Monday, December 24, 2012

Unleash your Stress in Work @ Cafe Lupe ( Luneta Park )


Aside from being a historical and a tourist spot destination . Today Cafe Lupe, Luneta Park  gives us a reason to unwind from our workplace and releases our stressful moments in life and work in itself.

cafe Lupe

             Cafe Lupe Banner and Entrance gate pic from Mr. Bong Aguilar


        IMG_8012       IMG_8047   

        IMG_8061       IMG_8013

It is beside the dancing fountain and its location on 2nd Flr is overlooking all the highlights which the park can give.It has its karaoke for group singing and It’s perfect for group meetings, parties, teamwork building and other activities that would cater the perfect ambience whether in morning or a late afternoon event and has a good location whether your on the South or the North side of  Metro Manila.

Luneta will always be Manila's tourist spot no matter what people would say about the place., and its great to know that the forces of city government together with the tourism department refurbished Rizal Park like reviving the Flower Clock and innovating the Map of the Philippines.
In the middle of the park was the large lagoon with the fountain that was neglected way, way back. This was transformed into beautiful yet colorful laser light show dancing fountain. The best thing about this, anyone can watch it for FREE.

It was a facet of water swaying back and forth syching to laser lights - squirting to an array of multi-colored spectrum of different sizes as it dances for almost 2 hours of show.


Those myriads of water can go up more than  50 feet that splashes a total entertainment to the people who would view it. Groups of family or friends can set a picnic infront or just near the range of the area to watch them closely.


Right infront of the park also is Cafe Lupe that offered drinks and food to munch located inside a man-made cave where one can best viewed the Dancing Fountain at the 2nd floor.

Cafe Lupe extended their branch here in Luneta Park which is a known resto in Antipolo City near Sumulong Highway that offered Mexican and Ilonggo dishes - a cuisine with a twist taste of Pinoy. Since the place is newly open, food offered are also limited.

You can enjoy their marinated barbeque which got those succulent and distinctive flavor for only P 20.00. Most of the drinks offered are tied up with Asia Brewery.

Cafe Lupe at the Park Location: Rizal Park Landmark: middle in front of Dancing Fountain inside man-made Cave

Saturday, December 22, 2012

PRC Holiday XXX (Xciting Xmas Xtravaganza): Santa’s Treat for the Naughty or Nice


PRC Holiday XXX (Xciting Xmas Xtravaganza): Santa’s Treat for the Naughty or Nice



Santa got a little help this yuletide season, as he got the troops of PRC Inc. to give out exhilarating gifts that will make your holidays not just special but a XXX level! Yes, you heard it right! It’s time for PRC HOLIDAY XXX (Xciting Xmas Xtravaganza)!

The season couldn’t be any more exciting as loads of prizes are waiting for the whole family to enjoy. There’s plenty for dads, there’s tons for mommies and there’s a truckload for the kids and even to the extended families. And what’s more thrilling about this promo is that it doesn’t really mind if you got a little naughty or been a perfect angel, everyone is welcome to join the fun! All you have to do is LIKE any of PRC INC’s HOLIDAY THEMED PHOTOS and PRC Inc Facebook Page and get ready for the ride that will smother you with gifts, after gifts!

The rule of the game is to LIKE and share the great news with your friends to activate the raffle draw. Raffle draw activation rules comes with every holiday-themed photos, it means that if you don’t get to win on the first raffle draw, you still have a great chance of winning in the next couple of draws.

More than anything else, the PRC HOLIDAY XXX (eXciting Xmas eXtravanganza) is more than giving away prizes, it is also about giving back to the community as selected holiday-themed photos also activate outreach activities. In fact, for every thousand LIKES until reaching the 5000 LIKES target, chosen beneficiaries like Precious Heritage (Target of 1000 LIKES activates feeding program), Kanlungan ni Maria (Target of 2000 LIKES activates medicine distribution), ABS-CBN Foundation (Target of 3000 LIKES activates cash donation), among others will receive a little helping hand from PRC INC in the form of medicines, feeding programs and cash support.

Just to keep you even more ecstatic, prizes to be given away includes gift certificates from Julie’s Bakeshop, Toby’s Sports, RUNNR, PRC merchandise and the most anticipated, Noche Buena Gift Baskets for you to enjoy! Yes, more than Php10,000.00 worth of prizes are waiting for you, and all you have to do is click the LIKE button!

This is just team PRC’s way of thanking everyone for the great year they had this 2012. Their simple way of giving back to their supporters and to the community for the many successes they were able to enjoy!

For more info, you may visit

Thursday, December 20, 2012





poster photo

Who can beat the tandem of Bong Revilla and Vic Sotto ? , And now with Judy Ann Santos who seems to make this film more exciting and more fun . This will make (MMFF)  Metro Manila Film Festival succeed in its endeavor to give the Filipino people good entertainment and make them forget what tragedies they may have experience lately.



The story begins with the establishment of the three different worlds apart, bound to meet for an adventure like no other – the humble family-oriented story of ENTENG KABISOTE (VIC SOTTO), a low-profile technician married to the beautiful Fairy Princess of Encantasia, FAYE (GWEN ZAMORA); the battles of the AGIMAT (RAMON “BONG” REVILLA, JR.), the brave village Warrior Hero of Amuleto; and the high tech-yuppie Kingdom of Diwatara ruled by Princess ANGELINA KALINISAN-ORTEZA (JUDY ANN SANTOS), also known in the human world as “AKO,” where she leads an environmental advocacy organization.

From the initial instalment “Si Agimat at Si Enteng Kabisote” in 2010, the friendship and partnership of Enteng and Agimat continues. From an ‘eligible bachelor’ Hero, Agimat now strives to apply all his learning from Enteng and Faye as he himself tries to start his own family with wife, also an Amuleto warrior, SAMARA (SAM PINTO). The fun levels up as Aiza brings Angelina and her comic modern Fairy sidekicks Pink Kapre CHE (John Lapus), Winged Horse SOL (Yassi Pressman) and Computer-wiz Dwarf CHICHAY (Ryzza Mae Dizon), into the lives of the Kabisote’s and the Amuleto couple.

As the fun triples, so as the adventure and thrill as they are confronted with high-tech and primitive villains from somewhere totally out of their worlds: cannibal tribes of the Tokatoks and filthy alien monsters from other planet. Witness unparalleled battle stunts set in the Philippines’ never-before-seen destinations as Agimat, equipped with his one-of-a-kind swordsmanship, Enteng and his iconic comic fighting style and Princess Angelina, in her Mystical Bird alter ego wins the battle of good over evil.


Enteng movie as it has always been known, values family, marriage, friendship, responsibility, forgiveness, love and respect and the protection of the one and only Mother Earth. Si Agimat, Si Enteng Kabisote at Ako, is a rollercoaster ride of drama, action, magic, visual effects, production design, cinematography and an unlimited fun and laughter for everyone.






You can also check out this links for updates.

twitter account : @agimatentengako

instagram account : siagimatsientengatsiako

Tuesday, December 18, 2012






Comedy icons Billy Crystal and Bette Midler star in the family-centric comedy “Parental Guidance” together with Marisa Tomei, Tom Everett Scott, Bailee Madison, Joshua Rush and Kylie Harrison Breitkopf directed by Andy Fickman.

A comedic and emotionally rich depiction of the clashing parenting styles between the generations, “Parental Guidance’s” subject matter, characters and actors are relatable to all audiences. Youngsters will enjoy the hijinks of the family’s trio of children; the film’s theme of being caught between your parents and kids will resonate with adults; and the movie is the first comedy in many years that shows grandparents as active, funny, involved and vital characters – and central to modern family life.


Alice (Tomei) in desperation calls her parents Artie (Crystal) and Diane (Midler) to look after their three children when she and her husband need to go on a trip. In the story, Billy Crystal’s Artie and Bette Midler’s Diane are “the other grandparents” to their three grandchildren – meaning their son-in-law’s parents have a much stronger connection with the kids, which Diane envies and has long sought to correct. But Artie and Diane’s infrequent visits to their daughter Alice’s (Marisa Tomei) home have relegated them to second-tier status – along with a few photos of the couple hidden on Alice’s mantelpiece.

Joe Syracuse & Lisa Addario, the movie’s screenwriting partners, husband-and-wife, and parents of two children, say the notion of battling parenting styles between the generations resonated with them. “Once we became parents, we realized that we were not raising them the way our parents raised us,” says Addario. The two writers, like so many of their generation, grew up during a time when children’s car seats had yet to be invented, second-hand smoke didn’t have a name, and kids rode bikes without helmets. But when our generation had kids, “the word ‘parent’ became a verb as well as a noun,” adds Syracuse. “But when the reality of childrearing set in, we came to see the wisdom in the way our parents did things, and we started to question our generation’s nurturing, coddling and overprotecting our kids.”



Director Andy Fickman, father to a teenager, says he was drawn to the movie’s universal appeal, noting that “in any country in the world, each generation thinks it has a better way to be a parent.” Like Syracuse & Addario, Fickman makes special note of the differing generational parenting methods. “When I was growing up, I would get a Pop Tart for breakfast. My parents had [famed pediatrician] Dr. [Benjamin] Spock’s book to guide them through almost all situations; today, we go to doctors for every conceivable concern. For parents today, it’s all about the kids’ feelings and emotions, and everything becomes a ‘Dr. Phil’ episode.”

Says Bette Midler of the generational parenting conflicts: “Most people are mortified by the way they were raised and can’t wait to raise their own kids differently. I was on the cusp of the old school/new school parenting styles, so I understand the motivations of each.”

A big motivation for Midler to join “Parental Guidance” was the chance to team with Billy Crystal. The two have been friends for nearly 30 years, but this is their first professional collaboration. “Billy and I have similar tastes in theater, movies, music and humor, so it was pretty easy for us to play a married couple,” says the actress. “We know what each other is going to do, so we mesh in a unique way.”

It’s a family affair when “Parental Guidance” opens in cinemas nationwide in the Phils. on January 16 from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.

Join My Disney On Ice Christmas Online Contest


disney on ice

Here is the link to the full mechanics:

Friday, December 14, 2012






December 21, 2012 has become the most anticipated date of our age.  Over the past several years we have been flooded with overwhelming information that the world is going to end this December.  Numerous websites, television documentaries, newspaper articles and radio reports are continuously cropping up across the globe and warning us of impending disasters of massive proportions. We practically don’t know what to believe anymore!

Where did all this come from? This all stemmed from a calendar created by the Mayans, an ancient civilization. The Mayan calendar was a very precise calendar that accurately predicted events, such as eclipses, years before they actually happened. Surprisingly, this long count calendar ends exactly on December 21, 2012, 11:11 am (UTC- Coordinated Universal Time) or 7:11 pm (PT – Philippine Time).  Because of that, many people began speculating that this is a prophecy that the world will end on that date.  This rumour immediately spread around the globe like wild fire, especially now that mass media has begun jumping on the bandwagon.

Because of all of this negative news, a lot of people around the world are getting frightened. Fear has become intensified after television documentaries have shown real footage of survival bunkers being constructed globally, where the elite can hide for years starting on the dreaded day.  One documentary even showed million-dollar arks being built for the mega-rich. Several have also started stock piling food supplies, water and other essentials of survival.


How about you? Are you going to be in a space of FEAR or a space of LOVE come December 21, 2012? John Calub, the Philippines’ number one success coach has come out to the public, in a recently held press conference, to boldly declare that there is no reason to be afraid on December 21, 2012. John Calub exclaims that only God knows when the world will end. He cites a Bible verse that reads, “However, no one knows the day or hour when these things will happen, not even the angels in heaven or the Son himself. Only the Father knows. (Matthew 24:36)”. With the vision of moving people from fear back to love (our true essence), John Calub has gathered the country’s best motivational speakers to do a live conference and celebration called TURNING POINT 2012, which will happen on December 21, 2012, 1:00 pm to 12:00 am at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia, Pasay City. According to John, instead of being afraid, why not make December 21 a major turning point of your life and move yourself from poverty to abundance, suffering to happiness and failure to success. Be empowered in the Turning Point 2012 conference by Pido Aguilar (Best-selling author of the book Abundance), Dr. Christian Mancao (Pain Management Expert), Paolo Trinidad (Founder of Pinoy Laughter Yoga), Sainayah Gurnamal (Life Coach and Healer), Tony Suvega (Feng Shui Master), Dr. Kevin Plata (Clinical Psychologist), and much much more! Also, get amazed and entertained by the laser light display and magic show of master illusionist JB Dela Cruz. Plus song and dance numbers from D-Coy and various artists. One of the highlights of the Turning Point 2012 Conference is the Hug Festival, where thousands of Filipinos will hug one another in a designated time in the spirit of love, peace and harmony.  John Calub hopes to grow Hug Festival into an annual activity and soon make it to the Guiness Book of World Records with the record of the having the most number of people hugging at a time and longest hug chain ever done.

Tickets for Turning Point 2012 are available for only P500.00 at all SM Tickets outlets in all SM Cinemas nationwide. For inquiries, you may call John Calub Training at 748-7646 or log on to For updates, LIKE John Calub’s fan page at

THE HOBBIT “An Unexpected Journey @ Ayala Malls Cinema”


Middle Earth is back! Watch THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY in Ayala Malls Cinemas and get the chance to join exciting promos! Experience it best when you watch it in HFR 3D ) available in Greenbelt 3 Cinema 2 and Glorietta 4 Cinema 3.



Book and buy your movie tickets at For updates on events and promos, like us on Facebook! Facebook/ayalamallscinemas.

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Manny O. Wines winner of Japan Wine Challenge 2012 sponsors FBW


Manny O. Wines winner of Japan Wine Challenge 2012 sponsors FBW

manny oThe world is truly global village with travelling becoming a way of life. The marriage of flood from different cultures has given birth to the New Global cuisine- food that runs a gamut of flavors, like most Asian dishes would.

This is what inspired the wines of Manny O., wines that bring together the flavors of wine and food harmoniously, generating the formulas to live, eat and drink by.

Thus, their slogan. I love wine.


Thanks to Manny O. Wines who supported the  Grand Eyeball of Filipino Bloggers Worldwide. A brand that has won just this year on Japan Wine Challenge 2012.

Ystilo Salon’s brands their own Shampoo and Conditioner


Ystilo Salon’s brands their own Shampoo and Conditioner


One of the most fulfilling steps that a Beauty Salon or Shops will do is to have their own kind of products that make them known and be popular for. With Ystilo Salons new holiday giveaway with their own chemical mixtures of Shampoo and Conditioner unveiling their way of making our hairs healthy and in good condition whatever kind of weather we may have throughout the year.

IMG_6157 Avail of their Holiday treats which you can have discounts on minor and major treatments and having their more affordable prices with the same quality services they have and known of. So hurry and avail of their Christmas offerings just  for you.

IMG_6159 For more inquiries pls. do comment and message in this blog.

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Kimpoy Feliciano from On Line Hearthrob to the Newest Recording Artist


Kimpoy Feliciano: From online heartthrob to newest recording artist;

Kimpoy Feliciano releases debut album


With his undeniable charm, wit, and down-to-earth personality, online heartthrob Kimpoy Feliciano has amassed a solid following in cyberspace with more than 430,000 followers on Twitter, 100,000 on Facebook, 100,000 on Tumblr, and more than 2,000,000 views on Youtube. This phenomenon paved the way for doors of opportunities to open for this online sensation, currently based in New Zealand.

Last Friday, Kimpoy launched his self-titled debut album, produced by Universal Records, to a multitude of supporters who packed the SM Manila Entertainment Center. The album includes the hit Ikaw Lang, which topped the charts for two weeks and figured prominently in the MYX Daily Top 10 for almost three weeks. The song is also enjoying favorable airplay on radio.


“I am humbled and overwhelmed first with the trust and support given to me by Universal Records. I really never thought that I’d be given my own album, so nagpapasalamat talaga ako,” expresses Kimpoy. “Aside from that, I am also equally grateful to all my friends/followers that showed support during my launch. Nakakataba ng puso na maraming nagpunta at nagbigay ng suporta.

Aside from Ikaw Lang, the album also includes Kimpoy’s rendiitons of Ngiti, Right Next To Me, I’ll Be Your Hero, Una at Huling Mamahalin,and Alipin, which he dedicates to all his followers. The album, produced by multi-platinum producer Ito Rapadas, comes with a DVD of all the album’s music videos.

Four years ago, Kimpoy’s family decided to migrate to Dunedin, New Zealand. Just like any kid in his situation then, he had no choice but to oblige in his family’s decision to move to a new place, away from his other family, friends, and classmates.

“It was very hard for me when my family decided to move to Dunedin. I had to leave everyone behind. When we left for Dunedin, it was one of the saddest days in my life,” says the 19-year-old Kimpoy, who is currently a second year Business Management Student in University of Otago. “Who would have known that because of that sadness, I would connect to more people in the Philippines through social media? Talagang everything happens for a reason and I am blessed that I have friends from everywhere now. Talagang no boundaries.”

The support of these new friends made Kimpoy one of the most influential Filipinos on Twitter, according to social media analytics site He ranked third in the survey, where he is the lone non-TV star.

Kimpoy graced the cover of the September issue of Pinoy Song Magazine, which is his first magazine cover.

He bagged the 2012 Globe Tatt Awards’ Thought Mover Award for his nuggets of wisdom. He also received the Best Viral Video Award from MEG Magazine yesterday.

He was adjudged number one Youtube Leader in the 4th Annual Shorty Awards, besting other local and international celebrities. The awarding was held in New York, USA. He was also Peace Ambassador earlier this year by the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process.

Kimpoy is also the most followed Twitter user in New Zealand.

Kimpoy is being managed by Orion Entertainment. For inquiries, please email

The Kimpoy Feliciano Media Conference is presented by Universal Records, Orion Entertainment, Pinoy Song Magazine, andLionHearTV,

SM Cinema holds first-ever Free Movie Day in celebration of their 100% digitization


SM Cinema holds first-ever Free Movie Day in celebration of their 100% digitization

In celebration of the full digitization of their movie theaters, SM Cinema held the first-ever Free Movie Day in the Philippines. Upholding their commitment when they announced this massive project last year, SM Cinema completed the full conversion of their cinemas through the assistance of the Virtual Print Fee program, a subsidy program offered by international film distributors to assist theatre operators in digital theatre conversion.

“We are proud to announce that we have kept our promise to complete the transition of our 246 theaters in all of our 45 branches nationwide, and with this Free Movie Day, we show our gratitude to our loyal patrons by letting them experience first-hand the features of our fully digitalized theaters for free.” said Edgar Tejerero, Senior Vice President of West Avenue Theatres Corporation, the managing company of SM Cinema. “This digital conversion of our movie theaters serves as a testament to our loyal patrons of our commitment to provide only the best movie experience for them.” added Mr. Tejerero.

Aside from lowered costs for film production, editing and distribution for movie production companies, both theater operators and moviegoers can widely benefit in digital theatre conversion. Movie patrons can enjoy movies having clearer audio and crisper visual quality compared to film-based movies, while theatre owners can have real-time distribution of movies to several locations or branches at once. Moreover, the shift to digital cinemas reduces the chances of piracy with its tighter copy protection and the time-lock function that only allows a movie to be accessed at a preset time. This prevents unauthorized copies from being distributed prior to the world or local premiere.

On the Free Movie Day last December 8, SM Cinema patrons were able to watch a movie of their choice just by signing up on the SM Cinema/ e-PLUS Facebook Page. International and local movies consisted the line-up of movies featured for this special event which included the horror-thriller House at the End of the Street, action flick Stolen, the local biopic Supremo: The Andres Bonifacio Story, crime drama film Deadfall, and the popular dance movie Step Up Revolution. Moreover, as part of SM Cinema’s partnership on the Cinematheque project with the Film Development Council of the Philippines, various independent and classic local movies were also available for viewing during the Free Movie Day including the digitally remastered versions of Filipino Iconic movies Himala by Ishmael Bernal and Genghis Khan of Manuel Conde.

SM Cinema’s Free Movie Day was made possible by its partners: Multivision Pictures of the Philippines, AV Production, Crystalsky, Pioneer Films, Star Cinema and the Film Development Council of the Philippines, and also by its sponsors Coca Cola, Bright Pop, Purefoods San Miguel and Mister Donut.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Calamity season underscores need for readiness


Calamity season underscores need for readiness


The height of the wet season in the country isn’t getting much help from the spate of other natural disasters like earthquakes and a string of typhoons. While such upheavals may be considered normal because of our orientation along the so-called Pacific Ring of Fire, there’s the even larger context of climate change whose impacts are felt all the way around the world.

Climate change or global warming has become evident in recent years as regions experience extreme climates, from warm seasons hitting record-high temperatures to wet seasons exhibiting massive precipitation. This is precisely the reason why organizations from both the public and private sectors call for extra vigilance.

As an advocate of safety and awareness, Eveready Philippines is taking an active stance in educating the public about being always ready when disaster strikes. “Now that we are at the height of what we can rightfully call ‘typhoon season’, Filipinos are again reminded to ensure that their family is always ready,” says Energizer representative Johanna V. Emata “This, of course, starts with awareness of certain situations and proper knowledge of which equipment and supplies are needed to be ready for any type of calamity.”

Keep up with the latest


The first thing to do at the onset of any calamity is to keep watch over the situation regardless of whether you are located near disaster-prone areas or not. This means keeping constantly updated with breaking news about the progress of the storm and related developments over television or radio.

It also helps to be oriented on PAGASA’s Public Storm Warning Signals (PSWS) as well as their recently released color-coded rainfall advisory, which would help people be ready for any possible situations. While PSWS corresponds to increasing storm intensity from PSWS#1 to PSWS#4, the rainfall advisory tracks the level of rainfall that determines rising water levels.

Code Yellow means heavy rain that will deposit about 7.5 to 15mm of water—a situation that requires constant monitoring of the weather condition because of the possibility of flooding. Code Orange, on the other hand, means intense rain that will deposit about 15 to 30mm of water. This code requires people to be alert for possible evacuation due to threat of floods. Code Red, like any other red-alert status, means danger. With more that 30mm of rainfall, low-lying areas are to expect serious flooding that would require residents to immediately evacuate.

Knowing these facts offer foresight and provide a chance to be always ready for possible disaster. Being ready means having ample time to strategize on which areas to avoid, how to safeguard property, or, at worst, evacuate the premises.

Basic Needs

safety supplies

If you and your family do get caught in a situation that leaves little or no margin for error, it helps to be prepared and armed with the right equipment and supplies. “Faced with an emergency disaster situation, what you have inside your home, or ultimately inside your bag, may spell the difference between life and death,” says Emata. “Being prepared with the right tools will definitely ensure you and your family’s survival.”

Securing the basic necessities of food, shelter, and clothing is of utmost importance. Making sure that the household is secure and waterways are free of debris are essential, as is stocking up on provision like bottled water and food that have a long shelf life.

An emergency kit that includes a multitool knife, First Aid materials, transistor radios, and flashlights should be accessible at all times. Cell phones should be charged in case of power interruption and emergency numbers must be on hand.

Help is on the way

It’s also important to stock up on long-lasting batteries. Aside from powering radios for information and flashlights for navigating through the dark, a good set of batteries powers signaling devices that can spell the difference between getting rescued and being left behind.

Eveready, the country’s leading battery brand, took the initiative to equip emergency response units like the Philippine Red Cross and the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council with hands-free Energizer Headlights and Batteries needed to conduct rescue and relief operations.

Through partner organizations GMA Kapuso Foundation and ABS-CBN Foundation’s Sagip Kapamilya, Eveready also provided emergency lights and battery energy to families affected by massive flooding during the recent southwest monsoon (habagat) rains in most of Metro Manila and large parts of Luzon.

As a brand that has empowered Filipino lives for decades, Eveready reiterates the importance of being vigilant and ready at all times. “Given that our country is very much prone to natural calamities, we should all take time to prepare and invest on the safety of our families and homes,” says Emata. “It is a small price to pay considering the value of the things and the lives that you can save.”

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Yahoo! Technostorm

Yahoo! Technostorm expo launches today

Brings the latest technology and gadgets to Filipino users


MANILA, 26 NOVEMBER, 2012 – Today, Yahoo! announced the launch of Technostorm – an on-ground exposition featuring cutting-edge products and services from leading global and local brands. This includes Microsoft, Smart Telecom, Nokia, HP, Epson, Sony, Wi Tribe, PLDT, Sharp, Sun Cellular, LG, Samsung, Lazada, Globe and Phillips.

          IMG_3643 IMG_3644

          IMG_3645 IMG_3649

          IMG_3673 IMG_3846

Hosted by Yahoo!, the expo runs from November 26 to December 2, 2012, and accessible to anyone who is a technology enthusiast. Filipinos can now visit the Technostorm expo to experience the products, watch demos, attend the tech talks and hear from the experts before contemplating on making a purchase.

Technostorm began with a “Virtual Expo” on Yahoo!, featuring the up-and-coming products and services of the country’s leading tech, telecommunications and connectivity brands. Utilizing Yahoo!’s rich media solutions, the brands created an interactive web page complete with product information, drive-to-site links, video features and a full preview of the gadgets before bringing these online experiences to the Filipinos on-ground.
“Technostorm is a celebration of all things tech. Yahoo’s digital capabilities provide a unique platform for Filipinos to explore, discover and understand the world of technology, and bring them face-to-face with gadgets and devices that create connectivity,” said Arlene Amarante, Country Ambassador and Sales Director of Yahoo! Philippines.
“At Yahoo!, we are always looking for creative ways to connect people with what matters most and are committed to bring inspiring and entertaining experiences to our users.” Amarante concluded.

About Yahoo!

Yahoo! is focused on making the world's daily habits more inspiring and entertaining. By creating highly personalized experiences for our users, we keep people connected to what matters most to them, across devices and around the world. In turn, we create value for advertisers by connecting them with the audiences that build their businesses. Yahoo! is headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif., and has offices located throughout the Americas, Asia Pacific (APAC) and the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) regions. For more information, visit the pressroom ( or the company's blog (

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Chile Launches the Filipinos’ Smiles for the World


Chile Launches the Filipinos’ Smiles for the World



Chilean Ambassador Roberto Mayorga could be one of the most passionate champions forFilipino character. Last year, the Embassy of Chile, the University of Santo Tomas, and the University of Asia and the Pacific organized and concluded the first calidad humana national narrative essay writing competition entitled “Breaking the Ground: A Life Well Spent”. More than 150 entries were received from students, ages 15 to 30, all over the country. From the 150 entries, a preliminary panel of judges selected 30 entries, which went through final judging in order to select the three (3) essays whose subject persons of the corresponding narrative were deemed most representative of the Filipino strength of character, resiliency, and cheerfulness.

The wealth of good to excellent essays from the first competition has encouraged the organizers to hold a second competition, for school year 2012-2013, Smiles for the World. This time involving photos depicting the Filipino capacity to manage life’s challenges with elegance, cheerfulness, fortitude, and an unmistakable expression of these human qualities in one’s countenance and demeanor. The number of organizers has been expanded to include, joining the Embassy of Chile, UST, and UA&P,the Embassy of Brazil, University of the Philippines, the Ateneo University, the De La Salle University, the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Coca-Cola Philippines, McDonald’s, and The Philippine Star.

“Smiles for the World”, whose Spanish origin is, “Sonrisas para el Mundo”, is intended to showcase through the medium of photography and a short essay the delight of the Filipino smile as an expression of such human qualities as friendship, spirit of peace, steadfastness, open-mindedness, nobility of character, gutsiness, cheerfulness, optimism, sporting spirit, fortitude, magnanimity, resilience, endurance, and many others that portray a culture of excellence in the family, in school, at work, in the immediate community, and in society at large.

The cash awards are US$ 1,000 for first place; US$ 600 for second place; and $ 400 for third place. For more information, please visit

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Start of Perfect Christmas at SM City Sta Rosa



Its really beginning to look a lot like Christmas what with people beginning to decorate their homes with bright lights, Christmas wreaths, tinsels and Christmas trees. Shopping malls are starting to display colorful Christmas trinkets and jolly-old Santa Claus statues in various states of jolliness can now be bought at very affordable prices.

Budget conscious shoppers are already doing their preliminary shopping and little boys and girls are happily daydreaming of all the wonderful gifts they will be receiving on Christmas day. Gifts, Happiness, Love and Hope these are the ingredients of a Perfect Christmas.

SM Santa Rosa kick-started the advent of the holiday season by ceremonial launch of their Christmas centerpiece highlighting the theme “ A Perfect Christmas” last Nov. 10.

The North Pole inspired centerpiece featured gigantic polar bears, adorable penguins, giant snowflakes and glittery igloos. Shoppers can now create unforgettable moments by taking souvenir photos with their friends and loved ones as SM Sta. Rosa’s newest attraction.

Super Voice , a manila based group of performers, added a merriment to the occasion via a musical play which painted a picture, through songs and dances, of what a perfect Christmas should be. Aside  from the launching  of the Christmas centerpiece, SM likewise launched their official Merry ChriSMs jingle as performed this year by the Vonn Trapp Children of the famous Vonn Trapp Family from the hit musical The Sound of Music.

The main highlight of the event was when SM Administration employees handed out gifts to the orphaned Children from Bahay Parola, Santa Rosa’s City’s local orphanage, as well as the disadvantaged children under the care of the local DWSD.

“We wanted to do something new this Christmas season, to make a difference even in a small way that’s why we had to orphaned and go to the less fortunate children as well”. said Pamela Baun, SM City Sta Rosa’s Public Relation Officer.

Sta Rosa City Vice Mayor Arnel Gomez graced the event together with Brgy  Tagapo Chairperson Marietta Bartozola as well as provincial and local officials.

All 48 SM Malls launched their holiday centerpieces simultaneously in jam packed events, each emphasizing the various symbols of Christmas in South Luzon, SM  Muntinlupa’s Christmas centerpiece showcased Santa’s Christmas Castle while SM Calamba and SM San Pablo highlighted Christmas Candy Land and Christmas Village respectively.

The perfect Christmas Centerpiece will be on display at SM City Sta Rosa grounds until the 1st week of January 2013.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Famous MOCHI SWEETS Now in Manila!


Famous MOCHI SWEETS Now in Manila!

For me Japanese chocolates are more tempting than what we have been flooded with the Western chocolates. They are the one who brings dark chocolate and make it known especially in Asian markets.

mochi sweets

Banking on Filipino’s sweet tooth and penchant for embracing food from around the world, the wildly popular MOCHI SWEETS has made its way into the local food scene and is sure to create a mochi craze as seen in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and China.

“Mochi” is a well-loved Japanese rice cake made from glutinous rice flour pounded into shape. Mochi Sweets has taken this traditional dessert further by creating small balls of luxurious and flavorful cream and wrapping it in chewy mochi skin.  Think dessert dumplings with frozen cream or mousse in the center and a mochi covering made with just the right thickness, moistness and stickiness.

Business partners Jason Yap and Samatha Paz chanced upon Mochi Sweets in their trips to Malaysia and Vietnam and saw the store drawing huge crowds. Both only in their early 20s but with entrepreneurial exposure from their parents, they decided to write to J Sweets in Hong Kong and were soon awarded the official franchise for Mochi Sweets in the Philippines.

Garry Cheng, President of J Sweets was in Manila to grace the unveiling of the first Mochi Sweets store in the SM Mall of Asia. He was very excited for Filipinos to try Mochi Sweets. He says their dessert is superior to other desserts which loosely uses mochi but don’t produce the right texture and experience. Cheng offers a clue on how premium their product and standards are: “We learned from Japan. We had a Japanese chef who creates these delectable concoctions for us and we use only 100% Japanese mochi.”

Just looking at the cute and colourful balls of Mochi Sweets neatly placed in its classic gift box and you understand why it has earned raves abroad. “First impression counts,” says Jason Yap, president of Mochi Sweets Philippines. “Mochi Sweets first tempts you with how it appeals to the eyes. But the real pleasure is the taste and experience once you bite into it. This is because Mochi Sweets is made from the best ingredients. There is meticulous control to ensure consistency of quality. We do not short-change our customers. We aim to satisfy each customer and make them enjoy life’s simple indulgent treats.”

Hence, the real test is resisting the urge to sink your teeth into these decadent sweets. Mochi Sweets comes frozen and you have to wait 10-15 minutes for it to thaw before you can bite into its gummy goodness. But unlike those with ice cream filling, Mochi Sweets is not prone to messy meltdowns as you eat it. It is also a perfect to-go or bring-home treat since it does not melt all the way through and will be thawed and just-ready by the time you meet your family and friends.

Jason Yap further shows how Mochi Sweets will be enjoyed: “We are a gifting society. A box of Mochi Sweets has 6 to 12 pieces and will definitely be a fun gift for sharing during those special moments and celebrations. Customers can pick different colors and flavors of Mochi Sweets based on the personality and preference of the lucky recipient and this makes each box of Mochi Sweets special and personal.”

Mochi Sweets indeed has a wide array of flavors – from the classic favorites to inspired special concoctions. Clear winners for chocolate lovers are the wickedly good Chocolate Mousse, Cream Chocolate and Dark Chocolate. Coffee aficionados will find delicious comfort in Caramel Macchiato. Kids and kids-at-heart looking for something wholesome will enjoy the fruity confections: Strawberry Mousse, Mango Yoghurt and Honey Lemon Cream. Those who want something different and exotic can try Sakura (or cherry blossom, which is very popular in Japan), Green Tea and Durian Mousse. Currently, Mochi Sweets offers 17 flavors and will continue to dish out cool and yum variants that will make customers think Mochi Sweets when they crave for desserts and comfort food.

From the first Mochi Sweets kiosk in SM Mall of Asia (beside the Skating Rink), the team of Jason Yap and Samatha Paz will open three more Mochi Sweets stores this quarter. The next two stores will be at Robinsons Galleria and Eastwood Mall. They promise rapid expansion in 2013 with the biggest Mochi Sweets shop already slated at SM Aura which will open at BGC.


Mochi Sweets grand opening at SM Mall of Asia


Photo shows (L-R): Jason Yap, President of Mochi Sweets Philippines together with Garry Cheng, President of J Sweets Hong Kong; Paul Montserrat, SM MOA Building Admin Officer; and Margarita De Leon, Assistant Mall Manager during the launch of Mochi Sweets at SM Mall of Asia


Jason Yap (left) and Garry Cheng holding a box of Mochi Sweets that are now available in the Philippines

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Village People Live @ SMX “ Its More Fun in the Phils.”

ray simpson -photos1

Ray Simpson is the lead singer and Cop of Village People.  From the days of the Village People film, Can’t Stop The Music, his voice can be heard on all Village People hits. Born and raised in the Bronx, Ray is proud to be labeled a “Native New Yorker.”  He is a graduate of City College, majoring in English and takes his minor in Music. Ray is a Capricorn, born on January 15th, and he proudly shares that date with Martin Luther King, Jr. With Muhammad Ali, Martin Luther King Jr. and Jesus Christ as fellow Capricorns.  What better sign could there be?
 village people

When you heard their kind of music you cannot forget  “The Village People”. The YMCA, In The Navy , Can’t Stop the Music and many more seems to be undying and can be labeled as the music for all century the message still capture the mind and heart  of every individual young and old.,
They are coming in Manila on the 3rd time  their One and Only choice in the whole Asia as they are having their World tour.

Meet, Greet, and Hear their music once again live at the SMX Convention Hall this November 17, 2012.

Ticket Prices:
LIMITED VIP  (Reserved Seats)      Php 5,750
VIP  (Reserved Seats)                     Php 4,710
PREMIERE  (Reserved Seats)       Php 3,660
DE LUXE  (Reserved Seats)           Php 2,090

So Hurry Limited Slots Only : Contact Ticketworld 891.9999 ; SM Ticket 470.2222

WIN Two (2) Tickets and meet  “THE VILLAGE PEOPLE”  live !!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Hurry Join Now Announcement of winners will be at Nov. 15 ,12 am through Rafflecopter.

Winners will be notified in their email , should present valid ID , and will be given personally on the event venue.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012





The legend of Yamashita's Gold lures a treasure hunter and his group deep into the Indonesian jungle. Once they are trapped in an abandoned World War II Japanese bunker, they face the terrifying reality that the only way out is to go further in.

The story is somehow interrelated to our history and should be done here and can be trace here in the Philippines, since we are being conquered by Japanese for a long period of time



Steven Sheil
Steven Sheil, Ziad Semaan

Ario Bayu, Afwan and Andre

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pogi Points: The Not-So-Gentleman’s Guide to Looking Good


Pogi Points: The Not-So-Gentleman’s Guide to Looking Good


Just when you think you’ve read it all, a book like Pogi Points comes your way to burst your bubble. Soldiers of love, beware.

Stanley Chi, the genius behind the bestselling Suplado Tips series (read: over PhP2M worth of books sold in just one year) goes out of his comfort zone to write a “not-so-gentleman’s guide to looking good”, as the cover of his newest book, Pogi Points, announces brazenly.

Chi is out to prove he’s not a one-hit wonder after his first humor book, Suplado Tips, underwent reprinting five times in a year. The follow-up Suplado Tips 2 fared just as well, if not better, establishing Chi’s reputation as a legit writer who can sell books to people who don’t normally love reading.


Pogi Points is a collection of tips on how to get ahead in love through strategic behavior. It teaches the naïve boy how to act around his object of admiration (or obsession, whichever applies).

Ang pagiging gwapo, inborn; ang pagiging pogi, napag-aaralan (Being handsome is inborn; being pogi is something you can learn),” Chi explains. Using humor to make his point, Chi teaches precious bits of courtship wisdom to guys who want to win over the girl of their dreams.

Readers aren’t the only ones who noticed Chi’s flair for writing. The Manila International Book Fair, the biggest book fair in the Philippines already in its 33rd year last September, made sure Chi was on board as one of their first-ever endorsers, dubbed “MIBF Bookworms”. During the book fair, Chi joined social activist Carlos Celdran and fellow comedian-authors Ramon Bautista and Tado Jimenez in an online video campaign to promote literacy.

One Pogi Points pointer says, “Kung dinaan mo sa personality ang isang babae, para mo naring sinabi na pangit ka (If you use your personality to win over a girl, it’s like saying you’re too ugly [to do it any other way])!” Aside from tips on how to score more pogi points, the book contains photo comic strips, serious relationship facts, fun pogi trivia, and self-help lists. It’s a workbook of sorts for the love-struck guy who wants to have fun while decoding the woman he fancies.

Readers get a good dose of laughter from Pogi Points – and who knows? Maybe the single guys might even get a girlfriend.