Friday, March 29, 2013

Shift to Greener Alternatives Biking Experience @ UP Dilman


Bicycle is a part of my life since I am 10 years  old , a grade school student,  Till now it gives me a self satisfaction and somehow make me a more healthier individual as I mature in age.


That’s why when I heard that there is a group of students in UP who make bike their mode of transportation and wants to promote it by having an organized event of runners and bikers so that people around their place may know and acknowledge the things that they are doing for the sake of their country and even the next younger generation who will make our lives more comfortable and free from any dangers and with some bad and fictitious people.


It was a very sunny afternoon when biking starts and I knew that we will be passing by some major streets in the city since we are on UP Diliman , will be going through Commonwealth Avenue and will be passing through Fairview and round we go back to our destination with a total of 25 km. I presume that bike lanes is not enough for this types of road because many of our motorist are not that cautious and courteous when it comes to road safety and even just by giving some considerations even to this event per se. I personally would like to appeal that there should be policeman assigned per area so that those who will tend to do wrong will be at least apprehended.


And for a little while it is good that we experience some drizzles of  rain just to remind those who will pass through this area will need extra caution and coats so that you may be in your proper destinations sound and safe. It will be a little bit obvious that this will be a part of the things that riders will be going through and will be just hoping that all will be properly been addressed and re considered.


And we’re glad that we all finished and have conquer the road though I drifted a  bit from the group as I rest and have some drinks and snacks for a while . But  I happen to go back and finish the race without any doubt of stopping and not going  through it. I  experience some untoward things such as hitting a stone in the hi-way , trying to go to the bike lanes where its too far from the end and having some drivers that is too hard to give a chance for a biker to pass through.

Shift to a Greener alternatives is good but one thing I encourage is to have proper coordination with authorities so that bad things wont happen to any of the students here in UP Diliman

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Sunday, March 24, 2013




The sense of anticipation is palpable as we draw near to 5 April and the media around the world have been talking about the stars of ONE FC daily! Each of these fighters have a story to tell and our fans around the world deserve to hear it. Also, the sky-rocketing growth of ONE FC has been a source of much media buzz in the most respected business journals and newspapers in Asia.
With the biggest fight night in Singapore just around the corner, we bring you the latest news updates for ONE FC in this installment of our e-newsletter.

Here are the TOP STORIES of the week for ONE Fighting Championship:
Business Times Malaysia: “ONE FC rises to the challenge"
Reuters: "ONE FC Champ Boku keen to escape Aoki's shadow"
Business Mirror: "Joining the fight club"

The Straits Times: "Mr Nice Guy's a beast inside the cage"

South China Morning Post: "Staring down the bullies"
ESPN New York: "Butler leaves Wall Street for the fighting life"
The New Paper: "Mixed Martial Arts ring girl Christine Hallauer is no bimbo"
Yahoo! Malaysia: "Arnaud Lepont: I'd love to fight under the Malaysian flag"
Taipei Times: "Aoki out to prove he is Asia's best lightweight"
ONE Fighting Championship looks forward to welcoming you on 5 April at the Singapore Indoor Stadium!

NEW RELEASE: ONE FC Bantamweight Grand Prix (SEMI FINALS) Preview









Friday, March 22, 2013

Uniqlo’s Facebook App Is Up Again


UNIQLO’s Facebook App, Up Again


March 22, 2013 , UNIQLO launches the newest  Facebook App the U-SHOP, U-WIN at the Fully Booked BGC  through Mr. Katsumi Kobota, Chief Operating Officer;  Fast Retailing Phils., Inc, “Just like the opening of our two stores last year, we cannot hide our excitement because this is our first major activity for the year, which seeks to excite Filipinos as we open again another store our first for the year”.


The application may be driven as promo and for the opening of a branch in SM ‘The Aura” , but it may be one of the way to educate us Filipino to buy Online and through their Virtual Shopping Promo without going to their store so that people from far away place from the Metro can have the opportunity to get and try their unique and different trends of suites and dresses for any ages for that matter.


Both Media and Bloggers were invited to their launching and were given a chance to play and register for the said Facebook Application.


And as always at the end there will be One (1) Media partner who will win  a prize that they would give as a gratitude for attending the event.


And It so happened that I am the one picked by Kubota San,  thanks to Uniqlo and AMPR through Mr. Richard Mamuyac for inviting me for such a cool and informative event that may be remember as we go and embraced  Digital Marketing in Selling and Buying through retail of merchandise in the soonest  possible time.


You can Win a SMART PHONE, DSLR Camera or a Summer Getaway, with UNIQLO’s U-Shop, U Win Facebook Promo

This time, UNIQLO is giving away exciting prizes by simply playing their newest Facebook Game Application. Facebook likers can win an Iphone5, DSLR Camera, Summer Getaway for 2, Phone Tablet, and lots of UNIQLO give aways!

UNIQLO’s “U Shop, U Win” virtual shopping promo is a Facebook-based game application that allows participants to “virtually” purchase items to collect shopping points that they can use to buy items from UNIQLO’s Spring/Summer collection found at the UNIQLO Spring/Summer page within the UNIQLO Web page. Participants can then browse through the application’s links to be able to collect more points or “money” to be used for virtual shopping.

Upon check-out, participants will be asked to “pay” for their purchase via the cashiers with designated prizes. Participants will win the minor prize depending on the cashier he/she chooses.

At the end of the promo period, lucky participants who played the game, logged in and played more will have more chances of winning major prizes.


iPhone 5 phones, Canon cameras, a Summer Getaway for 2, and tablet phones.


P500 UNIQLO Gift Certificates, AIRism and UT items.


Iphone 5 for the no. 1 E-shopper and P1,000 UNIQLO Gift Certificates for the top 25 E-shoppers

Promo period is from March 22, 2013 to May 5, 2013.

This Facebook promo is part UNIQLO’s efforts to promote the opening of its newest and two-storey store at SM Aura in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, and to introduce its newest brand approach called “LifeWear,” which puts the customer at the epicenter of UNIQLO’s perspective. The “LifeWear” mission seeks the enrichment of its customers’ lives through quality clothing with a universal appeal, offering them comfortably-fitting clothes regardless of their age yet attractively priced and does not conform to popular trends to enable the customer to create his or her own style.

“Just like the opening of our two stores last year, we cannot hide our excitement because this is our first major activity for the year, which seeks to excite Filipinos as we open again another store, our first for the year. As promised, UNIQLO will definitely bring more fun and excitement to the Filipino shopper,” declares Katsumi Kubota, Chief Operating Officer, Fast Retailing Philippines, Inc.

Per DTI-NCR Permit #2690 Series of 2013.


About UNIQLO and Fast Retailing

UNIQLO is a brand of Fast Retailing Co. (FR), a leading global Japanese retail holding company that designs, manufactures and sells clothing under six main brands: Comptoir des Cotonniers, g.u., Helmut Lang, Princesse tam.tam, Theory, and UNIQLO. With global sales of 928 billion yen for the 2012 fiscal year ending August 31, 2012, FR is the world’s fourth largest apparel retail company and UNIQLO is Japan’s leading specialty retailer.

Today UNIQLO has more than 1,100 stores in 13 markets, namely Japan, China, France, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, U.K. and U.S. UNIQLO continues to open large-scale stores in some of the world's most important cities and locations, as part of its ongoing efforts to solidify its status as a truly global brand. UNIQLO operates an integrated business model under which it designs, manufactures, markets and sells high-quality, casual apparel in line with its ‘Made for All’ philosophy.

With a corporate statement committed to changing clothes, changing conventional wisdom and change the world, FR is dedicated to creating great clothing with new and unique value to enrich the lives of people everywhere.

For more information about UNIQLO and other FR brands, please visit or

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Inquirer links with Bloggers On Line @ 27



March 18, 2013 when Inquirer Classified Ad head  Mr.Jesse Rebustillo  together with the team propose and create a bloggers team to start and have a dry run on their new On-line Classified Ads and their Pinoy Best Deals On-line which will cater on the Buying and Selling Marketers who will need to promote, advertised and sell  their products in a very reasonable charges online without doing any legworks and much talking.


Their bold step and  pioneering spirit  of  using digital marketing as one of the tools toward being influential and for them to retain being the leading News  outfit be in print , media and online with the implementation of their free on-line classified job seekers and now their Pinoy Best Deals on Selling , Buying and Advertising. They included blogs as one of the links so that people who wants to verify something and check some of the problems encountered on some items, merchandise and even stores and those companies selling  any products local or foreign.

As the nation’s # 1 newspaper reaches a steadfast 27 years, its Classified Ads section is on established force in the ad placement and job-seeking career advancement industry. The needs ranges from its roots at broadsheet and tabloid, to radio, mobile, and now ever at pace with the changing times, takes the rightful stead with online ad social media channels.


Whether you are posting an advertisement, job hunting or in search of better career opportunities or a newbie in the vast online selling and shopping platform, now is the perfect time to find your niche for PDI’s Classified Ads section is up and ready to serve you!!

Infi-net possibilities

Job hunting this days has gotten easier in the advent of the digital age. Job seekers today submit their resumes digitally rather than dropping it off to company offices. The ease of digital job placements has its merits; regardless of location all applicants have equal chances to secure coveted job positions without physically being there. No printing and additional delivery charges required.

It is with this trend that Inquirer job market has expanded its digital reach to various screens from PC, laptop, tablet and to mobile phones, Internet ready devices can visit to view , submit resumes and apply for jobs posted,

With job market Online, One can register for free, create or upload a resume, search for jobs in categories specified and apply, That Easy!

Jobseekers are given the utmost priority in reaching their main objective, which is of course to land on not just any job , but a job that would enrich their lives.

It’s a click away!!!!!

“A good deal makes everyone happy . It is a huge factor in convincing a happy, satisfied customer to come back for more . Or winning them for keeps.”

“Behind every Happy Customer is the Innovative seller”. Every product is meticulously researched, chosen and prepared to match the growing demands of the buyer.

Another branch of Classifieds becomes a growing hotspot for the online retail and consumer dream. Pinoy Best Deals , a free online posting site for those who want to sell and those who are in search of an item at the right price.

SEARCH  Easy navigation around the site will enable the prospective buyer to arrive at thewanted item in his or her wish list. Just type in the keyword the desired item or browse over a list of categories , and the results are quick to load afterwards.

SELL The tenacious world of online selling becomes a breeze with Pinoy Best Deals. Register for free and you can start posting away with items for your online store. You can personalized your ad, place information about your product and upload item photos to attract customers.

SHOP  Looking for something? Window Shopping ? Or already found a product that you like? Just sign-up for free and you can get in touch with the seller and inquire about the item to matters like payment and shipping.

With SEARCH, SELL and SHOP  bannered over its site. Pinoy Best Deals is a testimony to Inquirers pace with the modern economy. It also offers easy access to Inquirer sites to keep up wiht the latest news and events. Pinoy Best Deals is not only a bustling online marketplace, but a perfect online venue for spending hard earned money.

PDI Classified Ads continues to empower and serve the Filipino by being their partner for classified posts, a premier source of jobs, that wourld eventually lead to a meaningful career, and now, an online platform for the future of retail and consumption.

Advertisers can also take advantage of the wide array of media to promote their post to the fast changing  mobile landscape. An Ad can be made available for viewers from the PC web,  mobile web and SMS, thereby increasing eyeballs to the ad.

With these tools in place, job posters and seekers efforts for employment opportunities are well serviced., And that’s just warming up, because the Classified Ads section heads a class act of its own.

Coming very soon are Apps that can be installed on Smart Phones.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Shift : To Greener Alternatives “Bike and Run Event”




SHIFT 2013

This project was born out of the students’ desire to have a secure parking space for their bicycles when travelling inside the campus and to reinforce the advocacy of biking as a greener transportation alternative.   

Major buildings at the University of the Philippines lack the appropriate racks where students can securely park their greener mode of transportation. Since parking space for bicycles were very limited, students were discouraged to use bicycles. The idea of impracticality of riding a bicycle due to the drastic changes in weather also affected the number of students who use bicycles to transfer from one class to another.  

The “SHIFT” team, the group behind the project, decided to create an event that would not only benefit the welfare of the students but also launch a cycling revolution that can save the environment.  

One of the goals of the project is to address environmental issues such as the excessive emission of greenhouse gases caused by vehicles thus paving the way for a campaign for cleaner air by SHIFT-ing to greener alternatives when travelling.  

In addition, road safety has also been one of the off shoots of this activity since a lot of cycling accidents happen because of the lack of cycling lanes and education of the everyday motorists about road sharing. 

The boom of Fun Run events compelled the team to include running as a part of the event. Since running is also one of the top recreations in the university and has been a recent trend at the metro, it became a magnet for the involvement of more people in the advocacy.

This event, projected to happen on March 24, 2013 in the UP Academic Oval and some major roads in the vicinity, is hoped to be the first of many advocacy events for cleaner air and road safety for our pedestrians, joggers, and cycling enthusiasts alike.

Moreover, the profits of the event will go to the promotion of cycling as a greener choice in transportation. It will benefit the welfare of the students through the installation of bicycle racks in major buildings in UP Diliman and the launching of a rent-a-bike program in the University.

University of the Philippines, Diliman  Students and Faculty alike bring bicycles to school. They ride it from building to building but usually, the parking for their bicycles prove to be a problem. It’s either the parking space for the bicycles are too far from the building, or these parking spaces are just makeshift ones from the railings of stairs and PWD ramps. 

Bikes are an investment. The safety of these will ensure their continued usage. The bike racks will be installed near the entrances of the main buildings of UP Diliman, such as colleges, dormitories, and offices, to guarantee the sustainability of our campaign to shift to greener alternatives of transportation by providing safe venues for parking bicycles and other wheeled means of transportation.    

Shift for a clean air drift. The mission of SHIFT is to advocate for greener transportation alternatives such as biking and walking. SHIFT-ing will be a stepping stone towards reducing greenhouse gases and eventually stopping climate change.

VISION SHIFT launches a cycling and running revolution that can save the environment. The proceeds of the project benefits students through the installation of bicycle racks inside UP Diliman campus, launching of rent-a-bike program and most importantly the reinforcement of advocating greener transportation alternatives.  

The Shift Team envisions UP Diliman as a green and eco-friendly campus where students take part in the solution and not contribute to the pollution. By using bicycles, walking and even running as means of transport, students already take part in the green revolution towards having a clean air. 

Transportation is the leading source of greenhouse gas emission accounting to 20%. The increasing number of vehicles in the Philippines specifically in Metro Manila has drastically increased the weight of transportation emission among other greenhouse gas emission sectors.

Generally, the rising concentration of greenhouse gases causes an increase in the average temperature of the earth. Climate change is the effect of the rising of the Earth’s temperature thus producing changes in weather, sea levels and land use patterns. 

One way of saving the Earth from the greenhouse gases generated from vehicles is to “shift” to greener transportation alternatives such as riding a bicycle or walking.

Tweaking our lifestyle and changing our modes of travel by embracing greener transportation alternatives can heal the environment from its ailing condition. 

Not only will the effort to shift to greener transportation alternative be of great help in reducing greenhouse gases but it also has a lot of health benefits, from losing weight to
improving mental concentration. 

A study conducted in Frontiers of Aging Neuroscience at the University of Illinois found out that walking for 40 minutes three times a week can enhance the connectivity of brain circuits and increase performance on cognitive tasks.

Cycling’s health benefit allows bike commuters to lose 15-20 pounds during their first year in the saddle without changing their eating habits.  

Walking and cycling do not just have health benefits but they also help the government or rather the taxpayers in saving money patching potholes and resurfacing city streets.   

Road accident ranks fourth in the top ten causes of death in the Philippines and ninth all over the world. 

From January to June 2012, 40,033 road accidents happened in Metro Manila which translates to an average of 220 accidents per day. The data came from the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority’s (MMDA) Metro Manila Accident Reporting and Analysis System as reported by Philippine Daily Inquirer on December 2012.  

According to a study conducted by University of the Philippines  Institute of Civil Engineering (UP ICE)  Assistant Professor Hilario Sean Palmiano which was reported on Yahoo Philippines on August 28, 2012, buses, both public and private, have the highest accident rates among all vehicles in Metro Manila. He said that there is a higher likelihood of getting into a road accident if you rode a bus rather than any other mode of transport.  

He also mentioned in his study that the average cost of the damages of road accidents is Php 105 billion which is equivalent to 2.6% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product. 

On the average, Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC) Assistant Secretary Dante Lantin said that 73-79% of a road accident accounts to the driver’s error while 11-18% accounts to vehicle’s mechanical defects. 

The Department of Health launched information campaigns and implemented technical measures regarding road safety but the statistics continued to be alarming. 

In 2010, vehicular accident was the number one cause of external injury based on the data from National Electronic Injury Surveillance System. Almost one out of three Filipinos who were brought to the emergency room for external injury was related to road accident. 

Since the first step of solving a problem is identifying that there is one, road experts teamed up with “Ang Pinaka”, GMA News TV’s edu-tainment countdown show and listed the top 10 most common causes of road accidents in the Philippines:

1. Drive Error
2. Drunk Driving
3. Lost Control
4. Inattentively Moving Backwards
5. Lost Brakes
6. Bad Turning
7. Mechanical Malfunction
8.  Avoided Hitting a Pedestrian 
9. Avoided Hitting Another Vehicle
10.  Bad Overtaking 

Road safety has really become a crucial issue in the Philippines. Assistant Secretary Lantin projected that in 2020, road accidents can be the main cause of mortality in 2020 if there will be no intervention and initiatives done to solve the problem. 




Just check on the details of the game to avail free registration.
Invite your family, friends, classmates, orgmates as we run and ride for a great cause!
SHIFT: To Greener Alternatives
March 24, 2013
1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
AS Parking lot, University of the Philippines
Tweet us: @UPshift2013

See our events page:
Visit our website:

In Cooperation with;

563385_10151532949915903_178304459_a Shift

HYATT HOTEL & Casino Manila supports “ Earth Hour”


HYATT Hotel and Casino Manila supports earth hour

save the earth


MANILA, THE PHILIPPINES (15 MARCH 2013) -- As part of the brand’s signature corporate social responsibility campaign, Thrive, Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila proudly participates in Earth Hour’s annual global campaign by turning the lights off for an hour on 23 March from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm.

As a gesture of support, the hotel is turning off exterior lights and minimising non-essential lighting in all public areas and offices, as well as stopping the escalator for an hour.  To add a touch of charm to this event, a romantic candlelit dinner experience awaits diners in all the outlets, especially at The Fireplace where premium steak and wine is the main draw. Guests can also enjoy Room Service in an evening picnic setting with the family in their own room, as well as being pampered at the candlelit Spa at Club Oasis.  Aside from these activities, all in-house guests are urged to participate by reducing their power usage during this hour.

A limited-edition offer at the Pastry Boutique throughout March allows guests to go the extra mile in saving the earth by purchasing a pair of panda cupcakes for only P400 net, with a P60 donation to the World Wildlife Fund and Earth Hour for every pair sold.  Inspired by the World Wildlife Fund mascot, they are made of a chocolate cupcake base with coconut cake and Oreo biscuits, offering a triple treat of luscious goodness.

Dimming the lights on 23 March is not only an exciting tradition at Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila, it’s also an opportunity to experience the hotel and restaurants in a different light.

For enquiries and reservations, please call the hotel’s food and beverage reservations centre on +63 2 247 8666.  Alternatively, e-mail or make restaurant reservations online by visiting

About Earth Hour

Earth Hour is a worldwide event organised since 2007 by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and held annually towards the end of March, encouraging households and businesses to turn off their non-essential lights for one hour to raise awareness about the need to take action on climate change.

Vaniderm Products by Lucida-Ds with VCO


A new sets of products that is all Natural extracts  an all in one multi vitamin products for hair and skins , Proudly a Filipino made products  was being released and is now available on all major drugstore especially Mercury Drug nationwide.


VCO Body Lotion – Vaniderm White is a mixture of Olive Oil, Avocado Oil and Grape seed Oil which makes it Anti- Aging , Sun Block and Whitening which moisturize our skin. It hydrates and restores soft smooth healthy skin.. Each nutritional rich ingredients  act as potent anti-oxidants and help lighten skins by slowly shedding off blotches, freckles and brown spots. Its the only lotion that has multi effects that is natural and proven effective.


Vaniderm White Glutathione with Rosehips Soap is an Antioxidant, Whitening, Anti- Aging , Anti Acne and Hypoallergenic is a unique blend of premium glutathione rosehips, alpha lipoic acid and Vitamin C plus the relaxing scent of lemon grass and other herbal extracts making up a superior whitening and rejuvenating soap This soap undergoes COLD process which other brands does not use to preserve the potency of the ingredients and maximizes its effectiveness and considered it a special soap. Regular use whitens evenly and moisturizes skin and prevents malasma.

Vaniderem Gugo and Aloe Vera Shampoo with VCO , its an all natural shampoo formulated to help thicken hair, prevent premature hair loss and make the scalp healthy. Gugo extract promotes hair growth and prevent premature hair fall and it also make hair darker and shinier, Virgin Coconut Oil provides the natural protection to your scalp and serve as the hair conditioner, and lastly the Aloe-vera revitalized and strengthen hair and prevents Split ends.

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SCG Building Innovations @ SCG Building Innovations @ Worldbex 2013




SCG, Cotto , Mariwasa team up at Worldbex as it expands its product portfolio with innovative building materials to better respond to the changing demands of Filipino consumers. These will enhance the comfort of living of Filipinos towards high quality, unique and innovative designs with fast and convenient installations.

The Philippine cityscape continues to evolve with the property boom in the country, with new silhouettes being added to the metropolitan skyline . Once dotted with tree-lined boulevards and majestic civic structures, present day Metro Manila now features vertical communities with state of the art techniques and designs that will endure throughout the property’s lifecycle.

This real estate wave is also evident in products and materials used for the home, as services from the construction sector have become more responsive to the shifting demands, trends and lifestyles of homeowners and developers. There has been a change in designs, tastes, and attitudes instead of more cost-value, demand for products and services have evolved to superior performance with unique, trendy design that will endure throughout the property’s lifecycle.

To enhance its presence in the domestic market, as well as to offer better living solutions to the Philippines, ASEAN leading business conglomerate SCG expands its product portfolio with innovative building materials and improves its distribution channels to better respond to such shifting demands of Filipino customers.

“With more product choices in the market, today’s Filipino homeowners have developed more discriminating tastes. They are now much more willing to acquire trendier but also higher quality products and services to build their dream houses”. said Mr. Jakkrit Suwansilp, Vice President for Sales and Marketing of Mariwasa- Siam Ceramics, a subsidiary of SCG in the Phiippines. We foresee such ,  demands and offer the best of our products and services to offer superior performance and unique trendy designs.

Last March 13 to 17 , SCG will take part in Asia’s most attended construction exposition. Worldbex 2013 at the World Trade Center Manila . This will bring to frontline the Groups home building innovations under the product brands, SCG, Cotto and  Mariwasa . It will showcase innovative  system solutions for all homeowners with a full package of products , consultancy and installation services for ease and convenience.


  IMG_7753IMG_7752 This years WORLDBEX, SCG comes up with the booth concept "’SCG Innovative solutions Live “ a more interesting and outstanding compared to  SCG’s booth in the previous years. It is a new way of booth presentation at the Worldbex since it allows visitors to more closely experience  its innovative products and systems.   


            IMG_7741                    IMG_7744

SCG Products features their roofing and accessories, thermal and acoustic insulations , fiber cement woods substitutes. SCG Roof System  consist of roof tiles and accessories in a wide variety of materials and design providing state of the art beauty..


Also presented and showcased are new innovations that will entices property owners, developers, and designers to redecorate their homes with products form COTTO and Mariwasa. The Aqua Twin faucet, a filtered kitchen faucet that combines the kitchen and drink functions of water into one, by COTTO will be on display.

            IMG_7798 IMG_7806


And Mariwasa’s line of expertise tiles with Anti-Slip technologies and Scratch free features have  pique  the interest of most home developers and home owners as well.

Throughout 100 years of operations, SCG has committed to uplift the lives of people all over the world by enabling them to build their homes with innovative solutions and cutting edge style , while contributing to the sustainable progress of ASEAN and the local communities where we operate said Mr. Worldbex  2013 we bring our customers our portfolio of high performing products and services developed according to world class practices and uncompromising safety standards. This is the result of our focus on research and development to drive innovation in High Value Added product (HVA) and services.

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Friday, March 15, 2013

FUJIFILM Launches X20


The NEW FUJI FILM X20 reconnects style with substance, bringing the essence of photography back to life

A new series of Digital Camera is now available with a capability of a DSLR and has its advanced feature of a FUJIFILM X10 which produce high quality pictures since FUJIFILM is known for its film based camera which produces a more credible outputs  and  results than of the digital cams.


FUJIFILM Corporation President Shigero Nakajima is proud to announce the launch of the new FUJIFILM X20 premium compact camera. Following in the footsteps of the highly acclaimed X10, the FUJIFILM X20 inherits its high precision lens and refined design, while featuring substantially improved performance. With an X-Trans CMOS II  sensor, EXR Processor II and newly-developed Advanced Optical View finder, the X20 is packed full of FUJIFILM’s latest technology. The X20 is available in both black and two tome black and silver


Example of a low-light shot with Fujifilm X20

The X20’s bright optical viewfinder features a newly-developed Digital Trans Panel. This displays the shutter speed, aperture, ISO , focusing area and other shooting information perfectly, clearly, even in low light condition s. What’s more, the X20’s Advanced Optical Viewfinder synchs with the zoom lens, so that users accurately compose shots using the viewfinder even when the focal length is constantly changing.


An example  of a of a high ISO lightings taken from FUJIFILM X20

The newly-developed 12 million pixels 2/3 inch X-Trans CMOS II sensor and EXR Processor II , which increase resolution by approx. 20% and reduced noise by more than 30% have the ability to capture high resolution images. Thanks to the removal of the optical low  pass filter and replacement of a  powerful processor , the FUJIFILM X20 will produce clear images with minimal graininess even at high ISO lightings.

The newly- developed X-trans CMOS II sensor has built-in Phase Detection pixels for high speed AF in as little as 0.06 seconds +3. Additionally the EXR Processor II offers fast response with a start-up time of only approx. 0,05 seconds +4 , a shutter time lag of approx. 0.01 seconds and a shooting interval of 0.5 seconds providing advanced flexibility.


Also available on the X20 are the Advanced filter functions; user can choose from 8 different artistic effects:

Pop Color – Emphasizes contrast and color saturation

Toy Camera- Create shaded boarders as if you were taking a photo on a toy camera

Miniature- Adds top and bottom blur for a diorama or miniature effect

Dynamic tone – Create a fantasy effect by dynamically-modulated tonal reproduction.

Partial color – Retain one selected original color and change the rest of the photo to black & white. Colours can be selected from red, orange, yellow , green , blue and purple for dramatic effect.

High Key- Enhanced brightness and reduce contrast to lighten tonal reproduction.

Low Key- Create uniformly dark tones with few areas of emphasized highlights.

Sort Focus- Create a look that is evenly soft throughout the whole image

A Separate Multiple Exposure function offers users the chance to combine two separate subjects into one photo, protect for adding people into photos that they had missed.

For further specifications and queries pls. click the link ,

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mister Donut Brings in Taster -San


Mister Donut brings in the International recipe of Taster San from Japan to the Philippines and known International, the Pon de Ring which will make donut lovers to fall in love to a different kind of taste and twist more that what we know of what donut should be.


Oh what a life it would be to travel across the seas and explore different cuisines. We live vicariously through those who have and are able to share with us the tastes around the world. One such character is Pon de Rick, a Japanese pastry chef who enjoys nothing more that to discover all the flavors this Earth has to offer. Best known for creating the Pon de Ring, he has recently found his way to our humble islands and has decided to stay. 

Lucky for us folk for he has brought with him something that’s sure to bring bigger smiles to all our faces as he offers a fusion of world class dishes, the sweetest dining experience, and finally, a taste of this phenomenon that is the Pon de Ring, all to his new home at Mister Donut Greenhills.

Pondering on the Pon de Ring

On one of Pon de Ricks travels, he discovered the classic Brazilian cheese bun called Pão De Queijo, and was extremely delighted by the unique texture and taste. These buns, made of cassava flour and cheese, were soft, chewy, and incredibly tasty. Inspired, he sought out the South American recipe to adapt it to his first love, donuts!



The ring of chewy, fluffy, irresistible little balls took Japan by storm. Outside, it looks like a ring of donut balls stuck together, but inside the slightly crunchy exterior is something words can’t explain. The mouth watering goodness can only be justified by the sounds one conjures after taking a bite. And another. And another.

Wonder no more as the Pon de Ring, along with a slew of other new menu items, will be available starting March 15, 2013 at Mister Donut Philippines’ flagship store at the Greenhills Shopping Complex. Celebrate the re-launch of your old favorite and see the transformation everyone can’t wait to experience.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Bb. Pilipinas 2013 ready to get the best to compete for the Int’l Pageants


It was a very lively afternoon when  Fifty candidates of Bb. Pilipinas will come up  with the group and  is starting to select the very best who will compete for the International Pageants the World is waiting for.


Beyond beauty of face and figure, the golden batch of Bb. Pilipinas is also teeming with talent.

This batch can bring about one that has the most beautiful faces and good talents that the pageant ever had. It should bring winners from the coming International Pageants Worldwide.


The lovely girls displayed an array of talents that ranged from singing to magic to hula hooping. The roster of judges included Bong Osorio, ABS-CBN Corporate Communications Head , Tim Yap Philippine Star Columnist, Samboy Lim, Ginebra San Miguel Coach, RJ Ledesma, TV host and Uno Magazine Editor, Shamcey Supsup, Miss Universe 2011 3rd Runner Up, Chit Guerrero, ABS-CBN Special Projects Head, and Binibining Pilipinas Charities, Inc. (BPCI) board member Conchitina Bernardo, and artist Betsy Westendorp.

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Sixteen of the fifty official 2013 Binibining Pilipinas candidates strutted their stuff at the Binibining Pilipinas 2013 Talent Competition recently held at the Gateway Mall Activity Area.

Singers were aplenty in this year’s crop of binibinis. Candidate no. 31 Maria Angelica De Leon, 19, wowed the audience with her vocal prowess as she sang an opera song. The daughter of veteran actors Christopher De Leon and Sandy Andolong who took up Professional Cookery in New Zealand is now back in the country to make a name for herself. She is a professional model who sings just for fun. “I practice singing at home, that’s really it. Singing is just a hobby,” shared Mariel when asked how she prepared for the competition.

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Candidate no. 3 Zandra Flores, 24, showed off her unique set of pipes as well when she sang Loving You. This lass who hails from Pangasinan and graduated from the University of Bradford in the UK with a degree in Medical Sciences has joined various beauty contests and singing contests abroad. “Loving You is my ‘ready’ song. It’s the song I always sing when people ask me to, because I know the lyrics by heart,” Zandra divulged.

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These binibinis also prove to be graceful at all times. Candidate no. 10 Anna Carmela Aquino, 22, an educator at San Beda College, Rizal and Philippine Normal University alumna and dancer kept everyone’s eyes locked as she chanted and danced with several pots on her head in an Ifugao costume.

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Some of these beautiful participants have unusual stories of how they developed such talents, like candidate no. 40 Jan Helen Villanueva whose performance was a fusion of modern ballet and gymnastics. “I had asthma when I was little, so I was encouraged to try different sorts of sports to help me overcome it. I did volleyball, badminton, swimming, and eventually, gymnastics,” Jan says.

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Chadleen Lacdo-o, singer and Operation Smile beneficiary, and ABS-CBN talents added to the afternoon's star value by performing at the event. The event was hosted by Binibining Pilipinas-Tourism 2012 Katrina Dimaranan and United Promotions Sales and Marketing Manager Gines Enriquez.


The talent competition is just one among the string of activities in the 50 candidates’ plates. The winner will be proclaimed during the grand coronation night at the Smart Araneta Coliseum which will be telecast live via ABS-CBN on April 14.

The Binibining Pilipinas 2013 pageant is presented by the Araneta Center, ABS-CBN,CreamSilk, Pond’s San Miguel Brewery, Ginebra San Miguel, San Miguel Food, Petron Corporation, and San Miguel Global Power, together with Avon, JAG, Pizza Hut, PAL, David’s Salon, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Joylong Vans, Picture City, Gold’s Gym, Dale Carnegie Training Center, Entrepreneur School of Asia, and Charter Ping An Insurance Corporation.