Sunday, February 16, 2014

Are You Hiding Your True Self? “SELFIE”

In 2012, Time magazine included the word "selfie" among its Top 10 buzzwords of the year. Last year, "selfie" not only earned its inclusion in the dictionary but was also chosen as word of the year by the Oxford English Dictionary. From Hollywood and local celebrities, athletes, and even politicians, “selfies” have seemingly become the norm in social networking sites, making up a majority of the pictures taken by smartphone users---both young and old. Its appeal not only lies on just how easy it is to create and share, but because it also gives self-photographers control on how they present themselves.
Here in the Philippines most of the people have gone through this kind of attitude and can we say syndrome  of taking pictures before eating and now having a selfie of himself/herself or even taking it with personalities , friends and love ones. Social Media like Instagram , Twitter , Facebook and other known Social Networks takes their pride and openness of making it more easy nowadays through Mobile platforms ect.
Presenting yourself to get “likes” and be noticed by your peers, however, can often be quite different from who you really are. And there lies the problem with selfies—when it becomes more of a projection rather than a reflection of who you really are. But there is a rising online movement, a growing surge of positivity that urges the youth to be true to themselves. To accept who they are, and be proud of what they have become.
The mysterious website "" centers on the hashtag #showitoff, and calls for everyone to post their selfies that showcase who they really are, their unique fashion style, their true sexuality, their real passion — raw, unedited, honest. You were born unique. You were created to stand out. Don’t just Be In. Its more about Being True. Being You. It's time to unleash the real you. Unleash your reality! #showitoff

Join the SELFIE contest and challenge with mechanics at and win yourself a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.0.
#Showitoff - Are you hiding your true self?

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