Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Atty. Levi Baligod, Passion for Truth and Love of Country, A Leader should Possess

Many of our lawmakers seems to catch their knowledge and learning’s on the Western world,  they studied from Harvard University and other known schools from the west. That’s why most of our laws and programs was being adopted from it.  Yet when I met this man Atty. Levi Baligod, I see some light that gives me a glimpse of hope for our nation. This man talks about GMRC ‘ Good Manners and Right Conduct’ as one of the main teachings on Education and specially on how to be Patriotic , or loving our own country next to God.

Our neighboring country specially here in the Far East Asia  like Japan, Malaysia, Singapore , China and so forth have this kind of traditional value learned from their parents and their oldies. This is enough for this country to achieved more by showing the right things to do on how they should live, earn , work  teaching and serving everyone without any exclusion that comprises their nation as a whole.

He added, that by doing so we can make ourselves productive on what we supposed to do in our nation or on every region we belong to. For we know that we have rich natural resources that we should be protecting and should bring back the pattern where we became one of the top producing rice in Asia during the Marcos time  both as a nation from present or  recent era, Thus, this should be one of the income generating thing for our people per region in every fields and commodities of each cities.

Atty. Levi Baligod, being one of the known person who does not think twice of revealing things that are too complicated for  known personalities that are being in the recent power or as of now that is still seated on power.  Knowing his  advocacy for the past and upcoming data's that his team is collecting through valid evidences of being a Whistle blower, truth advocate, and just doing this for the sake of our country and its entities. He concluded that by having this very simple yet fundamentals that should not  be missed out in order for us to achieved and grow as a nation and as a country.

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  1. atty levi baligod not atty levi baticlan..pls pk correct nalang