Monday, August 24, 2015

SAFETY IN KNOWLEDGE, through DZMM partnered with Eveready



Nowaday’s , no matter what season we may have been through it is just right to be more conscious about being ready or every kind of disaster or tragedy we may face. Typhoon has been very often due to climate changes, Earthquakes are so relevant we being the most vulnerable part in the globe.   Disasters such as Tidal waves, fire, and so forth and so on , we as a stricken part of the world should be more knowledgeable and learn those simple kind of steps that we need to do to be safety along with family members.

Emergency expert Louie Domingo from the Emergency Resource Center explains the rationale behind the “E-Balde,” the emergency balde kit during the recently concluded Red Alert Emergency Expo. The expo was spearheaded by DZMM’s Red Alert program in partnership with Eveready, the country’s leading brand of batteries and flashlights. This initiative is part of Red Alert and Eveready’s thrust in disseminating information on disaster preparedness and other emergency actions in various barangays.

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