Friday, March 10, 2017

Marriott Manila offers Fresh and Flavorful Dim Sum Set Lunch at Man Ho for Php 888

Mid-day dining should not be boring and a routine. After hustling in the morning, you definitely deserve a good, satisfying lunch to keep you going in the afternoon. New flavors in good quality and absolutely filling are the makings of Man Ho, the new Chinese restaurant at Marriott Hotel Manila. This new “talk of the town” Chinese fine dining dares to be the favorite spot for lunch breaks as it launches its Dim Sum Set Lunch for Php 888 only per person. A good deal with a variety of authentic dim sums from rice rolls, steamed rolls, desserts and a whole lot more.  

Man Ho created an assemblage of different dim sums so you can choose options to appeal your cravings. Start off with a soothing bowl of soup, go for either Hot and Sour loaded with strips of shrimps and scallops or Braised Minced Beef Soup with tofu tidbits and cilantro – distinctly different but both are palate-cleansing for the next dishes.

Next are the popular classics, in two servings, such as Ha Kau (Hakaw) that impresses with its huge chunk of fresh shrimp; the Siao Mai (Siomai) is stuffed with quality ground pork from Hong Kong; and “Chao Zhou” Style Dumpling has that raw complementing tastes of peanut, pork and spinach. More steamed delicacies are Pork Spareribs tossed in black bean sauce making it more piquant, succulent Chicken Feet in our chef’s homemade secret marinade, and Glutinous Rice made aromatic by its lotus leaf wrapper and flavorful because of its shrimp, pork and egg yolk stuffing.

Next to love are their rice rolls that are perfectly handmade in thickness and appetizing filler options such as well-seasoned Barbecued Pork with cilantroMinced Beef with fresh enoki mushrooms, and buttery Dough Fritters.

Then, to keep you more satiated, decide whether you would go for Yang Chow Fried Rice sprinkled generously with vegetables and seafood, Fried Rice Noodles with tender beef and beans, and Braised E-fu noodles seasoned by rich meat-like black mushrooms. And of course, the desserts are off to claim its own fame. Choices are Steamed Custard Bun with oozing egg yolk inside and Baked Barbecue Pork Bun that has a textured crust and well-seasoned pork filling.
This lunch fare is served swiftly in less than 15 minutes, perfect for business luncheons or quick rendezvous with family and friends. Experience nothing but authentic flavors heightened by traditional techniques served in a breeze at Man Ho. Available now every Mondays to Thursdays from 11:30am to 2:30pm. For reservations, please call 988-9999.

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