Monday, June 2, 2014

The Fault In our Stars Review


A Fault In Our Stars
The movie talks about the reality of life ,wherein sometimes we taught that our situation is the worst and wonder why does those things happens in our lives. In this film a lung cancer victim named Hazel Grace met Gus in a support group who has been to positive and has been one of the most helpful one specially for those people who have emotional distressed on what they are going through

And by daily sharing  some taught and sharing of books that they are inclined to Hazel Grace falls in love with this guy who gives her more reason to live, and making her realize that life should be lived at the fullest whenever and wherever kind of situation or circumstances you might live in and sadly  found out later that her boyfriend has Osteosarcoma which is in the last stage and later on dies and makes Hazel Grace to fight more for her life.

I was strucked on how true love has played an important part in this movie , the scenes just revolve around this two lovers who in spite of their sickness make their stars and dreams fulfilled in every little chance they have in life. This novel in a truthful sense surely has been a helped to every one who despair and goes through troubles in life. That no matter what it takes, there is a reason why you live and that every life should strive to make and leave a more positive  implications for our children and the coming generation.

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