Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Brickfire Steakhouse, Brings out the best Steak in the Old fashioned way



One of the first kind of cooking where meat , bread and cakes  are made perfect and gives the real taste of the food serve whether in the house or in the resto’s is a Brickfire where the right temperature,  slow and fast cooking be made depending on the kind of menu being prepared.


First and foremost, Brickfire is a budget-friendly steakhouse. Its flagship dishes are The Duke and the Cowgirl Annie, which are generous cuts of tender local beef classically seasoned with salt and pepper.

That is where Brickfire stops being your typical budget steakhouse and becomes so much more.

One of the biggest differences with Brickfire is how the beef is cooked. Instead of the steaks being grilled, they are baked in a Brickfire oven, keeping the steaks tender and sealing in the flavorful juices, which is key to that irresistible beefy taste often found lacking in thinly cut, grilled steaks.


Brickfire doesn’t just stop differentiating itself there. It takes further steps into the diverse art of preparing steaks by offering two additional playful flavors: Honey Mustard and Wasabi. The Honey Mustard steaks are made with the famous Filipino sweet tooth in mind and are a nice alternative to the traditional salt and pepper flavor.

brickburgers Aside from the steaks Brickfire does caters with those who love burgers and brings in Single and the Double Patty Bully burger that gives the 100% ground beef the best kind of cooking it may ever had.

Brickfire katipunan 41 2/F Xavier Residence Bldg., cor. R. Alvero and E.Abada St., Loyola heights, Q.C. Philippines (02) 426 2254 +63 917 354 7318
Brickfire SM north edsa Ground Flr annex (02) 441 4464 +63 927 523 1130

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