Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Vaniderm Products by Lucida-Ds with VCO


A new sets of products that is all Natural extracts  an all in one multi vitamin products for hair and skins , Proudly a Filipino made products  was being released and is now available on all major drugstore especially Mercury Drug nationwide.


VCO Body Lotion – Vaniderm White is a mixture of Olive Oil, Avocado Oil and Grape seed Oil which makes it Anti- Aging , Sun Block and Whitening which moisturize our skin. It hydrates and restores soft smooth healthy skin.. Each nutritional rich ingredients  act as potent anti-oxidants and help lighten skins by slowly shedding off blotches, freckles and brown spots. Its the only lotion that has multi effects that is natural and proven effective.


Vaniderm White Glutathione with Rosehips Soap is an Antioxidant, Whitening, Anti- Aging , Anti Acne and Hypoallergenic is a unique blend of premium glutathione rosehips, alpha lipoic acid and Vitamin C plus the relaxing scent of lemon grass and other herbal extracts making up a superior whitening and rejuvenating soap This soap undergoes COLD process which other brands does not use to preserve the potency of the ingredients and maximizes its effectiveness and considered it a special soap. Regular use whitens evenly and moisturizes skin and prevents malasma.

Vaniderem Gugo and Aloe Vera Shampoo with VCO , its an all natural shampoo formulated to help thicken hair, prevent premature hair loss and make the scalp healthy. Gugo extract promotes hair growth and prevent premature hair fall and it also make hair darker and shinier, Virgin Coconut Oil provides the natural protection to your scalp and serve as the hair conditioner, and lastly the Aloe-vera revitalized and strengthen hair and prevents Split ends.

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