Saturday, April 29, 2017

Citadines Millennium Ortigas Manilais a new international serviced residence

Citadines Millennium Ortigas Manilais a new international serviced residence towering over the Ortigas Center, Pasig cityscape.

                                           Deluxe one-bedroom apartment kitchen area

Citadines Millennium Ortigas Manila offers various choices of spacious units ranging from studio to one-, two- and three-bedroom serviced units, each featuring touches of art and reminiscent of home with separate living and dining areas, a fully-equipped kitchen, and wireless internet.


Friday, April 28, 2017

What we need to know about diabetes

Diabetes is one of the most common illnesses among many Filipinos. However, did you know that you can have diabetes and be unaware of it? To prevent diabetes from becoming more serious, you should be aware of important medical facts so you’ll be able to treat it properly.

“Many people are being affected by diabetes, and some aren’t even aware that they have it. Poorly managed diabetes can lead to severe health complications such as heart disease, blindness, kidney failure, and a blood vessel disease that may require amputation. That is why it’s vital to learn more about diabetes and if needed, seek proper treatment immediately,” says MediCard president and CEO Dr. Nicky Montoya.

Here’s what you need to know about diabetes:

What is diabetes? Diabetes is a health complication wherein the body either can’t produce insulin or does not use insulin properly. Insulin is a hormone that enables the body to use glucose that is found in food for energy. There are several types of diabetes but the most common ones are Type 1, where the pancreas does not produce insulin; and Type 2, where the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or the body does not use insulin properly.

What are its symptoms? People with diabetes experience frequent urination, excessive thirst, constant hunger,  irritability, blurry vision, extreme and unexplained fatigue, wounds or cuts that are slow to heal, weight loss even if you are eating more, and tingling, numbness or pain in the hands and feet. In some cases, individuals with diabetes don’t show any symptoms. That is why it is very important to visit your doctor regularly for check-ups.

What are its complications? People with diabetes are more at risk of having other serious health problems. They are more prone to infections. High glucose levels and high blood pressure can also lead to cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, nerve disease and eye diseases, among others. To avoid complications, it’s important to regularly monitor and maintain your blood glucose levels, blood pressure and cholesterol.

How is it treated? To prevent complications of diabetes, Dr. Montoya recommends that diabetics should have a meal plan prescribed by a dietitian. Eating healthy and engaging in physical activities will help the body break down insulin better and convert glucose into energy. Some need to take insulin injections and oral agents, pills which help diabetics produce more insulin or utilize insulin better. Always remember to visit a diabetes specialist regularly to monitor your glucose level.

What should I do to prevent diabetes? To reduce your risk of diabetes, get moving and have a regular exercise routine like 30 minutes of walking a day. Dr. Montoya also recommends reducing your consumption of alcohol and processed sugars such as candies and sodas while adding more food rich in monounsaturated fats in your diet like avocados, nuts and olive oil.  

Learn how to combat diabetes. MediCard has numerous free-standing clinics located in key cities nationwide that offer endocrinology consultations. Visit a MediCard clinic near you or check out their website at for more information.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Sapporo, Sense and Sensibility

Feast your senses on one of Japan’s most striking cities
Feel the seasons in Sapporo City through flower beds, trees and events carried out at the Odori Park where locals eat lunch and take walks.

Japan has definitely boomed as a tourist destination for Filipinos over the past few years. The country offers something for every type of traveler, from the city rat with its chic metropolitan hotspots, to those who want to take a trip back in time with its well-preserved cultural destinations.

In addition to its beautiful locations, however, one of the charms of the Land of the Rising Sun is its people. The Japanese hold their culture and history to a high degree and they are known to be reverent of their social manners and etiquette. 

As the old adage goes, the best way to travel is to act, think, and behave like a local. Japanese etiquette is vast, but there are specific manners that apply to certain locations too. Sapporo—the capital of Hokkaido and one of Japan’s most promising hotspots—for example, has its own set of rules that every traveler should familiarize with.Arm yourself with basic Sapporo knowledge and etiquette to make the most of everything the city has to offer.



Treat your palate to the many flavors of the city, which boasts of fresh ingredients and rich, distinct flavors. Try its popular Genghis Khan mutton or soup curry and finish it by taking a sip of its famous Sapporo beer after a filling meal.

Be a delightful guest by knowing basic restaurant etiquette. For self-service restaurants, make sure to throw away your used paper cups, plates, and food wrappers into the right garbage bin. If you booked a restaurant reservation, make sure to call in advance in the event of a cancellation of if you are running late for your schedule. Food establishments take careful consideration when booking guests and giving a heads-up shows respect for your hosts. 

When paying bills, bring your receipt to the cashier or ask for a copy of it if it hasn’t been provided beforehand. Tips are also not a custom in Japan so expressing your gratitude to the staff after an exceptional service is a good option.


  Sapporo is a feast for senses even in winter -- it feels home for everyone, whether you are a local, or a local at heart.

The city next door to nature, Sapporo is the perfect place for travelers who want some downtime and peace. The place is always bursting with the colors of the season, with its deep green forests during the summer and striking red and yellow greenery during fall season. 

Try mountain climbing at Maruyama, a designated National Natural Monument, which is mostly untouched virgin forest. You can choose from routes based on your stamina, and reach it by car, bus, or subway.

If you’re going to drive, familiarize yourself with road signs for the city’s wildlife. Gas stations in Hokkaido can either be full-service or self-service, some of which can close as early as 6PM especially if you are in rural areas. 


In addition to its beautiful locations, one of the charms of the Sapporo city is its people. The Japanese hold their culture and history to a high degree and they are known to be reverent of their social manners and etiquette. 

Get your fill of adrenaline pumping activities or find your inner balance again by trying a variety of Sapporo’s sports and recreational activities. The city has a number of ski resorts that are a delight to visit during winter, with its powder white snow, and yoga studios where you can clock in if you just want to kick back and relax.


Take your Sapporo beer experience to the next level by visiting its birthplace, the Sapporo Factory, which now houses various events. Your itinerary will not be complete, of course, without visiting a shrine which merges art, culture, and history all at the same time. The Hokkaido Shrine in Maruyama is where you can learn more about Japanese culture and traditions. You can also drop by some of the city’s museums and libraries like the Watanabe Junichi Museum of Literature and The Archives of Hokkaido.

It is important to be mindful of basic manners when going around the city. For example, leaving cigarette butts and packs are strictly prohibited and may incur a fine. Walking while smoking in public places is also prohibited. Meanwhile, visiting a shrine requires strict etiquette like purifying the hands and mouth at the temizuya, the water ablution pavilion, before entering the sacred place.

Indeed, Sapporo is a feast for all the senses with its striking but beautiful contrasts and themes that leave their distinct mark on the mind’s eye. Its variety is a welcoming trait, so much that it feels home for everyone, whether you are a local, or a local at heart.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Marriott Manila Goes Local with Pan De Coco, Spanish Bread and more at their Bakery

Remember those mornings when the smell of fresh baked breads wake you up and it sure brightens your day easily. Flavorful, easy to eat and filling all at the same time, you really wouldn’t go wrong with bread to start your day. Bakeries could be seen in every block, yet good quality is rare. And like a true gem, the 5-star Marriott Hotel Manila’s pastries are simply perfection. Hotel finds might limit you to croissants, muffins, danish breads or anything Western; but Marriott Hotel Manila raises the Filipino flag with its local bread collection that tastes like home - or even better.

An assortment of local breads takes the spotlight at the Marriott Café Bakery. Whether you are a Filipino who grew up loving panaderia finds or a foodie on-the-go, their own version shall comfort you. First, quickly try the knuckle-sized Mongo Bread for Php 20. Savory red mung beans are rolled inside its soft and greased buns. Or grab the Spanish Bread for that sweet cravings at only Php 22. Don’t be fooled with its golden crust, it is fluffy and buttery ‘til the last bite. Of course, the crowd favorite Pan De Coco can’t be missed. Priced at Php 23, beautifully glazed buns is packed with shredded coconut flavored in pandan flavor. Then, there is Ube Twist for Php 25, filled with locally produced purple yam. As the bread and purple  are tangled, the earthy and nutty flavors are combined smoothly.

These straight-out-of-the-oven soft breads are best all day from morning pick-me-ups, on-the-road snacks or a treat to bring home for the kids. You can even score 50% off starting 8pm onwards. Grab a bag now and it might turnout to be a daily habit. 

Marriott Café Bakery is located at the ground floor of Marriott Hotel Manila, open daily at 6am to 10:30pm. For more information, please call 988 9999 or visit To join ongoing conversations, like, follow @marriottmanila on Twitter and @manilamarriott on Instagram.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Citi Philippines bags two awards at 12th PDS Awards Night.

The country’s largest foreign bank received two honors during the 12th PDS Awards Night, as Top 2 for Fixed Income Dealing Participant for 2016 and as Top 5 Philippine Domestic Dollar Transfer System Payment Vs Payment Participant 2016.

Citi Philippines Treasurer & Head of Global Markets & Securities Services Paul Favila (3rd from left) received the awards together with colleagues Faye del Rosario (2nd from left) and Khalid Anvery (rightmost).

They are shown in photo with (from left) Philippine Dealing & Exchange Corp. President & Chief Operating Officer Antonino Nakpil, Treasurer of the Philippines Hon. Rosalia De Leon and Philippine Dealing System Group President & CEO Cesar Crisol.

Thursday, April 20, 2017


Exclusive promos and offers await as Star Cruises and Dream Cruises brings another round of the Cruise Fair happening on April 18 to 21, 2017 at the Robinsons Magnolia Atrium

Hong Kong, 8 July, 2016Star Cruises, the leading cruise line in the Asia Pacific, alongside the first-ever Asian luxury cruise line, Dream Cruises has once again announced another run of the Cruise Fair, highlighting exclusive promotions for the SuperStar Virgo Manila deployment, as well as the other Asian itineraries of the cruise lines’ fleets.

From April 18 to 21, 2017, Star Cruises and Dream Cruises picks up off on the success of the initial run of the Cruise Fair last March 1 to 5, 2017 in Greenbelt 5 Fashion Walk. This run showcases the perfect cruise offers capping off the SuperStar Virgo in Manila deployment as well as new offers perfect for mid-year trips and year-end holiday vacations all exclusive for this 2nd Cruise Fair.

The Cruise Fair’s main promotion highlights the 6 Day/5 Night roundtrip itinerary of SuperStar Virgo to Laoag, Ilocos Norte to Kaohsiung, Taiwan and Hong Kong, exclusively offering the following:

-       Mother’s Day Special
– Special onboard cruise treats for Moms sailing on May 13!
o    Inclusive of Eye Society eyewear, Bridge and Galley tours, plus exclusive invite to Captain’s Tea Party

-       May Birthday Cruise Package
– Free birthday package onboard for cruising May celebrants
o    Inclusive with HKD 200 onboard credit, room set up decoration, Complimentary birthday cake, and birthday certificate signed by the Captain

-       30% + 10% promotions + Additional OBCR
– 30% off running promotion plus additional 10% off promo rate
– Per cabin entitlement of HKD 800 for May 3, 4, 8, & 9; HKD 500 for other departures

-       Senior Citizens at 70%
– 70% off Senior Citizens for departures on April 23 & 28, May 3, 8, & 23

-       Free Cycling Tour
– Bring your bike and cycle around Kaohsiung for May 18 and 23

Other promotions are also offered for this Cruise Fair:

-       Genting Dream 5N cruises – ex Hong Kong and ex Singapore for Buy 1, Take 1 at selected departures
-       SuperStar Virgo 3N Farewell cruise – ex Manila on May 28 to 31 2017 at 50% off
-       SuperStar Virgo 7N cruises – ex Shanghai/Osaka/Yokohama on July to Nov 2017
-       SuperStar Gemini 3N or 2N cruises – ex Laem Chabang at 65% off
-       SuperStar Libra 3N cruises – ex Penang at 50% off for Low and Mid seasons
-       Star Pisces Overnight cruise – ex Hong Kong at 30% off all pax

As the calendar shifts to travel season, there is no way to explore and discover what awaits you beyond the shores than the top cruise line in the Asia-Pacific, Star Cruises and Dream Cruises.

To know more about Star Cruises, Dream Cruises and its available cruise offers and promos, visit the Star Cruises booth at Robinsons Magnolia Atrium from April 18 to 21 during mall hours, or visit the Star Cruises official website at

About Star Cruises

Star Cruises is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Genting Hong Kong, a leading global leisure, entertainment and hospitality corporation. A pioneer in the Asia Pacific cruise industry, Star Cruises has been operating its fleet since 1993, taking on the bold initiative to grow the region as an international cruise destination with a fleet of six vessels including SuperStar Virgo, SuperStar Libra, SuperStar Gemini, SuperStar Aquarius, Star Pisces and The Taipan.

Star Cruises' commitment in offering best-in-class services and facilities is reflected in a host of recognitions and accolades received over the years. These include being inducted into the prestigious Travel Trade Gazette's "Travel Hall of Fame" for a ninth year in 2016 in recognition of winning "Best Cruise Operator in the Asia-Pacific" for 10 consecutive years. Star Cruises was also recently voted "Asia's Leading Cruise Line" at the World Travel Awards for a fifth year in a row in 2016.

About Superstar Virgo

The 13-storey SuperStar Virgo is equipped with 935 cabins, including sea-view cabins and balcony suites. Offering a wide variety of dining, shopping and entertainment choices, her facilities embrace Chinese, international and Japanese restaurants, an alfresco bar, foot reflexology salon and spa, gym, steam and sauna rooms, hairdressing salon, two-level theatre, duty-free shops, a 100-metre mega water slide, outdoor swimming pool, mini golf course, karaoke room, children's activity centre and more. A calendar of themed entertainment constantly refreshes the onboard fun and excitement, ensuring every voyage is a brand new enjoyable experience.

About Dream Cruises

Genting Hong Kong brings over 20 years’ of Asian cruise industry experience together with internationally-acclaimed luxury cruise expertise in creating its new cruise line – Dream Cruises.

With a heritage of international and regional cruise expertise embedded in its DNA, Dream Cruises is the first-ever Asian luxury cruise line and caters specifically to the large and rapidly growing high-end market in China and Asia.

Dream Cruises aims to be a pacesetter in the cruise industry in the region, meeting the needs of the ‘emerging generation’ of confident, independently-minded and affluent Asian travellers. Dream Cruises offers inspirational luxury, which is Asian at heart and international in spirit.

Purpose-built for the China and Asia market, Genting Dream, the first ship of the fleet, debuted in November 2016, with its sister ship World Dream scheduled for November 2017, offering guests the highest levels of service and spacious comfort in the region. With the finest Asian and international dining, exceptional service, enthralling entertainment and inspirational experiences, Dream Cruises aims to redefine vacation travel with a transformational journey at sea.

About Genting Hong Kong Limited (“Genting Hong Kong”)

Genting Hong Kong is a leading corporation, principally engaged in the business of cruise and cruise related operations along with leisure, entertainment and hospitality activities.
As a pioneer in the Asian cruise industry, Genting Hong Kong took on the bold initiative to grow the Asia-Pacific as an international cruise destination with the founding of Star Cruises, “The Leading Cruise Line in the Asia Pacific”, in 1993. To further expand its cruise portfolio in the region, Genting Hong Kong launched Dream Cruises, the first-ever Asian luxury cruise line to cater to the high-end market. Recognized as “The World’s Most Awarded Luxury Cruise Line”, Crystal Cruises extends Genting Hong Kong’s reach in the global up-scale market. In 2016, MV Werften with a collection of three modern yards in the State of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany was established to build new cruise ships for its three cruise brands.

Initiating the Group’s foray into land-based attractions, Resorts World Manila was the first integrated resort in the Philippines when it opened in 2009. A one-stop, non-stop entertainment and leisure destination, Resorts World Manila features world-class entertainment, unique events, and exciting lifestyle options throughout its extensive premises. Genting Hong Kong’s investment in iconic Singapore nightlife brand Zouk – a world-class entertainment institution and trendsetter in Asia’s dance music scene, and perennial top-ten fixture in the annual DJ Mag Top 100 Clubs global poll - further diversifies the company’s appeal to a younger and more dynamic clientele.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017




12 April 2017 – Manila, Philippines: The largest sports media property in Asian history, ONE Championship™ (ONE), has just announced updates to bouts scheduled for ONE: KINGS OF DESTINY. Team Lakay lightweight veteran Honorio “The Rock” Banario will now take on Jaroslav Jartim of Czech Republic as original opponent Rob Lisita has pulled out of the bout due to personal reasons. In addition, top featherweight prospect Christian “The Warrior” Lee of Singapore will now face Wan Jian Ping of China after Lee’s original opponent Keanu Subba suffered an injury during training camp.

Ticket information for ONE: KINGS OF DESTINY is available at

Team Lakay’s Honorio “The Rock” Banario has long been one of the Philippines’ most respected mixed martial arts veterans. His tremendous cage experience has brought him all over Asia, in many memorable battles against top divisional talent. Among his many skills, Banario’s strength lies in striking, although he has recently exhibited a vastly-improved grappling game. The former ONE Featherweight World Champion, Banario is ready to once again showcase his world-class wushu skills and lightning-quick strikes against Jaroslav Jartim.

Prague-based mixed martial artist Jaroslav Jartim of Czech Republic will make his ONE Championship debut at lightweight this April. Jartim sports a professional MMA record of seven wins and five losses including one draw. Of his seven victories, three have come by submission and three by knockout. The Penta Gym Prague representative is set to make his first appearance inside the ONE Championship cage in Manila against Team Lakay veteran lightweight Honorio Banario.

18-year-old Christian “The Warrior” Lee, younger brother of reigning ONE Women’s Atomweight World Champion “Unstoppable” Angela Lee, began his professional mixed martial arts career on an absolute tear, railing off five straight victories by thrilling finish while only encountering one setback. He has impressed fans with his ability to seek out stoppage wins over top caliber opponents. Known as an unpredictable striker with unorthodox grappling technique, Lee is now set to return to the ONE Championship cage, this time against Wan Jian Ping.

Wan “Werewolf” Jian Ping is a mixed martial artist from China with a 2-1 professional record. Following his promotional debut against countryman Bu Huo You Ga in 2016, Wan makes his return to the ONE Championship cage gunning for victory. The Shanghai-based grappler is well-versed in all forms of combat, from striking to wrestling and will now look to test his skills against rising young featherweight star Christian Lee.

For more updates on ONE Championship, please visit, follow us on Twitter and Instagram @ONEChampionship, and like us on Facebook at

About ONE Championship™

ONE Championship is the largest sports media property in Asian history. Headquartered in Singapore, the world’s most exciting mixed martial arts organization hosts the largest sports entertainment events across Asia featuring the best Asian mixed martial artists and world champions, all signed to exclusive contracts, on the largest media broadcast in Asia. ONE Championship is broadcast to over 1 billion viewers across 118+ countries around the world with some of the largest global broadcasters, including FOX Sports, Setanta, MNC, Astro, Thairath TV, ABS-CBN, TV5, MYTV, HTV, OSN and more.

10 must-try Baskin-Robbins all-time favorites

If there is one thing that can make people instantly happy, it’s ice cream! And for more than two years in the Philippines, Baskin-Robbins has done just that: bring instant smiles to millions of Filipinos around the metro with so many exciting ice cream flavors!

With a wide variety of Baskin-Robbins flavors in the Philippines for more than two years, we also can’t help but wonder: What are the top favorite ice cream flavors of Filipinos? According to Baskin-Robbins Philippines, the best-selling ice cream flavors in their stores are: Jamoca Almond Fudge, Cotton Candy, Hokey Pokey, Pralines n’ Cream, Macadamia Nuts and Cream, Chocolate Trilogy, Chocolate Mousse Royale, Peanut Butter and Chocolate, Very Berry Strawberry and Mint Chocolate Chip.

Ice cream enthusiasts can’t seem to get enough of Baskin-Robbins unique flavors like Cotton Candy Wonderland which is a sweet blend of purple, pink and yellow cotton candy flavored iced cream sprinkled with crackling cotton candy flavored clusters, and Hokey Pokey, white chocolate flavored ice cream with crunchy honeycomb candy pieces and a caramel ribbon.

Local Baskin-Robbins lovers are also nuts over nutty flavors such as Pralines n’ Cream, vanilla flavored ice cream with praline-coated pecan pieces and a caramel
ribbon, and Macadamia Nuts and Cream which is vanilla flavored ice cream with roasted macadamia nuts.

Of course, when it comes to ice cream flavors, you can never go wrong with chocolate. Well-loved treats for chocoholics in Manila are Chocolate Trilogy, Chocolate Mousse Royal and Peanut Butter n’ Chocolate.  Peanut Butter n’ Chocolate is chocolate ice cream with a chunky peanut butter ribbon while Chocolate Mousse Royal is milk chocolate mousse ice cream sprinkled with chocolate flavored flakes. Chocolate Trilogy is a trio of chocolate fudge, white and Swiss chocolate flavored ice creams, loaded with chocolate chips and caramel covered pretzels.

Baskin-Robbins classic favorites are also timeless among Filipinos. They can’t seem to get enough of Very Berry Strawberry, made with real strawberries, and Mint Chocolate Chip, mint flavored ice cream loaded with chocolate chips. On the other hand, coffee lovers seem to be addicted to Jamoca Almond Fudge, Jamoca coffee ice cream with roasted almonds and a rich chocolate fudge ribbon.

Indeed, happiness is felt with each and every Baskin-Robbins ice cream flavor. Satisfy your ice cream cravings at Baskin-Robbins.

To know more about other Baskin-Robbins premium ice cream flavors, log on to or check out their social media accounts:, Twitter, and Instagram @baskinrobbinsph.

​​​​Eduard Folayang feels privileged to headline ONE Championship’s 10th event in the Philippines

Inline image 1

Although Eduard “Landslide” Folayang has been with ONE Championship since its inception in 2011, it marks the first time that he will be in the top bill of the organization’s live event in the Philippines.
The 33-year-old Baguio City native is set to lock horns with Malaysian-Kiwi sensation Ev “E.T.” Ting in the main event of ONE: KINGS OF DESTINY, which is ONE Championship’s tenth blockbuster show on Philippine shores.
With ten marquee matchups slated on the card, ONE: KINGS OF DESTINY takes place at the 20,000-capacity SM Mall of Asia Arena in Manila, Philippines on 21 April.
Folayang, who is universally recognized as the face of the Philippine MMA scene, has previously headlined two events under the ONE Championship banner.
The popular Team Lakay representative competed in the headliner of ONE Championship’s inaugural card, where he notched a unanimous decision victory over Korean veteran A-Sol Kwon.
Five years later, Folayang found himself in the same position when he challenged Japanese MMA legend Shinya “Tobikan Judan” Aoki for the ONE Lightweight World Championship title in the main event of ONE: DEFENDING HONOR.
Folayang dethroned Aoki for the gold-plated belt by way of third-round technical knockout, driving a hard knee to the head before unleashing a barrage of punches to coerce the referee to wave it off.
In the first defense of his coveted lightweight strap, Folayang has been booked in the principal attraction of ONE: KINGS OF DESTINY, squaring off against a topnotch challenger in Ting.
Folayang stressed that he considers it as a privilege to be in the main event of the tenth ONE Championship card in the Philippines.
“It’s my first time to be in the main event of ONE Championship’s card in the Philippines. I know that it’s a big responsibility, but I am humbled and privileged to be in this position,” he said.
Folayang admitted that he is so motivated for his upcoming title defense as he will be fighting in front of a partisan Manila crowd for the first time in nearly three years.
“It’s going to be awesome. I love my country, and I love the Filipino people and all the MMA fans. I can’t wait to get back in there and defend our home turf. By the grace of God, I will emerge victorious,” he stated.

The man known as “Landlside” realizes that to be successful against Ting, he has to make sure he comes in at his absolute best.
“I know the stakes. I know what’s riding on this fight. Ev Ting is coming for my belt. He’s coming to take what I’ve worked so hard for my entire career. There is no way I’m just going to let him take it. It’s not going to be easy, that’s for sure,” Folayang shared.
With Ting recently making the move up from featherweight to lightweight, Folayang believes that his extra experience in the weight class will give him the advantage.
“My main advantage over him is my experience as a fighter, especially in the lightweight division. We all know that Ev Ting came from the featherweight division, so I’m more used to fighting in this division,” he said.
Although he may have a friendly and boyish demeanor outside the battleground, Folayang made it clear that inside the cage, it is all business.
“When I enter that cage, my entire mindset changes. The time for being nice and playing games is over. Once that cage door closes, my focus shifts entirely to battle. It’s different because it’s just like taking final exams. If I don’t take it seriously, I myself will fail. Only one guy gets to walk out of the cage a winner, so I make sure that guy is me,” he concluded.

For more updates on ONE Championship, please visit, follow us on Twitter and Instagram @ONEChampionship, and like us on Facebook at

About ONE Championship™
ONE Championship is the largest sports media property in Asian history. Headquartered in Singapore, the world’s most exciting mixed martial arts organization hosts the largest sports entertainment events across Asia featuring the best Asian mixed martial artists and world champions, all signed to exclusive contracts, on the largest media broadcast in Asia. ONE Championship is broadcast to over 1 billion viewers across 118+ countries around the world with some of the largest global broadcasters, including FOX Sports, Setanta, MNC, Astro, Thairath TV, ABS-CBN, TV5, MYTV, HTV, OSN and more.