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What are you capable of? "Chronicle" stars Michael B. Jordan, James Dehaan and Alex Russell as high school kids who developed extra special powers after being exposed to a mysterious substance in the woods. Beyond their understanding, their powers direct them to incredible discoveries and use them to their advantage as their lives start to spin out of control while their darker sides begin to take over. Directed by Josh Trank, "Chronicle" is reminiscent of hit thrillers shot in real time documentary-style such as "The Blairwitch Project" and "Cloverfield."

CHRONICLE opens March 2012 from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros. in the Philippines.

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In the world of imagination, 20th Century Fox Presents IN TIME, a Futuristic Science- Fiction  Action Thriller movie that shows man seeking to Live Forever and wanting to  Stay Young Forever which is beyond comprehension yet the story  delivers  true essence that rich men does have the advantage over the poor, having more time and can be considered immortal  against the one who somewhat wanting to add time to his life and striving to do whatever it takes.



Multi-talented Justin Timberlake debuts in his starring role as Will Salas in the gripping action-thriller “In Time” opposite Amanda Seyfried. Under the direction of genre-bender director Niccol Andrew whose works include “Gattaca” that introduced the unthinkable in genetic engineering and “The Truman Show” that sparked today’s reality shows, “In Time” advances to a near future where time is literally at arm’s reach.

Justin Timberlake’s Will Salas struggles every second of every day and is is constantly on the run, fighting to get more time. While people stop ageing at the age of 25 in the movie, life beyond that point is precarious, at least for the poor like Will and his mother, Rachel (played by Olivia Wilde who looks the same age as her son). They are only given a year’s grace, after 25, that it is a battle for survival which means that every moment is precious.

The rich at the other end of the spectrum have excessive amounts of time and they are effectively immortal. They have a decadently indulgent lifestyle where little is achieved because there is no sense of urgency. It’s an unjust society implemented as a way of stemming over population.

When Will ‘inherits’ a lot of time from a wealthy man who wants to give it all away., he crosses all borders to get the zone where the rich lives. He then meets Sylvia (Amanda Seyfried), a beautiful but bored and over-protected heiress in the rich zone and takes her hostage. Together on the run, Will and Sylvia try to put an end to the corruption and redistribute time.

Being a longtime fan of action thrillers, Timberlake immediately jumped at the chance to play the ‘old soul’ Will. “When I was a kid, some of my favorite movies were action pieces like First Blood, The Fugitive, and Die Hard,” says Timberlake. “The one thing I loved about those specific movies was that the protagonists were everyday people placed into extraordinary circumstances and doing extraordinary things.”

Timberlake adds, “Will’s heroics are triggered by an easily relatable factor. Will has grown up with essentially nothing. He wakes up every day and goes to work to stay alive. Through a series of events, he decides that he’s not going to take it anymore, and takes it upon himself to try and change the way things work in this world.”

“Will grows up in Dayton, which is somewhat of a ghetto. It’s kind of ironic that the word ‘day’ is in its name, because most of the citizens only walk around with a day to live. So the day-to-day life in Dayton is quick. People don’t have time to walk slowly, so they run, almost all of the time, to where they are going, and they’re constantly eating and drinking on the run. They don’t have time to spare or to waste. Everything’s frenetic and alive, in a kind of dangerous yet beautiful way. When your back is up against the wall and you don’t have a choice, you make revisions and you live your life the way that it has to be, to survive.”

Ironically, having had an unconventional childhood due to his early success in the music industry, Timberlake has come of age and is much comfortable as he was than his younger years. ““I am happy about getting older. I like myself much more at 30 than I did when I was 25. You accept things more and you become more patient. I have been really lucky; I have made the most of my luck and I am happy about that. I think the idea of immortality is actually frightening to me especially because I look back at my younger days as a lot of visual mishaps. I don’t know what I would do if I possessed immortality. It’s definitely a mind trip getting into the idea that it could exist as we see it in the film. My character Will is always moving, always running and it’s mostly because he literally lives day to day. I think I’ve probably spent time moving at a fast pace, so I identify with that.”

“In Time” opens October 28 in theaters from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.

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tanduay logo


This is Our Story:

Celebrating the Filipino Story

It all started in 2006, when Tanduay decided to take on a radical new approach to reaching out to Filipinos. “Music Marketing” entered the lexicon of Tanduay’s communication strategy. It was good move, considering that music has a universal appeal to the young market that Tanduay seeks. But moreover, it was ROCK genre which clearly defined the brand’s personality.

Since its birth, Pinoy rock has captured the best of being a Filipino, with its drum beats and guitar-laced stories about Filipino spirit. It’s a genre that combines the best performers as well as best songwriters, as their words and voices resonate about the Filipino way of life for other Filipinos.

Tanduay went deeper and discovered what makes the Young Filipino involved their desire to define their individuality, and to be connected with their peers at the same time . Events, Rock Concerts. With engagement through activation, Tanduay entered the world of youth become part of it.

This is our Mantra:

First Five. The Power of Five, A League of One

For the 3rd year, Tanduay brings together the biggest line-up bands ever assembled in Philippine Music history- In a nationwide tour no less. Chicosci, Sandwhich, Kamikazee, and new comers Wolfgang and Parokya ni Edgar complete a casting coup called the First Five.

To be part of the First Five has become synonymous with a distinct privilege that elevates every Rock icon status. Furthermore, they are united as a League of One, under one banner as the Tanduay First Five. The lined-up further reflects and reinforces Tanduay’s standing as the country’s number One Rhum.

With the powerhouse roster, the event just got bigger and louder for 2011, as the bands will tour in 30 cities nationwide-upholding a legacy that to date, more than 5 million music fans in more than 150 concert arenas have rocked out to since the national tours started in 2006.

Without a doubt, this is the golden age of Filipino Music and Pinoy Rock. City after city, The nation witnessed jampacked venues, with people travelling from all corners, rain or shine, just to sing along and have an all-out rockin’ good time.

The Power of five. A League of One. Tanduay First Five. The Legacy Continues.

This is Our Commitment.

Rhum Rockfest – Year Five

The Event of the Year,

The Tanduay First Five Nationwide Tour had no Manila leg, as it reserves the biggest event of the year for Metro Manila. The concert tour that Tanduay does so well takes a momentary rest for Tanduay’s biggest rock concert ever.

Dubbed as Rhum Rockfest Year V, the event will showcase 30 popular bands from all generations. Slated for take off on October 14, 2011. It will be held in SM Mall Of Asia Concert grounds from 5:30 pm until daybreak. Once again, Tanduay puts together the biggest rock show in the country. It’s time to Rock On Pilipinas!

At least 80,000 concert goers are expected to witness the celebration of OPM rock style, as it narrates the story of Filipino Rock through its performers.

The first five bands will be joined by popular acts from every rock genre- from classic to metal to emo and pop-rock- all great music coming together to tell the continuing and evolving story of Filipino rock.

And of course Tanduay Rhums first five bands , past and present will take centerstage. To be sure, the whole night will be on fire with the biggest icons of Pinoy Rock from Sampaguita to Introboys- Paco Arespacochaga is flying in from the United States for the event- to Orient Pearl and P.O.T. The Tanduay Rhum Rockfest breathes life once again to great names such as Hungry Young Poets. The Youth, Tropical Depression, The Dawn and Color it Red. 90’s Bands like Siakol, Grin Dept and Razorback will also be onstage to provide the nostalgic feel of this era.

These great acts will be joined by a new generation of rock bands such as Hilera, Franco , Urbandub, Gloc 9, Typecast and Moonstar88. Rhum rockfest attendees will witness the comeback of Ebe Dancel, as well as a surprise Rock Icon.

This is our Vision.

Tanduay. One Brand bui

lt From the Filipino Spirit.

OPM. Original Filipino Music

It was a tie-up that was meant to happen Tanduay Distiller’s Inc. is the maker of a wide array of world class spirits, proven by its 146 international awards. It has consistently provided its loyal customers quality products and events. Simply put, the brand takes pride in promoting local talents and providing a venue for target segments to experience. Tanduay and at the same time enjoy the music with their loved ones.

Through its consistent song sponsorships on radio and music channels, through the years Tanduay Rhum has single handedly guaranteed that Filipino artists continue to have their voices and music heard , despite renewed competition from foreign music labels.

To better capture the story of the Tanduay Rhum Rockfest, Tanduay partnered with Rico Blanco one of the country’s most prolific songwriter, in making his newest single “Ngayon” to be the anthem for the event, “Ngayon “, is a message of celebration for Pinoy Rock in general. It clearly narrates of how Filipinos should be proud of how our Pinoy Rock general. It clearly narrates of how Filipinos should be proud of how our artists have evolved to how we sound today. Because there is no time like NOW to show the world that we rock, and theres no better venue to do it than at Tanduay Rhum Rockfest. Indeed Rico Blanco’s performance of ‘Ngayon’ will be one of the highlights of the event.

To take Tanduay Rhum’s commitment one step further, this quintessentially Filipino spirit also learned up with the league of like-minded artists and performers, The Organisasyon ng Pilipinong Mangaawit (OPM). They share the goal of helping ensure that the future of Filipino musicians and songwriters continue to tell our country’s story. Tnaduay Rhum will formally pledge its support of Filipino artistry in a special number at the upcoming Rhum rockfest.

On October 14th. Tanduay will declare its support to the Organisasyon ng Pilipinong Mangaawit, being the leading and most respected organization of Filipino professional singers in the country. Tanduay will be partnering with OPM in promoting local artists and nourishing the growth of the music industry in general.

Participating Products

Tanduay 5 Years

This rhum reflects the hallmark of Tanduay’s rich and lively heritage. It has always been the banner brand of Tanduay is created for those who like a drink with plenty of flavor but is not too strong. At 60 proof, with its superb smoothness and aromatic hints of caramel and dark sugar, it is ideally straight. ‘on the rocks’ or with a mixer, ideal for the trendy, young active set, but also perfect for those who just want a nice relaxing drink.

Tanduay Rhum Rockfest. It will be a celebration of Filipino Music for everyone. Afterall, it is the Biggest Rock Concert Ever!


Band Line Up

Sampaguita                    Typecast                Chiscosi

Wolfgang                        Razonback             Up Dhrama Down

          Chiscosi                         Color it Red             The Youth

          Sandwhich                     Grin Department     Tropical Depression

Parokya ni Edgar            Ebe Dancel             Moonstar 88

Kamikazee                     Franco                     Urbandub

P.O.T.                            Siakol                       Neyo

Hungry Young Poets      Gloc 9                      Orient Pearl

          Rico Blanco                   The Dawn                Plus surprise guest…

Introvoys                        Hilera


          Philippine Airlines


         No Fear

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In DreamWorks Pictures’ gritty, white-knuckle action ride “Real Steel,” Hugh Jackman stars as Charlie Kenton, a washed-up boxer in the near future who, because his sport has been taken over by 8-foot steel robots, now lives in a world where he doesn’t fit in. With no fights and no prospects, Charlie is forced to hustle as a small-time robot fight promoter. He earns just enough money to survive by piecing together low-end “bots” and traveling from one seamy underground boxing venue to the next for whatever prizefight he can wrangle for his automatons. Just when things can’t become any more desperate and complicated, his estranged, tough-beyond-his-years son Max (Dakota Goyo) suddenly and unwillingly comes back into his life.





In DreamWorks Pictures’ gritty, white-knuckle action ride “Real Steel,” Hugh Jackman stars as Charlie Kenton, a washed-up boxer in the near future who, because his sport has been taken over by 8-foot steel robots, now lives in a world where he doesn’t fit in. With no fights and no prospects, Charlie is forced to hustle as a small-time robot fight promoter. He earns just enough money to survive by piecing together low-end “bots” and traveling from one seamy underground boxing venue to the next for whatever prizefight he can wrangle for his automatons. Just when things can’t become any more desperate and complicated, his estranged, tough-beyond-his-years son Max (Dakota Goyo) suddenly and unwillingly comes back into his life.

The alienated duo reluctantly team up to rebuild and train a scrap-heap robot and turn it into a boxing contender. As stakes in the brutal, no-holds-barred fighting arenas are raised, against all odds Charlie gets one last shot at a comeback.

“Real Steel” is an underdog story with cinematic scope and a unique premise that offers surprises along the way. The film combines the best of grand spectacle with relatable, grounded storytelling. “Real Steel” Director Shawn Levy experienced the story as a tale of redemption for three lost and forgotten souls. “The main characters––a father, his son and a machine––are each abandoned beings,” Levy says. “All three of them have been cast aside and forgotten. The substance of the story is about how this trinity has a chance of returning to grace.”

Don Murphy, Susan Montford and Shawn Levy are producing “Real Steel.” Executive producers are Jack Rapke, Robert Zemeckis, Steve Starkey, Steven Spielberg, Mary McLaglen and Josh McLaglen. The screenplay is by John Gatins, from a story by Dan Gilroy and Jeremy Leven.

“Real Steel” is based in part on legendary sci-fi master Richard Matheson’s short story titled “Steel,” which was adapted for a 1963 “Twilight Zone” episode, starring Lee Marvin. Matheson’s prolific career has spanned over half a century, with many of his popular novels, including “I Am Legend,” “Hell House,” “Somewhere in Time” and  “What Dreams May Come,” adapted to feature films. Matheson was inducted into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame in 2010.

“Real Steel” also stars Evangeline Lilly, Anthony Mackie, Kevin Durand, Hope Davis and James Rebhorn.




Imagine a time in the near future (2020) when boxing fans have become bored with watching human beings pummel each other. It’s a time when the public’s thirst for violence and carnage is greater than what mere mortal athletes can give­­­­––or take. It’s a world in which boxing has evolved to the point where men no longer compete against each other––robots have replaced pugilists. The skill and grace of talented pros is a thing of the past. Instead, fans want full on, mega force, deathly poundings and the complete destruction of opponents.

The idea of boxing robots was a provocative one for noted Director Shawn Levy, who is widely regarded for his box-office hit comedies, the “Night at the Museum” franchise and “Date Night.” When DreamWorks first presented him with the idea for “Real Steel,” he says he was attracted to the project because of the pitch from Steven Spielberg and Stacey Snider. “They called me up and talked about what at first sounded like a crazy idea for a movie,” Levy recalls of his initial response to the story. “Of course I was super-flattered, but I was on the fence about the premise. Then I read the script. What I found was an opportunity to make an exciting father/son/sports movie with heart. That was galvanizing for me.”

“We were thrilled to get to work with Shawn,” comments Stacey Snider, Principal Partner/Co-Chairman/CEO, DreamWorks Studios. “And we believe that with this movie, he’s even surpassed the great work with which he’s previously been associated. ‘Real Steel’ is a real game changer.”

Shawn Levy grew up not only as a fan of boxing but also as an ardent admirer of boxing movies such as “Raging Bull” and the “Rocky” series of films. “Even the not-so-great ones are awesome because there’s usually an underdog hero and you want him to have a comeback and to give his all and ultimately triumph,” the Director says. “‘Real Steel’ is absolutely an homage to those boxing movies that I watched with my brothers fifty times.”

As Levy further explains, “I think that people respond to the clear-cut winner/loser aspect of boxing competition. It’s very simple, and I think interest in the sport is enhanced by that simplicity. When we get brilliant fighters like Ali or Sugar Ray Leonard, there’s something electric that happens and I think it’s unparalleled in any other sport.”

Regarding the scope of “Real Steel,” Levy points out that the film is “definitely not a little chamber piece” but instead a film with cinematic scale that exceeds anything he has previously done. “Robot boxing is a big sport with huge spectacle,” he says, “but beyond that, the movie itself is extremely cinematic with big, wide-open vistas and locations. It’s a road-trip through the American landscape.”

But Director Levy did not want to rely simply on either the wide-open vistas or fantastic robot machinery in order to explore the relationships in the story. “For me, this movie couldn’t be just big and loud and cool,” says Levy. “That would have been unoriginal. The screenplay had a unique human heart at its core, so the movie had to be an interesting hybrid of bad-ass action and scale, with a really sincere and warm-hearted story that is ultimately about salvation.”

Hugh Jackman’s character, Charlie Kenton, was a heavyweight boxer in his youth, but he’s become a relic in his own time. Director Levy explains, “What’s worse is that Charlie now has to make his living off of the machines that put him out of a job. He has a combination of need and resentment towards the very robots that he’s plying and promoting in fights.”

When Charlie is begrudgingly reunited with his long-abandoned son Max, it is clear that the only thing they have in common is a mutual resentment. But they do share one interest—robot boxing—and step by hard-fought step they begin to connect. It’s not a very deep connection at first, but when they discover an old robot in a junkyard, their journey toward mutual rediscovery begins.

Producer Don Murphy elaborates, “When we first meet Charlie, he’s at his lowest; he’s doing robot fighting on the county fair circuit. But throughout the course of the movie we follow him on a roller-coaster ride toward his ultimate goal of competing and winning in the WRB [World Robot Boxing League].”

But with the unlikely combination of an underdog, scrap-heap bot and a tough kid who knows every stat of the WRB by heart, Charlie has a chance at more than just winning—he’s got a chance at redemption.

Coming from the world of comedy films, Levy says that although he thought that comedy sets are light and fun, he also thought that a drama set had to be more intense and serious. He was happily proved wrong. “I found that the bottom line is whatever kind of movie I’m directing, I love the job, I love being there every day, and that vibe spreads. I always want my sets to be a place where people know they’re going to bring their best work and will be treated with respect. Part of that is me giving the team the game plan for the day but always leaving room for discovery and improvisation. There is a lot in this movie that was not scripted. I find that by keeping a set loose you give room for great creative surprises.”

Because he is so admired for his creativity and amiability, Levy easily attracts some of the most talented behind-the-scenes artists in the business. As he says, “I’m really lucky. I make a movie every year or so and I couldn’t keep up the pace without having a team of people who are at the top of their game––from Mauro Fiore [cinematographer] to Tom Meyer [production designer] to Marlene Stewart [costume designer] to Josh McLaglen and Mary McLaglen [brother and sister executive producers] and, of course, my editor Dean Zimmerman, who is like a magician. The same thing is true of my post team. We’re on our fifth movie together.”

Producer Susan Montford sums up the filmmakers’ feelings about having Shawn Levy onboard to direct “Real Steel”: “We are just amazed by Shawn because he’s such a great leader. He’s very inspiring and he seems able to inspire his crew and actors to do their absolute best. Everyone coming to the set, wanting it to be a great movie, and loving what they’re doing is quite an accomplishment for a Director to pull off.”




Director Levy and his producing team spent a great deal of time finding the perfect actor for each of the roles in “Real Steel” and are thrilled that all brought more than expected to their characters.

The value of the project that instantly drew Hugh Jackman (“X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” “The Prestige”) to the role of Charlie is one of the things that made the director and DreamWorks eager to be part of this unique story. Jackman says, “What I loved first and foremost about the script is the father/son relationship and the idea that people who have made mistakes, who have regrets, can get a second chance, and they can become better people.”

Jackman was also intrigued by the world in which the story is set. “I loved the idea of the time period being not too far in the future. It’s a future that is seemingly accessible to us,” the award-winning actor says. “Also, I’m a big sports fan, so the robot boxing idea fascinated me. And of course it’s a real underdog story, with the person who has the most heart fighting to win in the end. It’s definitely a feel-good movie. And for me it was something different from what I’ve done before. Also, working with Shawn Levy was a no-brainer. Shawn is just about the most positive, energetic and fun person to be around. The shoot was one of the most challenging and enjoyable I’ve ever had.”

Ramping up the mutual admiration society a notch, Director Levy raves, “Hugh Jackman is known as the nicest guy in show biz. I can confirm that rumor,” he says with sincerity. “It’s insane, but it’s like no one’s ever told him he’s ridiculously good looking and a massive movie star. I’m hoping we can keep that secret because he is way too nice for someone who is all those things. He’s the greatest and he brings an underlying kind of sympathetic, lovable trait to Charlie, who can be a really hard, tough guy.”

For the role of Max, the son who was abandoned early in his life by Jackman’s character, the filmmakers auditioned hundreds of boys and found many exceptional young actors. “We always had the feeling that there would be a kid out there who would be talented and who would have the right look, but would have that little something extra, something that you can’t quite put your finger on but is magic up on the screen,” says Levy.

The filmmakers put out an APB casting search and as Jackman relates, “When Dakota came in, Shawn and I were really taken aback. There’s something very soulful about him. The camera just sees right into his soul. He allows the camera inside, which for a young man of his age is very rare. He’s got an angelic quality about his face. He’s naturally very outgoing and a naturally happy kid. And he’s very respectful and sweet. On the screen and off-screen, he’s a really special person.”

Dakota Goyo auditioned four times for the role of Max: twice on tape and twice in person in Los Angeles. In L.A., he had the opportunity to work with Hugh Jackman and says of the experience, “I wasn’t nervous around Hugh because he is a great, awesome guy. He’s so polite and he’s always prepared to do his work. I’m really excited when I work with him because he’s just really extraordinary.”

For the role of Bailey, which went to popular television star Evangeline Lilly (“Lost”), Director Levy admits that he was already a big fan of the actress and was thrilled that she accepted the role. “I marvel at Evangeline,” Levy enthuses. “I was crazy for her on ‘Lost.’ I was a big fan of that series. In ‘Real Steel,’ not only does she deliver in the big dramatic scenes between her and Dakota and her and Hugh, but also even when she was in a crowd of thousands of people reacting to the fights. In those tiny, short cutaways within the fight scenes she brings so much visceral, rousing energy. She was kind of an audience surrogate for us. She is so into it and so vested in what happens.”

Lilly was drawn to the role of Bailey after reading the script for “Real Steel,” which her agent had sent her. Lilly recalls, “I was so moved and so touched and it was so heartfelt and well written, I wanted the role.”

Aside from the great script, there was another factor that attracted Lilly to the project and that was the opportunity to work with Hugh Jackman. “A while ago, after seeing a movie called ‘The Fountain’ by Darren Aronofsky, in which Hugh Jackman stars, I told myself that if I ever had the chance to work with Hugh I would take it. He is so breathtakingly impressive in that film. So I decided, by virtue of the fact that he was attached, I had to do it. The bonuses were that the script was so darn good and Shawn Levy was directing.”

Lilly met with Director Levy to audition for the part and as soon as they were introduced the actress says she knew it was right for her to do the film. “Shawn is such a nice guy,” the actress says. “I always say he’s so ‘sparkly.’ He’s a man who’s happy and energetic and he has a really positive energy. I think in this industry it’s easy to fall into the trap of taking yourself too seriously and becoming very heavy-handed about the work that you do. Shawn couldn’t be lighter or more playful. He couldn’t be more collaborative, too, and so much fun.”

In the movie, Lilly’s character Bailey is the daughter of Charlie’s former trainer from back when he was a young fighter. The two characters have known each other their whole lives. They may have had a crush on each other when they were younger, but the attraction isn’t just physical; it’s based on the fact that they know each other inside and out. They know what makes the other tick. Bailey knows Charlie better than anyone else and yet there’s a gravitational pull between them that is very much a subtext in the story.

After watching “Hurt Locker,” Shawn Levy knew he wanted Anthony Mackie to read the “Real Steel” script for the part of Finn, the host of The Crash Palace. As Mackie recalls, “I was blown away by it. I had never read anything like it. The character Finn is so charismatic. I talked to Shawn and told him that Finn would be really exciting for me to play.”

Rounding out the cast, the filmmakers hired Tony® Award nominee Hope Davis (“God of Carnage”) for the role of Deborah, Max’s aunt who has her heart set on obtaining custody of her orphaned nephew, and James Rebhorn (“White Collar,” “30 Rock”) as Marvin Barnes, her wealthy older husband, who can support young Max if the court decides to let them adopt him.

Kevin Durand, who had previously worked with Hugh Jackman in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” and with Evangeline Lilly on “Lost,” was cast as Ricky, the robot fight promoter who, despite a long-standing friendship, isn’t shy about fighting Charlie to collect on a debt.

Russian actress Olga Fonda, with little previous film work, was cast as the Russian robot owner, while Karl Yune (“Memoirs of a Geisha,” “Speed Racer”) portrays Tak Mashido, the world’s premier robot designer and the pioneering legend behind the sport of robot boxing.

“Hope Davis, Kevin Durand, James Rebhorn, Karl Yune, Olga Fonda and Anthony Mackie. They are all amazing actors,” Director Levy states.

“Their roles may be considered supporting but each of these wonderful people brought so much life and so much texture and dimension to what could have been ordinary characters. Every time they’re on screen they bring something unexpected and the movie is so much better for them being in it,” he concludes.


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