest leak. 

Keeping your home clean is just as important as keeping it safe for you and your family. To help ensure this, use safe LPG like Solane, which also provides a 7-Point Safety Check upon delivery. For more information, visit or call 887-5555 (Metro Manila only) or text (0918) 887-5555 (nationwide).

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Women who matter:

VITAL Healthcare Marketing Conference features top-ranking women in the advertising industry

Amidst changing industry trends, emergent technologies, and the rise of the millennial generation as a major player, marketers in the healthcare industries need an innovation mindset to stay relevant to consumers. At the 2018 VITAL Healthcare Marketing Conference, held on March 20, 2018 at the Fairmont Hotel in Makati, speakers from pertinent industries helped equip healthcare marketers with this mindset, enabling them to adapt to these new challenges and opportunities.

Among these speakers were three powerful women from the advertising world, whose opinions and expertise have been invaluable in shaping their respective fields, and were important resources for the healthcare brand marketers, CMOs, and academics in attendance.

Maria Garrido

As Global Chief Insights and Analytics Officer of Havas Group, Maria Garrido heads a team of over 200 people, spanning 40 countries, and is responsible for the company’s Insights studies, including the Meaningful Brands study which was the subject of her talk. She is also the Chief Executive Officer of Havas X, Havas Group’s innovation arm, which takes advantage of the innovation expertise within the Group to explore new technologies and methods, and provide more meaningful services to clients.
Garrido joined Havas in 2014 armed with 18 years of brand marketing experience in North America, Latin America, and Europe. This experience and her role in Havas make
her a leading force of innovation in the advertising industry, and the perfect representative to discuss Meaningful Brands and how the framework applies to the healthcare industry.

Vicky L. Ortega

With over 20 years of experience in brand planning and strategy in the Philippines, Vicky Ortega is certainly a force to be reckoned with. Highlights of her career include setting up the Strategic Planning Group for Lintas (now MullenLowe Lintas), thereby creating one of the most respected planning groups in the advertising industry. Through her leadership, the Surf brand was able to overtake Tide, who had held market leadership for 20 years, in just a year. Ortega is also CEO of BrandLab, which makes use of brand anthropology and strategic planning to help build brand stories for clients, and which was instrumental in the success of brands such as DMCI Homes and The Filipino Channel.
Now serving as Planning Consultant at Havas Anthropology, Ortega’s focus is on combining brand planning and anthropological research to develop new insights in marketing. Her latest project, the Asian Millennial Codes, is the culmination of two years of study, and was the topic of her VITAL talk. The combination of her expertise in brand planning and unique anthropological perspective gives credence to these Millennial Codes as a framework through which healthcare marketers could adapt to the new generation.

Rachel McLoughlin

Rachel McLoughlin has eight years of experience in digital marketing, spread out across a diverse array of fields working from both client and agency sides, including retail,
banking, and new media, as well as two and a half years in the healthcare sector. Her work in the latter includes Janssen Healthcare Innovation’s Care4Today program, which aimed to provide solutions for the timely, customizable delivery of quality Heart Health, Mental Health, and Orthopaedic healthcare solutions to consumers, whenever and wherever they need it.

With her past expertise, as well as her current role as Digital Director of H4B Manchester, McLoughlin carries the experience needed to provide solutions for the healthcare industry to adapt to the rise of Millennial Healthcare Professionals (mHCPs), who are at the forefront of the industry’s transformation through new technologies, new research, and new ways of funding.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Filinvest City brings a uniquely-designed Marian Chapel to Alabang

Further bolstering the modern metropolis status of Filinvest City in Alabang is a uniquely-designed Marian Chapel in River Park, Festival Alabang, which will provide residents and visitors a place where they can pray and reflect.

Set amidst lush greeneries, the chapel will be situated at a hill, which is considered a sacred place in Christianity, and will be fronting by a river, giving it a very calming atmosphere.

Designed by Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP Architects, the Marian Chapel’s architectural structure is inspired by the white lily. Completing an important milestone in its construction, Filinvest executives recently gathered at the River Park for the first pouring event. Present were (L-R):

Filinvest Land Inc. first vice president and head of Project Development and Management Group Engr. Winnifred Lim, R. Villarosa Architects managing partner Arch. Roger Villarosa, Arch. Hiroki Nakamichi of Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP Architects, Filinvest Development Corp. vice president for Supply Chain Management Michael Gotianun, Filinvest Alabang Inc. executive vice president Catherine Ilagan, R. Villarosa Architects partner Arch. Roy Villarosa, Filinvest Development Corp. junior architect David Gotianun, and Design Coordinates, Inc. president Jose Oscar Salvacion.

Convergys PH “Give A Bag of Hope” Gains A Gold Anvil

Manila, Philippines – Convergys Philippines won a  Gold Anvil for its employee-driven philanthropy called “Give A Bag of Hope” (GABOH) Year 3, at the recently held 53rd Anvil Awards. It is the 2nd consecutive year for the company to be recognized in the category “Public Relations Program on a Sustained Basis – Community Development.”
On GABOH’s 3rd year in 2017, more than 42,000 employees from Convergys’ 34 sites nationwide came together to donate a portion of their own salaries, raising Php 18 Million in 3 months, and generating 35,000 bags complete with books and school supplies as a result.  The employees also distributed the bags to schoolkids in over 30 partner public schools and communities across the country.
That same year, Convergys further extended GABOH’s impact by partnering with social enterprises Bag943 and Tahanang Walang Hagdanan, providing livelihood to disadvantaged individuals. Bag943 workers produced the bags, while Tahanang Walang Hagdanan’s persons-with-disabilities (PWDs) produced pencil cases and packed the bags with assorted school supplies.
Beyond the annual increase in participation and money raised, the entirely employee-driven GABOH has successfully grown and expanded its contributions throughout its three-year run. "Since we started Give A Bag Of Hope in 2015, our goal has always been to help children have a fighting chance at their education, thereby giving them hope to pursue a brighter future. As the program continued to expand, such as the inclusion of books and storytelling to promote literacy on Year 2, and sourcing the bags and supplies from organizations that provide employment to the marginalized on Year 3, we are able to spread hope to more members of society. We are grateful to our employees for consistently demonstrating the value of ‘Serving the Community,’ and look forward to continuing this successful program,” said Ivic Mueco, Convergys President for Asia-Pacific.

About Convergys
Convergys, a global leader in customer management, has presence in 34 sites and employs 60,000 individuals in the Philippines. It also has Hall of Fame status as Best Company and Best Employer from the International ICT Awards. Check out or hashtag #ConvergysPH for more information.

About the Anvil Awards
The Anvil Awards represent the symbol of public relations excellence, conducted annually by the Public Relations Society of the Philippines (PRSP).

A pretty face deserves a beautiful smile

Liza Soberano—Hope Elizabeth Soberano in real life—has indeed come along way from her early and humble showbiz beginnings to her present stature as one of the most bankable young actresses.

Apart from innate acting abilities, Liza has one of the prettiest faces in the entertainment industry and has a beautiful smile that easily charms everyone she meets. Helping Liza maintain that beautiful smile for several years now is Dr. Steve Mark Gan of GAOC—the Gan Advanced Osseointegration Center, which has consistently raised the standards of dental practice in the country. GAOC has been Liza's dental clinic of choice from the first day she sought its services

“We’re very happy with the trust and love that Liza Soberano has shown the GAOC family all these years,” says Dr. Gan. “In return, we take care of her dental needs with the kind of love, expertise, and professionalism that only we can offer”.

Born and raised in California to a Filipino father and an American mother, Liza moved to Manila at age 12 and was soon receiving offers for print ad modelling stints. After she was spotted by a talent scout, she made a series of television appearances and did small movie roles, until her breakout role in the hit 2014 television series Forevermore, which became her stepping stone to stardom. Paired for the first time with Enrique Gil, the new love team became a big hit and was dubbed “LizQuen”.

With her growing popularity, Liza has crossed over to the movies. After last year’s certified box office hit My Ex and Whys, she will be the next Darna in the popular komiks franchise’s latest adaptation.

Things are indeed looking up for Liza Soberano, who was named in one survey as the most beautiful face in the world, and she is relying on GAOC to keep her smile bright and sunny as she pursues her flourishing acting career.

For more information and appointment, visit or follow and like GAOC on facebook, twitter, and instagram: @gaocdental.

5 Travel fails to avoid

Traveling is such a wonderful thing! It helps you appreciate different cultures and teaches you so many lessons that aren’t taught in the classroom. But to make each trip truly meaningful, you have to prepare very well for it.

But even seasoned travelers may run into unforeseen setbacks. Here is a list of common travel fails and what to do in case you find yourself in one.

1. Missed flight or other modes of transportation
Missing your flight or other transfers can be very stressful and costly as it can change your itinerary. But don’t panic! Find out your options, such as travel alternatives to your destination.

Be flexible, too! Know your schedule to give yourself ample time to prepare. While it’s good to have an itinerary, it’s also helpful to have a flexible schedule so you can immediately adjust to unforeseen circumstances.

2. Lost luggage
Make your luggage easily identifiable by adding some personal touches, like a luggage cover protector or bag tags with your name and address. If the airline loses your luggage, report it immediately. Have the basic necessities and at least one set of clothes in your carry-on bag to tide you over as you wait for your luggage. If the airline is unable to recover your bag, your travel insurance can help.

Make travel insurance a part of your travel checklist. Get protection from Smart Traveller of Charter Ping An. Not only will it provide protection for your personal belongings, it also comes with a wide range of benefits, including 24-hour medical assistance, personal accident coverage, liability and personal safety coverage, and even refunds for unexpected expenses. Application is easy! Visit the AXA website ( and choose the ideal coverage for your trip. Eligible applicants must hold Philippine identification documents like birth certificate, long-term visa pass, dependent or student pass, and employment certificate for adults 18 to 70 years old.

3. Luggage overload
Lugging  heavy suitcases as you chase after a bus or train or try to catch your flight makes travel more difficult, stressful, and even costly because it could mean paying extra for excess baggage. Pack light by choosing clothes that are suitable for any situation and occasion. Bring only the most essential. Have your toiletries in miniature containers and carry your jacket instead of putting it in your bag. 

4. Lost/missing travel documents
Travelers who are rushing may misplace things like passports or other important documents. When that happens, remember to keep calm and immediately ask for assistance from the nearest embassy or consulate. Keep electronic and paper copies of your passport and other necessary documents with you, and constantly check your valuables wherever you go.

5. Cash shortage
Having cash is the easiest way to pay for things when traveling, but if you’re not careful, you can run low on cash before the end of your trip. To make your cash last long, bring a refillable water container so you don‘t have to buy bottled water, or shop at local stores for affordable and authentic local cuisines. Create a daily budget for your trip and stick to it. Have a credit card for emergencies. 

Traveling is a good investment. Enjoy a hassle-free vacation and always be protected by availing of Smart Traveller now. For more information, visit

ONE Championship unveils new battlefield in 13th trip to Manila on April 20

If it can be said of the ultimate proving grounds of combat sports, there is nothing more closely associated with a roped platform famously referred to as  “The Squared Circle.”
Many martial artists invested blood, sweat and tears within the four corners of the ring just to have their hand raised and become legends in their respective fields.
ONE Championship will be paying homage to the athletes who elevated combat sports to where it is today by having all bouts in its 13th venture on Philippine shores inside the promotion’s brand new five-rope ring.
Aside from the marquee talents that will be featured at ONE: HEROES OF HONOR in Manila, Philippines on April 20, ONE Championship will likewise introduce its new battlefield.
All 11 bouts at ONE: HEROES OF HONOR are expected to be held inside the new ring, including bouts that are officiated under the organization’s Global Rule Set.
For the first time in ONE Championship’s seven-year history, mixed martial arts contests will be held in the ring instead of in the cage.
Former world title contender Kevin Belingon, who is slated to face Andrew Leone in the main event of ONE: HEROES OF HONOR, welcomes the promotion’s transition from cage to ring for its live event in Manila with open arms because during the early part of his career, he started out competing inside the ring.
“I was surprised when I found out that my next bout would take place inside the ring. It brings a lot of memories because my first few fights were held inside the ring. I have no problem of competing inside the ring again. I am always ready,” Belingon stated.
According to Belingon, he has bigger chance to brandish a stand-up battle in his upcoming bout with Leone under such condition.
“Fighting inside the ring or cage is the same for me. But for sure, I will use my experience inside the ring this coming April 20th. I will make sure that the action stays at the center of the ring. If it stays there, it will be easier for me to dictate the pace of the bout,” the 30-year-old Baguio City resident explained.
Meanwhile, Belingon’s teammate Honorio Banario shared that some grappling techniques will be limited inside the ring.
“There are some things that you can’t do inside the ring, especially in the grappling aspect of the fight. The angles inside the ring are hugely different as you're fighting within a square because the ropes bend more and the corners are harder to elude. It’s challenging, but I like a challenge,” the ex-ONE Featherweight World Champion pointed out.
Banario, who is booked to square off with Australia’s Adrian Pang at ONE: HEROES OF HONOR, bared that he made a few adjustments upon learning that his next assignment will be held inside the ring.
“The ring offers a whole slew of different variables that a cage concept cannot offer. We made slight adjustments because since 2012, my bouts were held inside the cage. But it’s fine with me. The ring will allow me to strike more,” Banario said.
Also making its debut at ONE: HEROES OF HONOR is the highly-anticipated ONE Super Series, a new iteration in ONE Championship’s efforts to bring martial arts to the forefront in mainstream culture.
The premiere offering for Manila’s ONE Super Series is a three-round kickboxing encounter, featuring international superstar Giorgio Petrosyan of Italy who takes on “Smokin’” Jo Nattawut of Thailand.
In other ONE Super Series match-ups, celebrated Thai kickboxer Nong-O Gaiyanghadao is scheduled to duke it out with French-Italian dynamo Fabio Pinca in a three-round Muay Thai tussle.
Elliot Compton shares the ring with Cosmo Alexandre in a Muay Thai clash, while Brad Riddell locks horns with Regian Eersel in a kickboxing bout.

ONE Super Series competitors will either use ten-ounce or eight-ounce boxing gloves depending on the weight of the athletes.

Unlike its mixed martial arts counterpart, Muay Thai and kickboxing matches in ONE Super Series will be scored in a ten-point must system and will be contested in three three-minute rounds.
ONE: HEROES OF HONOR takes place at the 20,000-capacity SM Mall of Asia Arena in Manila, Philippines on April 20.

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