Saturday, August 9, 2014

Hari ng Tondo, a Cinemalaya Film



One week before the showing of this movie, we were invited as Bloggers who will help this film to be the talk of the town, and we met this wonderful casts where they give their time to talk and relay their characters and how they do this in the period of 9 days as Director Carlos Siguion Reyna relays .

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Bibeth Orteza was the one who wrote the story while Director Carlos Siguion Reyna directs the film, a man and wife tandem who has been one of the industry’s best.


Here are the cast that we met and enjoys chatting with at the back left is Rafa Siguion Reyna, Dir. Carlos Siguion Reyna, Gian Magdangal, Left front Audi Gemora, Rez Cortez, Robert Arevalo and Ciara Sotto.

It’s a story of a typical Filipino family who have been an entrepreneur for the period of time yet because of some difficulties and changes in times businesses are become stagnant and slows down in earnings, or maybe for some after 30 or 40 years of being an employee in any companies faces early retirement benefits or an abrupt decision to remove you in a position where you have been long time serving.

Since the father, Ricardo Villena as Robert Arevalo  the head of the family cannot do anything decided for his children to learn to live simple life despite of their lifestyles since they live has been so lax and full of material benefits, and was forced to show ‘tough love’ and brings them where he comes from and its in Tondo Manila. And to top it all , in the same day he is told that his granddaughter Anna’s  who is (Cris Villonco) , his wedding is not pushing through and his grandson and namesake Ricky (Rafa Siguion Reyna) is not graduating from college again.


Anna has caught her fiance philandering, Ricky wants just to sing and compose songs. Believing that the cousins weaknesses to battle life’s trials are on the account of their closest upbringing, Ricardo bringing them to his birthplace in Tondo where he owns a decrepit tenement housing called ‘Alapaap’. And there the next chapter of their life begins..

In Tondo Anna and Ricky meet people so unlike those in their Forbes Park milieu .. Theres Feliza (Liza Lorena) identified by Ronaldo as his former girlfriend, the fine upright community leader EMIL (Lorenz Martinez), immediately attracted to Anna the young accomplished musician  Raula (Aiza Seguerra, from whom Ricky stands to learn well from’; and Sally , at the mercy of the abusive live-in party  Vic (Gian Magdangal.

Whether or not Ricardo succeeds is what Hari ng Tondo is all about as Anna and Ricky also find out that what they see is what they get.

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