Monday, February 24, 2014

Hurom Slow Juicer Showcase

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This type of technology enlightened us that manual extraction is much more better than those machines that is too powerful that looses its freshness and vitamins as well. This is far more better than the manual thing because it can produce more juices without any kind of interferences having the right calculation of turns and extraction in its perfect kind of results.
What is Hurom Slow Juicer?
The HUROM Slow Juicer is a juice extractor that uses the patented Low Speed Technology System (LSTS) to extract juices.
The method of extraction is masticating and pressing, using the screw-like auger as a mortar and pestle. The action crushes and presses the food, releasing its deep-seated nutrients and enzymes. It also breaks up more of the phytonutrients, resulting in a richer colored juice that retains more vitamins and minerals. The slow RPM ensures that the cellular structure of fruits and vegetables is kept intact, eliminating oxidation and separation. Thus, it preserves the precious enzymes and nutrients that are closest to its natural form, as well as your food's delicious flavor.
So what's with all the hype?
It Squeezes the fruit slowly thus preserving the oxidation and destruction of the fruit's natural enzymes
The slow squeezing of the fruits results in nutritionally potent juices packed with natural enzymes, vitaThe Original Hurom® Slow Juicer supports and delivers your goals for optimal health. The patented Slow Squeezing System (SSS) quickly, yet gently extracts juice from raw foods while preserving the cellular structure of those foods and delivering 4x the absorption rate of crucial vitamins and minerals.
Operating at only 80 RPMs and using a mere 150 watts of energy, the Slow Juicer efficiently processes a variety of raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, leafy greens and soybeans to create delicious juices, milks, sauces, marinades and baby foods quickly and effortlessly.
And this are the advantages of having a Hurom Slow Juicer :

               *Dual-stage juicing results in more juice and drier pulp
               *Easy self-cleaning feature
               *Small, compact design
               *Energy-efficient: 150W

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