Wednesday, October 26, 2016

MULAT (w/ TheRapist)


Philippine release date:               November 02, 2016  
Director: Maria Diane Ventura
Screenplay: Maria Diane Ventura
Stars: Loren Burgos, Jake Cuenca, Ryan Eigenmann
Genre: Drama, Mystery

BONUS FEATURE: The commercial screening of MULAT (Rated A by the CEB) will include the award-wining short film by Diane Ventura entitled TheRapist (R16). It tells the story of a young man (Marco Morales) accused of rape who is sent for psychiatric evaluation. As he recalls and narrates the details of what transpired the night of his alleged assault, his therapist (Cherie Gil) investigates through psychoanalysis the truth of his story.

MULAT Synopsis 1:
A film by Maria Diane Ventura, about the evolution of love and the understanding of it, as reflected in the dynamics of intimate relationships. Mulat is Rated A by the Cinema Evaluation Board.

MULAT Synopsis 2:
Sam decides to break off her engagement and leave her tumultuous relationship behind after a brief but life altering experience. She resolves to focus on finding herself, her peace of mind and happiness and in the process she meets Jake, the man of her dreams. Everything seems perfect until she starts experiencing hallucinations and recurring nightmares that prompt her to question her own sanity. 

The process of self-discovery leads Sam to realize how fear and the memories of the past are subconsciously preventing her from getting what she wants the most. Will she allow her doubts and uncertainty resulting from her failed relationship be a self-fulfilling prophecy? Her journey to restore her faith takes her to different realms of possibilities and ultimately leads her to uncovering a shocking truth.

MULAT MTRCB Rating: R13* (Restricted 13. Strictly for 13 years of age and above)
Running Time: 1 hour and 10 minutes
Cinema Evaluation Board Rating: A

THERAPIST MTRCB Rating: R16* (Restricted 16. Strictly for 16 years of age and above)
Running Time: 15 minutes

IMPORTANT NOTE: For the theatrical run on November 2, 2016, the higher rating of R16 will be implemented at the cinemas.

Released by: Solar Pictures

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