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Love at first sight is one of those enduring mysteries that the majority of us believe in and surveys show more than half have experienced. That  the object of such affection is a married woman is as classic a dilemma as Paris and Helen of Troy.
In “The Right Kind of Wrong,” a romantic comedy, or perhaps a comedy about the madness of romance, we are introduced to Leo, a total romantic and a failed-writer-turned-dishwasher made famous for his many flaws in a blog called “Why You Suck,” a huge Internet success written by his ex-wife Julie (played by Kristen Hager).  Then Leo meets Colette (Sara Canning), the girl of his dreams… on the day she is marrying the perfect man.  And so, the ultimate underdog story begins as Leo, a fearless dreamer, risks all to show Colette and the whole wide world all that is right with a man famous for being wrong.
Convinced Colette is his soul mate, Leo goes on the ‘unconventional tours’ that she leads in the scenic town of Mount Yalo and doggedly observes her secret daily rituals. He invites her anonymously to witness him in action – in his job as a dishwasher ‘with themes.’ In the process he discovers that Colette is an outsider, like himself, with a wicked sense of humor and a passion for speaking her mind. In Leo’s war to win Colette’s heart, he gets beat up by kids, loses his home, his job, and (temporarily) his cat. Leo’s pursuit of Colette also changes Leo himself. Because when he discovers Colette has read Julie’s book… he reads it to know what he is up against. And taking in Julie’s complaints, he is finally forced to face the ways he let Julie down. And the ways that his refusal to listen to others -- has let others in his life down too, including himself.
“Colette is a strong-willed woman,” observed Canning, “and, at first, she's really not having this crazy pursuit from Leo, bombarding her at work and doing crazy things all over town. But somehow, he manages to find his way in.” At first, Leo’s demented behavior substantiates the claims Julie makes in her blog-turned-book. “But bit by bit, Colette begins to see a lot of her own traits reflected in Leo's actions and she realizes Leo might not be too far off the mark. Colette has a great line after she reads Julie's book and the blog and she says to Leo, “You know, a lot of the things she [Julie] calls wrong don't seem wrong to me.””
“From my first chemistry test with Ryan, I really hoped that this would all work out and I'd be sitting here in this gorgeous location shooting this film,” said Canning. “I think he's perfect for Leo. We laugh all the time. We laugh in between all these really difficult scenes that we have to shake it off. And he's right there. There's no transition for him between his crazy lovely self off-camera and then what he brings to a scene. It’s great to watch him and to play with him.”
Kwanten returned the affection in his observations about Canning, when he wasn’t ducking her cross punch. “Sara brings such an exuberance to that character. I don't think the girl actually sleeps. She's sort of permanently buzzed. And she loves this character, she loves the story and I couldn't ask for sort of a better co-star.”
“In love, there are no boundaries and there are no obstacles, that is the theme of “The Right Kind of Wrong.” It’s a fantasy that is fun to subscribe to from time to time and if you do, you’ll root for Leo and feel romantically transported to where you can believe what Leo, our hero, says, which is that nothing is impossible,” concludes producer Lantos.
“The Right Kind of Wrong” opens February 6 in cinemas from Axinite Digicinema. Tune in to DWLL 94.7 for a chance to win free posters and tickets to the pre-Valentine date movie of the year.


“The story of the Monuments Men is one that really very few people know,” says George Clooney, who returns to the director’s chair for the story of a small group of artists, art historians, architects, and museum curators who would lead the rescue of 1000 years of civilization during World War II in his new film, The Monuments Men. “Artists, art dealers, architects – these were men that were far beyond the age that they were going to be drafted into a war or volunteer. But they took on this adventure, because they had this belief that culture can be destroyed. If they’d failed, it could have meant the loss of six million pieces of art. They weren’t going to let that happen – and the truth of the matter is, they pulled it off.”
Part of the drama of the film is that all of the Monuments Men are so unsuited to serving as soldiers in wartime. “Wars are fought by 18-year-olds,” says Clooney. “Once you get to the John Goodmans and the Bob Balabans and the George Clooneys, you know – these guys are not getting drafted.” Producing and writing partner Grant Heslov adds: “They did it because it was clear that they were the only people who could do it.”
The answer was the Monuments, Fine Arts and Archives group, which would go to the front lines and, for the first time, try to save the treasures that could be saved. “Culture was at risk,” says Clooney. “You see it time and time again. You saw it in Iraq – the museums weren’t protected, and you saw how much of their culture was lost because of that.”
“Even today, people are still trying to get back the art that was looted from their families by the Nazis,”Heslov says, noting that just recently, a treasure trove of looted art was discovered in a Munich apartment – 1,500 works worth $1.5 billion, paintings by Matisse, Picasso, Dix, and other artists that had been thought to be lost.
Clooney and Heslov note that while the film is based on the true story of the Monuments Men, they did take some liberties with the characters for dramatic purposes. Though many of the characters are inspired by real Monuments Men, Clooney and Heslov have invented characters for the film. More importantly, even if the characters are invented, their story is real. “We invented a few mundane scenes, just to help the story along, but the things in the movie that you’d think are so ridiculous and strange, ‘well, there’s no way that those actually happened’ – those are the things that actually happened,” says Clooney.
Meet “The Monuments Men,” for the film, Clooney and Heslov were able to attract a top tier of actors, including Matt Damon, Bill Murray, John Goodman, Jean Dujardin, Bob Balaban, Hugh Bonneville, and Cate Blanchett.
George Clooney heads the cast in the role of Frank Stokes, a leading art historian. The inspiration for Clooney’s character was art historian George Stout.“In real life, he was a very scrappy guy. He could do anything – like fix cars and radios.” The head of the conservation department at the Fogg, and later the director of the Worcester Art Museum and the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, Stout was on the front lines during the war, helping to rescue cultural treasures in Caen, Maastricht, and Aachen, as well as Nazi art repositories in Siegen, Heilbronn, Cologne, Merkers, and Altaussee.
Matt Damon takes on the role of James Granger and marks his sixth collaboration with George Clooney. The James Granger character is inspired by James Rorimer, who later became director of New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. Granger’s relationship with Claire Simone (Cate Blanchett) was inspired by Rorimer’s interaction with Rose Valland, an employee of the Jeu de Paume gallery in Paris.
  Bill Murray was excited to join The Monuments Men from the minute George Clooney first told him about the project. Murray’s role, Richard Campbell, is an architect. Murray’s character is inspired by several real Monuments Men, including architect Robert Posey. While embedded with Patton’s Third Army during the war, Posey discovered the salt mine at Altaussee, where the Nazis had stashed the Ghent Altarpiece, the Bruges Madonna, Vermeer’s The Astronomer, and thousands of other works of art. For his contributions, Posey was awarded the Legion of Honor from France and the Order of Leopold from Belgium.
John Goodman says that his character, Walter Garfield, represents the people, men and women, who were stuck on the home front but eager to help the war effort in any way they could. Goodman’s character is inspired by the real-life Monuments Man Walker Hancock, a renowned sculptor. Hancock was a native of St. Louis, as is Goodman. “Oddly enough, when my mother and I would take the bus to downtown St. Louis to go shopping, we’d pass one of his sculptures, the Soldiers’ Memorial,” Goodman says. “It just put me in touch with the character. It’s a small connection, but a happy coincidence.”
Goodman’s character, Walter Garfield, is paired with Jean Claude Clermont, portrayed by Oscar®-winning actor Jean Dujardin, a re-teaming of Goodman and Dujardin from “The Artist.” “Jean’s role as Claude Clermont is a French Jew who is an art dealer in Marseilles,” Dujardin explains. “He escapes and takes refuge in London with his family. He is recruited by the American army for his artistic knowledge. He’s not a soldier, but it’s really important for him to take part in the war. He’s really proud to be a member of the Monuments Men.”
“Downton Abbey’s”Hugh Bonneville plays Donald Jeffries, a flawed man seeking a second chance. “When the characters are introduced, you see them in their natural habitats, so to speak,” Bonneville explains. “Donald’s happens to be a pub. We come to learn that he has made mistakes in life, has been unreliable and George’s character gives him a second chance to re-embrace his first love, which is art.”
Bob Balaban takes on the role of Preston Savitz. “Savitz is an intellectual, an art historian and a theatrical impresario,” Balaban says. Preston Savitz is inspired by Monuments Man Lincoln Kirstein, an American impresario, art connoisseur, author, and a major cultural figure in New York who co-founded the New York City Ballet.
The final Monuments Man in the film is Sam Epstein, played by Dimitri Leonidas. Not yet 19, Epstein is the only real soldier in the group, recruited for his ability to drive and to speak German. “My character grew up in Germany – but Germany rejected him, because he’s Jewish,” Leonidas says. The inspiration for Leonidas’s character is Harry Ettlinger. “I was born in Germany under the Jewish faith,” says Ettlinger. “Hitler was on his way to get rid of all Jews in all the world. My father lost his business, and my parents realized that economic life for a Jew was no longer possible in Germany.”
Cate Blanchett rounds out the cast as Claire Simone, a Frenchwoman in a unique position in Occupied France. “Claire Simone is a curator at the Jeu de Paume – once an art museum but became a kind of depot for art looted by the Nazis,” Blanchett explains. “But her real work goes on at night, when she records the provenance of the works and where they were being taken in an obsessively detailed way. She’s the catalyst for the third act of the movie – the Monuments Men know the works are disappearing but they don’t know where they are going, and they need her information.” Blanchett’s character is inspired by Rose Valland, a French woman who bravely and secretly kept track of the Nazis’ systematic tracking, risking her life in the process.

Here’s the trailer link:
“The Monuments Men” opens February 12 in cinemas from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.

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movies-pudsey-the-movie- poster
  Pudsey, the charmer that won the world over when they won in 2012’s Britain’s Got Talent with his owner is now a bone-a-fide movie star in “Pudsey: The Movie.” Check out its first trailer reveal here :
The family movie is being produced by Simon Cowell’s Syco Entertainment with Vertigo Films, under the direction of Nick Moore starring the voice of BGT judge David Walliams as Pudsey. The movie also stars Jessica Hynes, John Sessions and Ashleigh (Pudsey’s owner).
SYCO<br />Ashleigh amd Pudsey in Los Angeles
In the movie, Pudsey, along with his siblings Molly (voiced by Izzy Meikle-Smith), George (Spike White) and Tommy (Malachy Knights) have moved to a new village called Chuffington-on-Sea with their mother Gail (Hynes). Upon settling in the village, they soon find themselves on a new breed of adventure as they discover that an evil plan is being hatched by Mr. Thorne (Sessions) along with his cat Faustus.
“Pudsey: The Movie” will open in cinemas very soon from Axinite Digicinema.

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Marriott Manila Ushers In the Good Fortunes of the Year of the Horse


Welcome the Year of the Wooden Horse with the best of fortune as Marriott Hotel Manila offers Chinese New Year promos to add to your celebrations!
It is considered good luck to eat Nian Gao (locally known as “Tikoy”) at this time of the year, as “nian gao” is a homonym for “higher year,” symbolizing longevity, progress, and better life. Marriott’s Nian Gao are carefully molded into two koi fish at 270 grams each, and are packaged beautifully in a red oriental gift box, perfect as a present for the Chinese New Year at P988 nett and available at Java+ until January 31, 2014.
Enjoy the luxury of an overnight stay in a Deluxe Room with their Special Room Package at P11,888++, complete with a calming view of VIllamor Golf Course, and inclusive of buffet breakfast for two at Marriott Café as well as afternoon tea and snacks for you and your special someone at the Greatroom. You will not go home from this stay with fond memories alone; take home a special Nian Gao Gift Box and continue with the Chinese festivities! This package is valid from January 26 to February 10, 2014.
Marriot Manila truly knows how to usher in the Chinese New Year in high spirits! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

About Marriott Hotel Manila
Marriott Hotel Manila stands as a centerpiece of the dynamic and exciting mixed-use development of Resorts World Manila. Ideally located in Newport City across NAIA Terminal 3 the hotel is a mere 15-minute drive from Bonifacio Global City and Makati Business District. Blessed with a splendid view of the adjoining 18-hole Villamor Golf Course, it boasts 342 exquisite guest rooms that offers luxurious bedding, high-speed internet, 40" full high definition LCDs with IPTV and the new remote jack pack plug-and-play system. Hotel facilities include Quan Spa, 6 meeting rooms and a Grand Ballroom, 5 superb restaurants, outdoor pool and a health club. Underway now is the expansion project, adding 228 Premier Rooms and a Grand Ballroom offering 8000 sqm of flexible function spaces, promising to be the pre-eminent venue in the Philippines for every event.

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1170482 – Monuments Men
Cate Blanchett, this year’s Best Actress winner at the Screen Actors Guild Awards and Critics’ Choice Movie Awards (for her role in “Blue Jasmine”) and nominated at the 86th Academy Awards (Oscars) stars in a sweeping true story of the greatest treasure hunt in history where she is the only woman among “The Monuments Men.”
Based on the real history chronicled in the non-fiction book “The Monuments Men: Allied Heroes, Nazi Thieves and the Greatest Treasure Hunt in History” by Robert M. Edsel with Bret Witter, “The Monuments Men” is an action drama focusing on seven over-the-hill, out-of-shape museum directors, artists, architects, curators, and art historians who went to the front lines of WWII to rescue the world’s artistic masterpieces from Nazi thieves and return them to their rightful owners. The Monuments Men found themselves in a race against time to avoid the destruction of 1000 years of culture, they would risk their lives to protect and defend mankind’s greatest achievements.
The film is directed, co-written, co-produced and starred in by George Clooney with a phenomenal ensemble cast including Matt Damon, Bill Murray, John Goodman, Jean Dujardin, Bob Balaban, Hugh Bonneville, and Cate Blanchett.
1170482 - Monuments Men
Cate Blanchett rounds out the cast as Claire Simone, a Frenchwoman in a unique position in Occupied France. “This story opens up the Second World War in a way that gives you a different perspective on it,” says Cate Blanchett, who plays a key role as Claire Simone, a woman who holds the key to the secret location of thousands of priceless pieces of stolen art.
“These men were spurred on by a higher ideal. So many of the works that we take for granted in the great museums of the world were returned by this band of men – it was a near impossible task. Absurd, in a way: non military men going to the front lines and asking generals to stop bombing a certain church or area to save a window, or a sculpture or mural – you wonder how they were able to save anything at all. It’s an extraordinary, selfless thing that they did, done to preserve history.”
“Claire Simone is a curator at the Jeu de Paume – once an art museum but became a kind of depot for art looted by the Nazis,” Blanchett explains. “But her real work goes on at night, when she records the provenance of the works and where they were being taken in an obsessively detailed way. She’s the catalyst for the third act of the movie – the Monuments Men know the works are disappearing but they don’t know where they are going, and they need her information.”
1170482 - Monuments Men
Blanchett says that there was truly something different about the ways the Nazis went about looting art. “In every war, there’s looting. What was shocking to me was the mathematical, calculated and systematic way the Nazis went about their looting, and the fact that their acquisition of works began as early as 1938.”
The other element that made the Nazi looting different was the so-called Nero Decree. “When Hitler realized he was going to lose the war, he ordered that everything the Nazis had amassed was going to be destroyed. He was going to leave nothing in the hands of the victors,” Blanchett explains. “In relation to the art, what the Nero Decree meant was that everything that they had stolen was to be destroyed.”
“Matt’s character, Granger, must win her trust,” Blanchett continues. “There was an understandable fear on the part of the French that, if the works were recovered by the Allies from the Nazis, they’d simply go to collections or collectors in Russia and the United States. From that standpoint, did it really matter whether it was stolen by the Germans, the Russians or the Americans?”
1170482 – Monuments Men
Ultimately, Granger and Simone forge an unusual bond, Blanchett says. “I think the love story that exists between them is a mutual love of art, of culture.” Blanchett says. “They are both gripped – passionately gripped – by the importance of saving this work for all time. They believe that no single person can ever truly own a masterpiece. It’s for everyone. So, I think they’re united in the nobility of the cause.”
Blanchett’s character is inspired by Rose Valland, a French woman who bravely and secretly kept track of the Nazis’ systematic tracking, risking her life in the process. “Rose Valland was, at first, a volunteer and then overseer at the Jeu de Paume, which adjoins the Louvre. During the war, it was a depot for looted Jewish art collections and other objects. Hermann Göring basically used the Jeu de Paume as a shopping mall – the Nazis set it up like an exhibition space for the pilfered art,” Blanchett explains. “Her work singlehandedly saved crate-loads, castle-loads full of works of art that otherwise could have easily been destroyed. The fact that she was working alone was an act of extraordinary bravery. I think she was able to achieve what she did because she didn’t stand out – she was the woman least likely.”
“The Monuments Men” opens February 12 in cinemas nationwide from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.

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Carlo Singson, NBA Asia Country Manager-Philippines and Wilfred Stephen Uytengsu, President and CEO

- Expanded program will include Jr. WNBA exclusively for female players across the country –

MANILA, PHILIPPINES Jan. 18, 2014 –Jr. NBA presented by Alaska is back in the Philippines for the seventh consecutive year. This year, Jr. NBA Philippines has expanded to include Jr. WNBA—a new program introduced exclusively for girls. Jr. NBA/Jr. WNBA Philippines 2014 presented by Alaska tips off in Manila then moves to Cebu, Puerto Princesa, Dagupan City, including first-time stops in Surigao and Iloilo City—reaching over 500 schools and communities nationwide.

Jr. NBA/Jr. WNBA is the league’s international youth development program that promotes basketball participation, sportsmanship and teamwork, and an active lifestyle among children. The 2014 Philippine schedule includes school clinics as well as coaching seminars in the lead up to Regional Selection Camps in each of the cities. The program, which remains free and open to players between 10 and 14 years old, will conclude in Metro Manila with the Jr. NBA/Jr. WNBA National Training Camp.

“Jr. NBA Philippines is going into its seventh year and with the launch of the Jr. WNBA program, we will reach even more youth players, especially girls, to help promote active lifestyles and harness their talents to compete on a national scale,” said Carlo Singson, NBA Country Manager, Philippines. “The continued support of our partners has helped Jr. NBA/Jr. WNBA Philippines grow each year, positively impacting the lives of all the aspiring players, coaches, educators, and parents involved.”

“We are excited to jumpstart another active year of Alaska Sports with the return of the Jr. NBA program,” said Wilfred Steven Uytengsu, President and CEO, Alaska Milk Corporation. “This year, both girl and boy players will get the opportunity to participate in school clinics and selection camps in numerous venues across the country, and we look forward to our largest and most successful program yet.”

This year’s program will tip off with a coaches clinic in Manila on Jan. 18, followed by a school clinic on Jan. 19, before touring clinics in Cebu, Puerto Princesa, Surigao, Iloilo City and Dagupan City. Regional Selection Camps will be held in March and April, after which the top 50 boys and top 24 girls from all over the country will participate in the Jr. NBA/Jr. WNBA National Training Camp in Manila fromApril 25-27. The Jr. NBA/Jr. WNBA National Training Camp will culminate with the selection of 10 Jr. NBA and 4 Jr. WNBA All-Stars, providing these select campers with a unique NBA experience and the opportunity to play against a counterpart team from another country later in the year.

The search for the 2014 Jr. NBA and Jr. WNBA Coach of the Year also begins on January 18 in Manila. NBA Asia’s Senior Director of Basketball, Sefu Bernard, will serve as the Jr. NBA/Jr. WNBA Camp Director and oversee the Coach of the Year Operations program along with local coaches selected by the NBA, and coaches of the Alaska Power Camp, led by PBA Legend Jojo Lastimosa. 10 Jr. NBA and 4 Jr. WNBA Coach of the Year finalists will be selected to participate in the National Training Camp under Jr. NBA Coaches to enhance their coaching skills. The Coach of the Year award winners will be announced at the National Training Camp in Manila, which will also be attended by an NBA Legend and a WNBA Player/Legend, and feature NBA Cares community outreach.

Jr. NBA/Jr. WNBA is presented by Alaska Milk. Gatorade and Phoenix Petroleum are Official Partners, while KFC and Spalding are Supporting Partners. The SM Mall of Asia and SM Cinemas are the Official Venues for Jr. NBA/Jr. WNBA. Official NBA Broadcasters are Basketball TV, NBA Premium TV and ABS-CBN Sports. Jr. NBA/Jr. WNBA is also supported by the Basketball Coaches Association of the Philippines (BCAP).

The Jr. NBA program was first conducted in the Philippines in 2007 and has more than doubled in participation in the past six years. Each year a new city benefits from the grassroots basketball program that involves not just young players but also their parents and coaches. This year, more than 80,000 students, parents, and coaches will benefit through Jr. NBA/Jr. WNBA activities including camps and clinics, NBA Cares outreach activities, television programs and digital initiatives. Registration is now ongoing through the Jr. NBA/Jr. WNBA event website Fans can also follow us on Facebook at For all things NBA, visit us at and follow us on our official Twitter feed at

About Alaska

Alaska recognizes the need of Filipino children for proper nutrition. According to the 7th National Nutrition Survey done by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute and the Department of Health, trend of obesity is increasing with nearly 2 out 10 children considered as overweight. Under-nutrition also remains to be a public health concern affecting nearly 3 out 10 children. Alaska is committed to help provide proper nutrition through its leading brands, Alaska Powdered Milk Drink and Alaska Chocolate Powdered Milk Drink. It contains essential nutrients that help children reach their full growth potential. Aside from proper nutrition, an active lifestyle is needed in order to shape and nurture healthier children. Because of this, Alaska encourages children to “go out and play” through its various sports programs: Alaska Basketball and Football Powercamps and Cups, Alaska Ironkids Triathlon and Alaska Family Run. At the same time, Alaska has a professional basketball team, the 13-time PBA champion, Alaska Aces, which continues to inspire the youth to become future champions who are guided by positive values. Finally, Alaska partners with excellent local and international organizations that share the same objectives, vision, and values namely the Philippine Basketball Association, Ironman 70.3 Triathlon Philippines, Makati and Alabang Football Schools and the Philippine National Football Team, the Azkals.

About the NBA

The NBA is a global sports and media business built around three professional sports leagues: the National Basketball Association, the Women’s National Basketball Association, and the NBA Development League. The league has established a major international presence with games and programming in 215 countries and territories in 47 languages and NBA merchandise for sale in more than 125,000 stores in 100 countries on 6 continents. NBA rosters at the start of the 2013-14 season featured a record 92 international players from 39 countries and territories. NBA Digital’s assets include NBA TV, which is available in 60 million U.S. homes, and, which averages more than 42 million page views per day, more than half of which originate from outside of North America. The NBA is the No. 1 professional sports league on social media, with more than 500 million likes and followers globally across all league, team, and player platforms. Through NBA Cares, the league and its teams and players have donated more than $225 million to charity, completed more than 2.6 million hours of hands-on community service, and created more than 830 places where kids and families can live, learn, or play.


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At the tail of the success of the first movie, Toothless and Hiccup are back for bigger adventures, laughs and battles as additional voice cast were revealed in this year’s Comic-Con event. From the phenomenal series “Game of Thrones,” Kit Harrington voices an amusing dragon-trapper named Eret whom he describes as very cocky and brazen; Cate Blanchett who’s known for her role in “The Lord of the Rings” franchise also joins the cast as Valka, a savior of dragons while Djimon Hounsou (“Blood Diamond”) is cast as the voice of Drago Bludvist who chases dragons for personal vendetta.
Directed by Dean Deblois, “How To Train Your Dragon 2” soars five years after best friends Hiccup (voiced by Jay Baruchel) and Toothless united dragons and Vikings on the island of Berk.
Landing June 11, 2014 in theaters nationwide, “How To Train Your Dragon 2” is a DreamWorks Animation and 20thCentury Fox presentation to be distributed by Warner Bros. (Phils.).

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

“GEOGRAPHY CLUB” Highly Recommended by MTRCB


geography club

“Geography Club” comes in at a most opportune time when the world now has learned to embrace that being different is no taboo after all. Based on Brent Hartinger’s acclaimed, best-selling young adult novel, “Geography Club” is a fast, fresh coming-of-age movie that tells a real and powerful story unfolding in every high school around the country – a story of kids hiding their true identities in plain sight, even as they feverishly pursue their hearts’ desires.

The MTRCB, local (Phils.’) censors board gave it a PG rating (viewers below 13 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or supervising adult) and highly commends the movie as “Sweet and sensitive coming out, coming of age movie based on the first novel of the young adult series/play of the same name. Nuanced direction and performances make this a must-see and highly recommended.”

The movie introduces us to a group of high school students who could go from popular to respectable or respectable to popular but couldn’t go anywhere from outcast. This is what Goodkind High’s Geography Club is for. This secret society – with a name so nerdy it keeps the curious away – is actually a covert classroom refuge where a group of outcasts are about to navigate the clique-mined social terrain of the American high-school . . . and the not-so-straight-forward map to fitting in, coming out, first loves and last hopes for making it through a teen world that is trickier to maneuver than ever.


Russell Middlebrook (played by Cameron Deane Stewart) has since been looking for something but couldn’t just quite figure it out. Russell is the everyman. With his boyish good looks, and affable personality, Russell has an easy time staying under the radar while he struggles to find his sexual identity, and the chucky Gunnar (Andrew Caldwell), his best friend faces the historic teenage challenge of finding a girlfriend and losing his V card.


When Russell gets involved with another closeted student, his life begins to take a new direction. This hormonally charged search to find himself is the driving force behind a supposedly official after-school club unlike any other. The sign on the door might say Geography Club, but its members are actually exploring the perilous, and sometimes hilarious, landscape where sexual identity, sexual attraction, peer pressure, parent problems and the awkwardness of Health Class all converge in a head-spinning maze.


They start out trying to protect their one big secret among themselves. Russell is dating Trish (Meaghan Martin), a sweet but sexually motivated young lady – even as he is falling for the football jock Kevin (Justin Deeley), who won’t ever reveal the truth to his macho teammates Nolan (Grant Harvey) and Jared (Dexter Darden). Min (Ally Maki) and Terese (Nikki Blonsky) tell everyone they’re really just best friends. And then there’s Ike (Alex Newell) who is trying on every identity in the book. They know they are different, but at least they’re not in daily danger like the bullied geek Brian Bund (Teo Olivares). Yet, when Russell’s sexual orientation is suddenly exposed to the whole school by the ultra-popular Kimberly (Allie Gonino), the members of the Geography Club begin to panic. Together Russell and the members of the Geography Club must make the toughest decision of their lives . . . help Russell cover up his recent scandal or stand together as one and open up the Geography Club to any student who is proud to be different?

Entertainment Tonight hails “Geography Club” saying that - “Every year sees the release of one film so culturally important it should be required viewing. This year, that film is Geography Club.”

“Geography Club” opens on February 5 in cinemas from CrystalSky Multimedia. Follow and like the movie’s Facebook page to view the trailers.


liu ye and jackie chan in police story 2013
Jackie Chan returns to the big screen in the non-stop action film “Police Story 2013” with Liu Ye, Jing Tian, Guli Nazha and Zhou Xiao Ou. Directed by Ding Sheng, “Police Story 2013” is Chan’s reteaming with Sheng the sixth installment of the "Police Story" series. Their last venture together was the 2010 action film, "Little Big Soldier". The film's theme song, "Rescue," features Chan on vocals, while famous Chinese musician Sun Nan took charge of its arrangement and harmonization.
In "Police Story 2013," a small pub turns into the scene of a tense stand-off when the owner takes his patrons hostage -- one of the hostages is Officer Zhong Wen (Jackie Chan), another is his daughter, Miaomiao (Jing Tian). The hostage taker (Liu Ye) demands that a notorious criminal be freed from prison in exchange for the lives of those in the pub.
Here’s the Philippine Trailer of  Police Story 2013
“The audience is the only reason why I continue to make films,” said action superstar Jackie Chan at the Police Story 2013 Press conference in Kuala Lumpur recently. It can be remembered that Chan announced that “CZ12 (Chinese Zodiac 12)” would be his last action film. But the decision was faced with so much disapproval from Chan’s fans who like him to continue making films. “I love every process involved in making an action film. The itch to be on the set again is the reason why I have agreed to make Police Story 2013. I’ve decided to continue to make action films but it will not be as big as it used to,” he said.
“Detective Zhong Wen (the lead character) is very similar to me. Both of us are busy with our own agendas and our careers take priority over anything else. “In my personal life, I often put family aside and spend a lot of time on the film set. But again, that was many years ago,” said Chan in recent interviews of his character in the movie.
PS2013 color stills  (47)
In the movie, Chan faces and deals with Wu Jiang (played by Liu Ye) who had been planning revenge for the death of his beloved sister, Xiaowei (played by Guli Nazha). Wu is a bar owner. After his parents’ divorce, he grew up in a foreign country. His appearance is gentle, but he has a forceful personality built by his varied life experience. After his father’s death, he had to survive on his own by being an underground boxer. In these games where lives are at stake, he learns about life. After retiring from boxing he returns to China and locates his long-lost younger sister Xiaowei. He lavishes his love on her, and sees her as his hope and his emotional crutch. Xiaowei’s untimely death hit him extremely hard. For the next five years, he secretly plots and plans every detail of this kidnapping in order to understand what exactly had happened. At the risk of losing his business and his life, his intention is to exact revenge on the responsible party.
Policeman Zhong Wen has always been dedicated to his work, to the point of neglecting his own family. One day, his daughter Miao Miao, who has moved out on her own, asks to meet with him. He rushes to the meeting place, excited but worried. To his surprise, the meeting venue is a very fashion-forward bar. But in the back of his mind, Zhong Wen feels that something is wrong about this place. When Zhong Wen finds out that the owner of the bar is his daughter’s boyfriend, he is upset and confused. As the conversations become unbearably awkward, a series of accidents occurs inside the bar. Meanwhile, bar owner Wu Jiang takes Chong down in several amazingly skilled moves. The police, who have received a call, rush to the site. The patrons think the excitement is over but inside the bar Wu’s men Ben, Pichon and Taozi the bouncer suddenly shut the main doors and takes everyone hostage at gunpoint. Meanwhile, Zhong, though trapped, is sharp enough to sense the intention to attack by the police outside. He talks to Wu, hoping to catch the latter’s motive for the crime. At the same time, Zhong begins strategic negotiations, all the while luring Wu into position for the sniper outside. But just as the sniper is about to shoot, it dawns on Zhong that all this is related to a cold case five years ago. And that case has also left an indelible mark in Zhong Wen’s psyche.
Watch Jackie Chan back in action when “Police Story 2013” opens January 22 in cinemas nationwide from Megavision, Inc.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014



Meet Leo Palamino, a guy whose ex-wife, Julie, created a blog which became a huge internet entitled “Why You Suck” and who meets the girl of his dreams on the day she is going to be married. Right? Wrong? In the romantic comedy, “The Right Kind of Wrong,” the ultimate underdog story begins as Leo, a fearless dreamer, risks all to show the girl of his dreams, Colette and the whole wide world all that is right with a man famous for being wrong. Leo Palamino (Ryan Kwanten) has dedicated his life to what some may call impossible dreams. At least his ex-wife Julie (Kristen Hager) would call them that. But Leo is an expert at not listening to her criticism or anyone else’s for that matter because Leo is a stubborn romantic. An idealist. A dreamer. And to dream big, impossible dreams you can’t listen to the people who tell you that’s what those dreams are.

It is precisely this refusal to listen to criticism that drove his ex-wife Julie to blog about Leo’s flaws as their relationship broke down. A blog … called Why You Suck that would become a cultural phenomenon. And so when we meet Leo Palamino, he is a romantic dreamer, a dedicated writer, a dishwasher in a tourist trap, and a celebrity…a man famous for his flaws.

Infused in the story is a realism about love; Colette (Sara Canning) is not Leo’s first love – Julie was, except she did not appreciate his artistic aspirations. She was a pragmatist in the purest sense. Things did not go well and the marriage ended - or at least, Leo thought it was over. Julie wasn’t nearly finished with him.



While most estranged spouses exact their revenge in the courts of law, Julie opted for the court of public opinion. People blog for many reasons: creativity, community, wealth, fame, even identity. Julie was motivated by spite and her own heartbreak about their failing relationship. As much as Leo’s artistic integrity made him the immovable object that logic and reason could not budge, Julie became the irresistible force, the unstoppable mouth. She found her voice in his flaws.

“The blog became an outlet for Julie to just write about her feelings and her frustrations with her husband,” explained Kristen Hager who plays the ex-wife. “She starts sharing the blog with her friends, initially as a joke. At first, Why You Suck is just a funny title that Julie uses to get a reaction from Leo. He’d been indifferent for so long that she wants to hurt him, thinking this will motivate him to pay attention and make an effort to fix what's wrong with the relationship.” It doesn’t work.

One of Julie’s main complaints that she trumpets in the blog is that when Leo gets a potential book deal from a big publisher, he rejects their edits, and the deal dies – something else Julie trumpets in the blog. “Leo writes with a single goal, a single purpose,” Kwanten noted. “He did things his way because if it wasn't his work, he’d disown it.

To survive, he is a dishwasher in Mount Yalo, an upscale resort town. “He takes dishwashing seriously. He’s a zen dishwasher - when he washes dishes, he’s fully in the moment. People come from other restaurants to watch him wash dishes because he turns it into a performance like Tom Cruise did in Cocktail. He has no embarrassment of any kind,” observed Lantos.

Kristen Hager is originally from Red Lake, Ontario, Canada and has made quite a name for herself in American and Canadian film and television. Hager first garnered attention with a starring role on the popular Lifetime summer miniseries “Beach Girls” opposite Rob Lowe and Julia Ormond. Following the success of “Beach Girls,” Hager landed recurring roles on the CBS series “CSI: Miami” and the CW series “Runaway” before landing supporting roles in the Universal Studios feature Wanted opposite Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy, and then in Todd Haynes’ Bob Dylan biopic “I’m Not There” alongside Cate Blanchett and Richard Gere. Hager’s starring role as the title character in the Charles Manson themed thriller “Leslie, My Name is Evil” received rave reviews after premiering at the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival. She also starred in the Strause Brothers’ Fox feature film “Alien VS. Predator:Requiem.” Additionally, Hager starred in the MTV produced Web Series “Valemont” with Nikki Blonsky and Eric Balfour and is currently a series regular on SyFy’s “Being Human.”

The perfect date movie “The Right Kind of Wrong” will open in Philippine cinemas on February 6, simultaneous with its U.S. opening – from Axinite Digicinema, Inc.


Ben Stiller directs and stars in THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY(opening January 22 in Phils.), James Thurber's classic story of a day-dreamer who escapes his anonymous life by disappearing into a world of fantasies filled with heroism, romance and action. When his job along with that of his co-worker (Kristen Wiig) are threatened, Walter takes action in the real world embarking on a global journey that turns into an adventure more extraordinary than anything he could have ever imagined.

In 1939, when James Thurber first published “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,” he brought a playful, modernist style to the story that lured readers directly into the experience of Walter Mitty’s fantasy life. In Ben Stiller’s latest adaptation, he hoped to do something similar, using modern cinema to open the story up visually in a way that couldn’t have been imagined in Thurber’s day. He knew there were several ways to approach Mitty’s fantasizing. But there was only way he felt that was right for what he wanted audiences to feel: using a deftly crafted hyper-reality that merges Mitty’s inner stream of consciousness into the fabric of what’s going on in his outer world.

Check out the movie’s latest featurette with Ben Stiller and Kristen Wiig talking how the movie is about courage and going into the unknown:
“Everybody can connect with the idea of talking to somebody while actually having this crazy, imaginary fantasy going on in your head of where you’d rather be in that moment,” he explains. “That’s what we wanted to capture.”

Stiller thought intensively about how to achieve that. Creating Walter’s fantasies would certainly involve many moving parts, and a sense of spectacle, but Stiller used his effects judiciously, with an eye towards unbroken integration into the flow of the action. “In terms of visual effects, we wanted the overall approach to be very photo-real,” he says. “I’ve always found that the best results come from doing as much as you can practically in real-life situations and then just tickling that with the digital effects.”

Ultimately, Stiller would put together a visual design team including Oscar-nominated director of photography Stuart Dryburgh(“The Piano”), production designer Jeff Mann (“Tropic Thunder,” “Zoolander”), editor Greg Hayden (“Tropic Thunder,” “Zoolander”), costume designer Sarah Edwards (“Salt,” “Michael Clayton”) and visual effects supervisor Guillaume Rocheron (“Life of Pi”).

The constant yin and yang of dreams and reality in “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” made for an extremely ambitious production – one which would take on the rigors of shooting in the middle of New York City then jet off to the other-worldly environs of Iceland, where cast and crew moved from volcanoes to helicopters to the middle of the frosty ocean.
Each location would host scenes that could not have been filmed elsewhere in the world. In New York, Stiller had the chance to shoot the epic chase between Walter and Ted in the live-wire dynamics of a typical crowded day in the city.

In Iceland, Stiller would shoot a scene that pushed him to new edges both as director and actor: when Walter jumps into the raging waves of the North Atlantic, which Stiller simulated with his own plunge into the ocean. “It was really important for me that we not do that scene in a tank,” he recalls. “I felt we had to shoot in real high seas, with a real boat there, a real helicopter and real waves,” he explains.

“That’s when Mitty literally dives into life,” muses John Goldwyn. “It’s the big transition moment of the movie, and it looks incredibly real, because most of it is.” The scene turned out, just as it does for Walter Mitty, to bring a bit more reality than even Stiller anticipated.

“We were about a mile out at sea with seven-foot swells -- which, when you’re in the water, are really big,” admits Stiller. “The boat with the camera in it went away to come back and do the shot, but there was this two-minute period where I was just in the North Sea with nobody around. I was in the ocean just by myself with a briefcase, floating there waiting for the camera to come back and was thinking, ‘I hope they can find me when they come back for the shot,’” he laughs. “There was a real sense of danger and it was one of those moments when I thought, ‘oh, this is what real filmmaking is all about.’

Here’s the trailer link for this movie,

Step out and live your dream. “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” opens January 22 in cinemas nationwide from 20thCentury Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.

Monday, January 13, 2014

On ETC: American Idol XIII Live Via Satellite!

This January 2014, the Road to Fame starts on ETC as they bring you American Idol XIII. Catch the two day premiere on ETC this January 16, Thursday LIVE via satellite at 6PM with a primetime telecast at 8PM and January 17, Friday LIVE via satellite at 6PM with a primetime telecast at 9PM.
American Idol XIII
American Idol XIII

Hosted by Ryan Seacrest, and featuring judges Harry Connick, Jr., Keith Urban, and Jennifer Lopez, along with in-house mentor Randy Jackson, the series continues its search across America to find the next singing superstar.
This year the show’s judges travel to Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Detroit, Omaha, Salt Lake City, and San Francisco. With their years of experience as acclaimed artists, it’s up to them to narrow down the competitors to a select group of semifinalists who will sing in front of a live studio and TV audience. Then, from this stage forward, the viewing public determines who will advance to become a finalist and who will go home.
American Idol can lay its claim as the only TV singing competition show to produce numerous hit and award-winning recording artists after twelve seasons. Combined, Idol finalists have released more than 200 albums, hit No.1 on the Billboard charts over 400 times, and have garnered more than 250 million iTunes downloads.
American Idolon ETC
American Idol on ETC
American Idol XIII premieres January 16, Thursday LIVE via satellite at 6PM with a primetime telecast at 8PM and January 17, Friday LIVE via satellite at 6PM with a primetime telecast at 9PM on ETC
Check out ETC online as well at:
Locally, ETC lets you have your say via their Twitter (@etc_channel) and Facebook ( page where you could win great prizes from the channel or see your comments on-air. Just type in your thoughts with the hashtag: #aionetc
ETC is seen on UHF channel 21, Sky Cable and Destiny Digital Ch. 16, Global Destiny Ch. 28, Cignal Ch. 9, Cable Link Ch. 34 and various cable operators nationwide. Watch American Idol XIII on ETC online, log onto to watch ETC’s free live streaming on a computer.

Thursday, January 9, 2014


The immensely talented Kristen Wiig stars opposite Ben Stiller in “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” where Stiller plays the titular character about a modern daydreamer inspired to live out his dreams to save not just his job but that of the woman whom he secretly cares for.

Mitty is an ordinary magazine photo editor who takes a regular mental vacation from his ho-hum existence by disappearing into a world of fantasies electrified by dashing heroism, passionate romance and constant triumphs over danger. But when Mitty and the co-worker Cheryl (Kristen Wiig) whom he secretly adores stand in actual peril of losing their jobs, Walter must do the unimaginable: take real action – sparking a global journey more extraordinary than anything he could have ever dreamed up.

Stiller saw Wiig’s role not just as a comic relief, but a major catalyst for Mitty’s journey. “It is Walter’s tenuous connection with Cheryl that becomes the impetus pushing him out into the world,” he explains. As such, it demanded someone who could leap from the everyday world of a single mom in fear of losing her job into the high-wire drama of Walter’s daydreams and back again, without ever losing a beat, or the core of who Cheryl is. To do all this, while also creating the snowballing effect of a relationship in its first throes of attraction, the filmmakers cast one of today’s most intriguing comediennes: Kristen Wiig.

Stiller had her in mind from the get-go. “Kristen is someone who is so, so relatable,” he comments. “She’s so real, and so naturally funny, and I also really wanted to see her doing something like this – something that’s not quite the broad, crazy comedy we’re used to. Her personality is so likeable and warm, I felt she could instantly give the audience a shorthand as to why she and Mitty might actually belong together.”

He continues: “Kristen is also terrific at playing many different attitudes and characters. She was able to juxtapose that kind of comedy with Cheryl’s very real personality where she’s just a little bit intrigued by Walter. I think her character gets to something that audiences really connect with: the idea of that some of the littlest things that happen to us in life –even just saying hello to somebody when they give you a certain look –can affect us in big ways.”

She goes on: “It’s one of those stories that leaves you feeling like there’s a great big, world for you out there – and that if there are things in life we really want to do, whether it’s connect with our families or travel the globe, it’s worth trying to go out and do them.”
It was easy for Wiig to see why Cheryl might have just the tiniest twinges of interest in Walter that blossom into something more as they embark together on solving the mystery of the lost negative. “I think she likes that he leads a quieter kind of life and that he also kind of sees something better out there,” she explains.“They both are leading lives that maybe they wish were a little spicier, so it’s perfect that they end up going on this unexpected adventure together.”

Wiig especially enjoyed bursting into Mitty’s daydreams, with Cheryl appearing in numerous thrilling scenarios that took Wiig to new places., including performing a one-woman Bowie song. “I loved doing the fantasy sequences,” she says. “In one of Walter’s first fantasies, he runs into a burning building and saves my three-legged dog. I’d never been in a scene like that before –one involving big explosions and fires -- and it was really exciting for me as an actor.”
Stiller’s visual aplomb amazed Wiig as well. “The look of the movie is so very specific and beautiful, which is part of what makes it so special.

Ben had a vision for every single shot, every frame,” she says.
Wiig was especially impressed by what Stiller brought to Mitty. “His Walter Mitty is a guy who really does have a voice -- he just doesn’t quite know how to use it yet. Ben brings so much warmth to the character that you just want to hug him and beat up everybody who’s mean to him.”
“The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” opens this January 22 from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Grand Start of an Aussie Overload at Marriott Manila



Taste Australia in a celebration of the diversity of premium food and drinks which starts the grand start of a feast this January here at Marriott Hotel Manila!. Savor the steaks from the Outback, relish the seafood from the Great Barrier, imbibe on the wines from the cellars of Adelaide, or feast on the rich meat pies from Victoria; an array of choices await you this January!

Come over at Marriott Café for an Australian Wine Buffet, where five of the most excellent wines from the vineyards of Australia are available every night for only P825, together with featured cheeses that create a perfect partnership on your palate. A new gelato flavor is added -- Vittoria Australian Coffee, exclusively for this month only, is perfect as a sweet ending to an already delicious meal.

At Cru Steakhouse, experience posh dining with Chermoula Marinated Australian Lamb Loin at P1900, prepared by Marriott’s very own Chef Rej Casanova. Couple the dish with any of the three taste selected Shiraz wines, and add from their selection of cheeses for a classic, well-loved combination. Order a cup of hot, steaming Vittoria Australian Coffee for a fulfilling finish.

Eat, drink, and be merry the way Aussies do at the Greatroom with original meat pies, juicy surf n’ turf, and savory side dishes! Couple it with a mug of XXL beer, a glass of Australian wine or one soda to complete the rustic experience in all Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays of January, 6:00 PM – 10:30 PM at P1100.

At Java+, savor the rich flavors of freshly baked meat pies in three savory flavors: Beef, Mushroom & Onion (P480 nett), Beef, Potatoes & Mushy Peas (P450 nett), and Beef & Cheese (P420 nett). Enjoy it with Vittoria Australian Coffee Frappucino and find your corner at their best-loved coffee shop for the ultimate comfort food.

For guests who want to experience Australia in the comforts of their own rooms, all in-house guests may order Wine Carafes at P350 for 270ml, with a choice of WIllowglen Chardonnay or Willowglen Cabernet/Shiraz. Couple it with an Australian Cheese Trio, a platter of Rubicon Red, Wild Wasabi, and Smoked Cheddar at P570 with a side of homemade jam, toasted crostini, and spiced pecans to perfectly tickle your palate. Meanwhile, those who wish to soak up the sun with an ice cold beer on hand can choose from the local San Miguel Draft at P210 to Australia’s all-original ales such as Foster’s Lager and Victoria Bitter at P250 each.
Join Marriott Manila as they bring you blokes and sheilas over to the Land Down Under for an utterly grand time!

About Marriott Hotel Manila
Marriott Hotel Manila stands as a centerpiece of the dynamic and exciting mixed-use development of Resorts World Manila. Ideally located in Newport City across NAIA Terminal 3 the hotel is a mere 15-minute drive from Bonifacio Global City and Makati Business District. Blessed with a splendid view of the adjoining 18-hole Villamor Golf Course, it boasts 342 exquisite guest rooms that offers luxurious bedding, high-speed internet, 40" full high definition LCDs with IPTV and the new remote jack pack plug-and-play system. Hotel facilities include Quan Spa, 6 meeting rooms and a Grand Ballroom, 5 superb restaurants, outdoor pool and a health club. Underway now is the expansion project, adding 228 Premier Rooms and a Grand Ballroom offering 8000 sqm of flexible function spaces, promising to be the pre-eminent venue in the Philippines for every event.

Monday, January 6, 2014


Axinite Digicinema is set to release a thrilling lineup of movies this 2014 starred in by the finest actors such as Anthony Hopkins, Liam Neeson, Adrien Brody, Pierce Brosnan, Ryan Kwanten along with pop culture’s most talented dog Pudsey and an animation movie based on mmorpg’s most popular videogame.

TV’s latest heartthrob Ryan Kwanten is a man who became famous for his flaws in the latest romantic comedy, “The Right Kind of Wrong.” Kwanten plays Leo Palamino, a failed-writer-turned-dishwasher made famous for his many flaws and shortcomings in a blog called “Why You Suck,” a huge Internet success written by his ex-wife. Then Leo meets Colette, the girl of his dreams… on the day she is marrying the perfect man. And so, the ultimate underdog story begins as Leo, a fearless dreamer, risks all to show Colette and the whole wide world all that is right with a man famous for being wrong.
third person
Liam Neeson stars in his latest thrilling role in the romantic thriller “Third Person.” Directed and written by Paul Haggis, the movie is about three couples in different cities: Rome, Paris and New York. This intelligent and intriguing film exposes the sensitive truth about human nature – Neeson plays a Pulitzer-prize winning novelist trying to work on his story about love. His lover, played by Olivia Wilde meets up with him in his hotel in Paris while his wife played by Kim Basinger, patiently awaits his return back home in the U.S. from writing his story. James Franco and Mila Kunis adds mystery to the mix as estranged couple fighting for the custody of their only child. While Brody’s character is a shady American businessman who decides to help Moran Atias’ gypsy character rescue her daughter from the mob.
the love punch
Pierce Brosnan and Emma Thompson star in “The Love Punch” directed by Joel Hopkins, a comedy centered on a divorced couple who undertakes a robbery to recover the retirement money that was stolen from them. Brosnan plays Richard, a financial something-or-other facing bankruptcy a week before retirement. A corporation has come in and wiped his company's pension fund. They're joined in the chase by rogue-ish ex-serviceman Jerry (Timothy Spall) and his gently nutty wife Penelope (Celia Imrie), who says rude words and gets a bit randy.
pudsey the movie
Pudsey, 2012’s winner of Britain’s Got Talent leaps to a new breed of adventure as he stars in his first film: “Pudsey: The Movie” directed by Horrid Henry. Simon Cowell’s Syco Entertainment is producing the movie that tells of a heartwarming tale of friendship and courage centering on a city dog moved to the countryside with his new loving family. Pudsey comes across a number of eccentric characters and has to save the day. David Walliams will provide the voice of Pudsey which also stars Jessica Hynes, John Sessions and Luke Tittensor.
Video game developer Shanda Games, Eyedentity Games and Mili Pictures join forces to produce the widely popular MMORPG , Dragon Nest. Adapted for the big screen, the movie “Dragon Nest: Rise of the Black Dragon” is directed by Yuefeng Song and tells the journey of a young warrior to defeat the evil Black Dragon. The movie is the first part of the “Dragon Nest” trilogy set 50 years ago (from real time in game) when a black dragon appeared in the once peaceful land of Altera. Under the order of the King, the young Geraint, Argenta, Velskud and other legendary heroes assembled various forces to form the Dragon Slaying Alliance. This incident was widely referred as the First Dragon Invasion by the generations to come.

  “28 Days Later” meets “Die Hard” in the horror apocalyptic thriller “Tower of the Dead” helmed by filmmaker Ross Boyask. In “Tower of the Dead,” a group of highly trained armed response team is tasked with breaching a fortified tower block and interrogate a notorious arms dealer in order to capture a dirty bomb terror suspect.
kidnapping freddy heineken
“Kidnapping Freddy Heineken” trails the real story behind the abduction of one of the wealthiest man of his time. Based on true accounts, the film’s star-studded cast is headed by Academy Award winner Anthony Hopkins in the title role. The movie also stars Jim Sturgess, Sam Worthington and Ryan Kwanten. In this heist movie set in 1984, four childhood friends decided to pull off what would later be called “the crime of the century.” The movie brings us inside within the planning, execution, rousing aftermath and ultimate downfall of the kidnappers of beer tycoon Alfred "Freddy" Heineken, which resulted in the largest ransom ever paid for an individual.


Finding one’ true identity and standing up for it happens in high school for Russell, a guy with boyish good looks and affable personality in the endearing, funny coming-of-age movie “Geography Club.”
Winner of the Audience Award as Best Feature Film and Best Performance by an Actress (Meaghan Martin), “Geography Club” navigates not just on gay relationships becoming the new normal but also takes on the comic everyday mishaps where teens are usually caught: trying to be liked by everyone while being beholden to no-one’s dreams and desires but our own.
Based on the acclaimed, best-selling novel by Brent Hartinger of the same title, meet the members of “Geography Club” whom you can share your deepest secrets with: Cameron Deane Stewart stars as Russell, a high student with boyish good looks and affable along with Justin Deeley as Kevin, Andrew Caldwell as Gunnar, Best Actress Meaghan Martin as Trish, Ally Maki as Min, Alex Newell as Ike and Allie Geronimo as Kimberly.
The likeable hero, Russell Middlebrook, starts out convinced he has got to be the only gay kid in his small-town high school. He might be a die-hard romantic faced with on-rushing crushes but how on earth will he ever be able to let his real feelings out in this situation?
Russell’s earnest best friend Gunnar is struggling to make a romantic connection with a girl, all while battling the mountainous struggle of accepting his own physical appearance. Soon, Russell discovers that he isn’t as alone as he thought. There are others like him, and a few dare to band together, forming a hush-hush clan that masquerades under the mind-numbing sounding guise of the school’s Geography Club. For its members, the club becomes the only place they can go without getting caught between the worry of trying to be cool, and the dread of being totally humiliated. Russell finds solace in the Geography Club as he navigates a complicated life outside the club. In one arena he exists as the newly minted football star, and in another he acts as Gunnar’s wingman on several double dates with two very popular and beautiful girls. In the Geography Club Russell can take a breath and relate to his peers as the most authentic version on himself.
But no secret is forever and the truth comes out about Russell after a reckless student exposes Russell’s identity to the whole school. Together Russell and the members of the Geography Club must make the toughest decision of their lives . . . help Russell cover up his recent scandal or stand together as one and open up the Geography Club to any student who is proud to be different?
Directed and written by brothers Edmund and Gary Entin, ”Geography Club” is a movie that will appeal to any kid who has ever felt trapped in the steamy pressure cooker of high school social life, waiting for their situation to explode. The movie reveals a private realm of things that teens can’t easily talk about to their parents, peers or even their very best friends. In today’s world those problems range from sexual identity to body image, all existing on an equal playing field.
“Geography Club” reveals its members’ secrets when it opens February 5 in cinemas from CrystalSky Multimedia.

Sunday, January 5, 2014


Wait Until Dark 02

Repertory Philippines proudly announces the start of its 2014 season with its first challenging production entitled WAIT UNTIL DARK --- a thriller written by Frederick Knott.

The play that the New York Post deemed “a first rate shocker,” WAIT UNTIL DARK is a suspense about a blind housewife named Suzy who finds herself terrorized by three strange men. The men search for a doll that has been filled with heroin and little does Suzy know, her husband has mistakenly transported the doll across the Canadian border and into their apartment. Suzy must rely on her instincts, with the help of a neighbor girl and the cover of darkness to outwit the dangerous strangers and protect her life.

WAIT UNTIL DARK premiered on Broadway in 1966 with Lee Remick portraying the role of Suzie, which earned her a Tony Award nomination for best actress in a play. After 374 performances, a film version was released in 1967 which starred Audrey Hepburn, Alan Arkin and Richard Crenna. Hepburn garnered Oscar and Golden Globe nominations for her portrayal in the film. The Bravo network ranked the film 10th on its list for 100 top scariest moments.
To be directed by theater veteran Miguel Faustmann, WAIT UNTIL DARK’s masterfully constructed thriller with plenty of intrigue and action promises to move the audiences from one moment of suspense to another as it builds toward an electrifying, breath-stopping final scene.

The cast of WAIT UNTIL DARK consists of several colorful and delightful characters.
Wait Until Dark 06

Joel Trinidad shall take on the lead role of Mike Talman. A professional con man, he has recently been out of jail. He is charming and seems sincere but with a dark side -- a good liar with a ruthless streak. As his name implies he is tall at least taller than Suzy. Mike Talman is not his eal name. It is a name given to him by Roat for the con.
Robbie Guevara shall play the role of Sgt. Carlino. A bit of a thug, he thinks he’s a criminal mastermind. Recently out of jail, Carlino is Mike Talman's partner, but he’s not as likeable as Mike. He is older, and physically out of shape. He is a follower, not a leader. You get the feeling he does not like what he does, but doesn't know how to do anything else. Roat has given him this name for the purposes of this con. And he should look good in a hat.

Jamie Wilson plays the role of Harry Roat Jr., a very creepy sociopathic con man. He is a 'loose cannon' that reacts suddenly, violently and without conscience. He is the ringleader of this con. He lived through the beatnik era and never emerged. He’s only interested in himself and will do anything to further his lust for drugs and money. We know that he is capable of murder. We should be afraid of him but also be surprised by him. He plays himself and two other characters in this play.
Liesl Batucan plays the lead role of Suzy Hendrix. Recently blinded in a car accident, Suzy is still adjusting to her blindness. Very likeable, she has an air of innocence, but an inner strength as well. She has a good sense of humor but is not silly. With a strong need for independence, she still relies heavily on her husband Sam. Smart, very trusting of others and a perfectionist, she is small in stature, and physically vulnerable. Sam and Suzy have no children.
Wait Until Dark 07

Arnel Carrion plays the role of Sam Hendrix, Suzy’s husband. He is a friendly, outgoing professional photographer and a former Marine. He is very organized, kindly, trustworthy and almost fatherly toward Suzy. We trust him immensely. He is very good with Gloria, the neighbor and will act as a go between with her and Suzy.

Dani Gana plays the role of Gloria, the upstairs neighbor to Suzy and Sam. Sam has been paying her to help Suzy with chores and shopping. She doesn’t have much experience around adults other than Sam and Suzy. Her father doesn’t live in the house with her mother and her and we get the impression her mother is more interested in men than Gloria. A feisty, independent thinker, she doesn’t like to be told what to do and acts out when she is upset. She really wants Sam to like her and is very strong when put in charge.
Wait Until Dark 09

Co-presented by the City of Makati, WAIT UNTIL DARK is both exciting and at times, scary with just the right amount of intrigue and excitement for your thrilling experience.

The show runs from January 17 to February 9, 2014.

All performances are at Onstage, 2/F, Greenbelt 1, Paseo de Roxas corner Legazpi St., Makati City.
The artistic and creative team of WAIT UNTIL DARK is led by Baby Barredo (Artistic Director), Miguel Faustmann (Director), Teresa Barrozo (Sound and Music Design), Miguel Faustmann (Set Designer), and John Batalla (Lighting Designer).

The production staff is composed of Gidget Tolentino (Production Manager), Gold Soon (Stage Manager), Pol Roxas (Sound Technician), Pablito Salvador (Lighting Technician) and Adul Lasin (Set Execution and Scenic Artist).


To accommodate all inquiries, Repertory Philippines is now accepting reservations for schools, civic groups and corporate sponsorships.

For details of the show, you may contact us the following ways:
By phone: 571-6926 and 571-4941
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By Internet:

Tickets are available through Ticketworld at 891-9999, or via

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Repertory Philippines would like to thank its sponsors for their continuing support: Businessworld, Businessworld High Life,, Ticketworld, Ayala Center,, Greenbelt,, Lane Moving and Storage,, Lally Eleazar’s Lightshapers, Radio Republic and the Raintree Restaurants: Kabila Filipino Bistro, Museum Café Modern Asian Cuisine, Momo Café, and Mr. Jones.

WAIT UNTIL DARK is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, INC.

Running time: 1 hours 55 minutes without intermission.

May not be suitable for children under the age of ten. Children under the age of four are not permitted.

See you at the theater!