Monday, October 27, 2014

Sleepworth, A Good Night Relaxing Experience


sleepThere’s a saying that “You can buy a bed but not a sleep”. But do you ever wonder why  did this saying does not go on to other kind of products accessories such as pillows, blankets, or materials being used linked to sleeping. Because it will defy some of the tested  and proven to be effective , and scientific kind of  a product  an engineer and scientist ever invented for the greater good of  everyone .

pillowsSleepworth, which means for better sleep. Having a  sound sleep has become a luxury nowadays, Sleepworth  make it a point that our products provide the best sleeping experience possible. We sourced out  environment-friendly materials, employ highly skilled workers, and put a great deal in creating and crafting our products. We want to relieve your day's worth of hard work with a good night sleep, without having to spend more. Better mattress, better value, better sleep. and eventually A good night sleeping habits.  Sweet dreams!!!

Handmade :

We are craftsmen in our field. Our attention to detail and obsession to customer satisfaction separates us from other brands. Our mattresses are hand-stuffed, hand-quilted, and thoroughly inspected by humans who value good sleep as much as you do. The only thing that keeps us awake at night is your sleeping experience.


Cotton Mattresses :

Our mattresses are environment-friendly to ensure that you can sleep without guilt. Every inch of every Sleepworth cotton mattress is hand-stuffed with 100% recycled cotton fabric. It brings a cooling effect to the body, which is perfect for the tropical climate of the Philippines. Its patented dimple design keeps the mattress leveled and stable to provide the right amount of support for your back while allowing air to circulate within. Cool, huh?

About the Company :

HOME EXPRESSIONS CONCEPTS, INC. (HECI) is a family-run and operated enterprise owned by Ms. Filipinas Katly Torres. The company is engaged in designing and manufacturing of quality cotton mattresses and other sleep essentials, and is considered today to be one of the most notable names in the field.

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